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We must preform our "Duty" as "Poets" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why Does "JUSTICE" HAVE A "BLIND FOLD OVER HER EYES"?.........Here is the reason?Justice has a blind fold over his or her eyes,because sometimes "JUSTICE"intentionally becomes"BLIND"because of "LOVE"!!!!!! You have heard it said that...Read More
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Form: Ballad

Through It

She wasnt good for me and I knew it. 
I truly loved her. so I let her put me through it. 
For...Read More
Categories: love is blind, hurt, love, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
What is love

Love is Love.
Love does not eyes.
Love does not look.
Love does not change.

Although someone can say, love is blind.
Love is not blind, love is a love.
Even though can happen whatever along the way, 
Love will never look back or give up.
Love...Read More
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Form: ABC
First of Fall
Moonlit drive
First of all 
Still alive
First to fall
I survived
Fell to pieces
Cast aside
Fell apart
Failed to die
Fell for Love
Cupids lie
Fall forward
Fall behind
Fall forever
Love is blind
Fall for you 
Fall this time
Fall for love
I wouldn't mind...Read More
Categories: love is blind, autumn, conflict, deep, desire, destiny, dream, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Read the Fine Print
The Johnson's found the house they'd dreamed about
They signed the papers happy as could be
But when they read the find print, they did shout
Their interest rate balloon they hadn't seen

They tried to sell the house, but had no luck
So with...Read More
Categories: love is blind, house, loss, love, money,
Form: Rispetto

right girl,wrong time
Everyone has faced this story, so I know I'm in a long line
I wish I was still seeing you, even though they say love is blind
Two beautiful souls with good hearts, but love isn't always kind
Rebecca, you were the right...Read More
Categories: love is blind, first love, for her, longing, love, love
Form: Free verse
Premium Member When you're smitten
They say love is blind, but that's in hindsight
   When you're smitten, everything feels right
Open your eyes to the foibles of your true love
   The romance is over ~ off come the gloves...Read More
Categories: love is blind, lost love, romance,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Hidden From Reality

Within the shadow of a broken heart,
hope hovers, hidden from reality.
For from this depressive ebony realm
of darkness, not even light, can escape.

Love will never take root, or ever bloom,
within the shadow of a broken heart.
For as the dreams cut adrift,...Read More
Categories: love is blind, 10th grade, angst, anxiety, emotions, feelings, hurt,
Form: Verse
I love your eyes, 
It makes me forget "Love is blind". 
When the stars sparkles in the sky, 
"I see you". 
Even when the sun shines, 
"It reminds me of your smile"
Forever its gonna be you and i. 
Hop in,...Read More
Categories: love is blind, creation, cute love, fantasy, feelings, love, romance,
Form: Romanticism
You saved my soul
I've been in a dark ,Until you came with a light
Since then my heart's been dancing in a glow of light

You saved me from falling in an abyss that no one knew its bottom
An abyss of despair, an abyss of...Read More
Categories: love is blind, cute love, love, true love,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Three Poems for One Day
Serious Is a Love Sick Clown

  Ignorance is the lock
Knowledge is the key
Love is blind
Marriage sees
You can't change who you are
You can change what you will be
Little by Little
Equals more and more
Circles lead to before
Giving up leads to falling...Read More
Categories: love is blind, fun, humor, philosophy, satire,
Form: Rhyme
The Poison They Call LOVE
Dear Diary, 
I really think I'm ugly 
It's been 16 years 
And my mom still doesn't notice me 
My dad shows me attention 
But his intensions I do dislike 
He only shows me this "attention" in suspension 
When he dims...Read More
Categories: love is blind, abortion, betrayal, birth, childhood, depression, emotions, goodbye,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Loneliness: Poem By Miss Aliza Kashmala Kiran
There is Lonliness everywhere. 
My fate, I have faced failure on the road of my real love content.My dreams are broken,there is a disappointment all over.
A deep sense of love and belonging is an irreducible need of all people. We...Read More
Categories: love is blind, abuse, anxiety, depression, lonely, lost love, miss
Form: Heroic Couplets
Twin Flame: Separate
I'm not sure if you love me anymore
Or just fear the next man since you're so insecure

You were the only man on my mind when you were mine

Got me knocked up and kept me locked up, 
I ran from you...Read More
Categories: love is blind, boyfriend, break up, crazy, heartbroken, lost love,
Form: Lyric
Wish I could reverse things back to the days
Days when it was just you and I…
Days when everything was just but okay
When our love was unconditional

What we had was just for us; unique
Always there for one another
Gave each other a...Read More
Categories: love is blind, 11th grade, 4th grade, absence, character,
Form: ABC
Premium Member I Am Crushing On You
   I am crushing on you

                   Impossible to ignore
           ...Read More
Categories: love is blind, crush,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Truth and Love
        Truth and Love

    Truth runs 
    demanding facts
    and reality
    subject to events
    bounded by happenings.

 ...Read More
Categories: love is blind, appreciation, inspirational love,
Form: Free verse
The Love I Have For You
Yesterday i could finish writing this poem, i wrote only "I and my hand cramped before" You.
Love can be sometimes painful i feel it choking me, but how can i show you.
.....At time my heart beats nervous please help me...Read More
Categories: love is blind, i love you,
Form: Lyric
This love is for real
I can't help the way I feel it's
Time to reveal
This love is for real
I can't stop missing you
I am reminiscing about
The way when I see you appear
I'm so glad you are near
It's clear
That this love is for real
It's time to...Read More
Categories: love is blind, boyfriend, happiness, heart, i miss you, love,
Form: Ballad
Love is Blind
I see not;
I need spectactles
because love veils it all
I'm unable to see
nor foresee
it's so dark
dark, I see no light 
love's shadow covers
this love is just unsighted
feelings sightless
love is masked
love's blind.

Drencho POET Loads

...Read More
Categories: love is blind, love,
Form: Personification
I Had Love Thee
Tears rain from eyes
For now I know that you lied
But I had believed in you when you said forever

I never thought we would be apart ever
Yes I know love is blind 
But you never had the right to play with...Read More
Categories: love is blind, black love, care, girlfriend, lost love, love,
Form: Prose Poetry
I Have Heard
I have heard that
“Ignorance is bliss!”--then
why so many unhappy people?
Heard that “love is blind!”--
but have seen few service dogs
at weddings: And which came first?
I think the adage and not
the people...for