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Split Second Poems

Split Second Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of split second poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for split second.
Elastic Band
An elastic band
Held between two fingers.
His index, and mine.
He takes a few steps backwards,
Gently stretching the fragile ring between us,
Testing its strength from either direction.
Two forces, working together
And against each other, at the same time.

The action is simple and mindless
It...Read More
Categories: split second, deep, imagery, lost love, love,
Form: Free verse


A train door closes packed with passengers.

Destinations being most different than others.

Typical light touches, embarrassing rubbing,
Lastly, the ever so bothersome nudging.

Unfinished conversations, from platform
Carries on within the overcrowded train.

Yapping and gabbing, defined as gossiping,
Amidst disgruntled passengers within-earshot.

Young teen of a...Read More
Categories: split second, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member WEALTH

Gold as far 
As the eye can see
In awe I stood
As the sun lit up
Everything around me
Instant heiress
Of a golden estate
With unimaginable
Gilded treasures
My heart overflowed
Then in a split second
The clouds rolled back
And took it all away
My riches and my heart...Read More
Categories: split second, appreciation, beautiful, blessing, heart, sunshine,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member IN A SPLIT SECOND

Be the volatile now
In the span of a 
Short lived present
Welcoming its fortuitous
Ephemeral presence
That fades towards a
Momentary existence
Whereto, it fleetingly vaporizes
Into the vacuumed history
Belonging to an eternal
         ...Read More
Categories: split second, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Prose Poetry
The Dungarvon Whooper
Deep within the forest span 
Where trees block out the sun, 
Where loggers chop the days away 
And work is never done; 
Where monster moose patrol the pines, 
And hawks soar through the sky, 
You'll never hear a worse sound...Read More
Categories: split second, betrayal, snow, sound, violence, wind,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Cat-and-Mouse Peek-a-boo
  Gloves held high
Can't see you

Gloves held high
  Block every punch
Can't get through

Drop your guard
  One split second
  A knock-out beckons

It's cat-and-mouse
  Move those feet
Then my jaw
  ~...Read More
Categories: split second, boxing day , crush, sports,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Blowback

a mouthful of sonic projectiles, 
little payloads of hurt,
enough pain
to stop any assailant,
ready to explode into the 
few feet of air between 
you and the target,
punch through,

No entry wound,
no exit wound,
all internal trauma, 
capping verbal crossfire
in a little 
domestic drama.

Split-second...Read More
Categories: split second, abuse, anger, feelings, hurt, power, psychological, relationship,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member 50 Words for Poe: Strangelove

"50 Words for Poe: Strangelove"

Strangelove was waiting  
in Holdnerness
He was anticipating 
with a certain glee 
The “Arrival” of 
Ms Bon Vivant, her sharpness
and sharing conversation 
over Kumquat Jam, Scones and 
clotted cream at High Tea, 
near the High Flyers’...Read More
Categories: split second, adventure, freedom, fun,
Form: Free verse
I saw you after 4 years 
tried to be normal, tried to hide those tears 
your first glance made me remember that enjoyment those cheers 
that we used to have together 
your one stare across the hall used to give...Read More
Categories: split second, 12th grade, age, best friend, blessing, boyfriend,
Form: ABC
Pendle's unseen war
Tap tap  boom… sheep scattered like shrapnel
Brian Dunn’s instant memorial smoke rose
from his peaty wet death hole, roots
lumps of peat and ling fell like black roses over his body
and the blood splattered fan of shattered gritstone
Three lads Sunday walk,...Read More
Categories: split second, death, horror, loss, world war ii,
Form: Prose Poetry
Walking My Daughter Down the Aisle
Wedding Day, Lake Tahoe, 2001

Walking my daughter down the aisle,
Oh how very painful that was for me.
For in all her resplendent bridal glory,
Only a lovely child I could see!

The sweet little girl jumping rope,
Or the days she played Mommy.
She was...Read More
Categories: split second, celebration, marriage, wedding,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Feverish Fear - A Visual Video Poem - in collaboration with Victor Buhagiar
POTD 13 March 2019

Welcome! - We are excited to release our very first Visual Video Poem. 

(I trust you will enjoy the complete production effects and the superb narration by Dorsey Jackson (Deeja) on the video above)

I recall the hopelessness...Read More
Categories: split second, courage, evil, faith, fear,
Form: Dramatic Verse
To every beginning there is an end
Just as too much laughter brings tears to the eyes
So does too much love brings jealousy to the heart
The Lover bird sings happily as it await the spring
To bring to it its love one
For...Read More
Categories: split second, love, sad love,
Form: Quintain (English)
Genuine Heroes
Relentlessly serving our country day and night,
Guarding us with all their might.
Fearlessly standing without thinking about the end,
Gracefully towards our safety their lives they lend.

Treading their way through life filled with danger,
An uncertainty of departing from everything they hold so...Read More
Categories: split second, appreciation, hero, soldier,
Form: Free verse
High tea
My heart cartwheeled 
Like the white stag in a fairy tale long, long ago 
And for a moment in time 
It was swept into a sea of grief
Like a duckling in the king tide 
Then further I went, tumbling now,...Read More
Categories: split second, adventure, courage, destiny,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Feverish Fear - In collaboration with Maria Williams
 I thank Maria for our collaboration. 

I recall the hopelessness that I felt
when it brought its dark decline.
Icy fingers of apprehension run the length of my spine, 
not from cold but the memories of old 
from which I fled...Read More
Categories: split second, allegory, fear,
Form: Free verse
Vast darkness, hoping for a light to frighten the creatures in it. Hoping for a new sense of purpose, hoping that in a new light people will see it as a beauty and not a frightening aspect of the world....Read More
Categories: split second, flower, friendship, hope,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Foul smelling words
Falsehood reduces the number of pages from the bible
originality through many lips comes out hyped or feeble.

Mouth, linking to ears like a poisonous drug
and for the mind, banana peels replacing the rug.

What is purple is tagged navy blue
and many stay...Read More
Categories: split second, angst, anxiety, character, conflict, corruption, women, words,
Form: Couplet
Death Friended Me On Facebook
(while trapped in Pottstown 
Memorial Hospital parking lot).

My humble apology to those,
who posted uber up lyft ting messages
to this Macbook Pro Facebook keeper,
without said scrivener swiftly
tailoring timely acknowledgement
from one harried styled leaper,

thus feel free to take
leguminous litigious licorice flavor
flav can...Read More
Categories: split second, death, destiny, goodbye, natural disasters, sad, silence,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member A Glimpse Of A Promising Day
So, I rose
Early morn' today
And drew open the bedroom curtain
How glorious, the little bit I saw of dawn!
How wondrous to see the face of the sun
In a split-second, my joyous spirit 
Pirouetted and flung up to heaven
Just a tease...a glimpse...Read More
Categories: split second, day, future, hope, joy, morning,
Form: Verse
Premium Member The Shorter Half of A Wishbone
Two parties with a fifty-fifty chance
Of getting the longer half, but in this game
Of chance, one gets the wish fulfillment
One literally comes up short
When the wishbone splits in two

How sad to end up with the shorter half?
Close, but no cigar....Read More
Categories: split second, 11th grade, games, metaphor, simile,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Party Crasher, a Halloween Anecdote
My Halloween party was in full swing.  I had gone all out this year and rented an old crumbling, reputed- to- be haunted mansion for the evening's Dionysian festivities, and all the invited guests were present and accounted for....Read More
Categories: split second, halloween, humor,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member FEELING EMPTY

When we first split up, 
he still remained my 
continuous connection 
to my heart which made me 
not stop running back to our past
when we met and fell in love.

I am not ready for tomorrow 
to come,as i didn't know...Read More
Categories: split second, farewell, heartbroken, i am, lost,
Form: Bio
Take me to your leader
I sat under a starry sky

Then something flashed

Out the corner of my eye

It was a light that zipped

All around, just above ground

Then in a split second

And without a sound

It was right above

And a beam of light

Levitated me upward

And suddenly the...Read More
Categories: split second, humanity, leadership, love, stars,
Form: Free verse
I LOVE MYSTERY and share Godward Meditation
God had a thought
That is the Universe
Including you, sun, stars, grasses
Like the Eternal Author
All else are merely prop and personae

God's thought may be like an Ocean
I enjoyed being a wave
From the tiniest drop in the ocean
I became a ripple; I...Read More
Categories: split second, 12th grade, adventure, allegory, allusion, america, analogy,
Form: Haiku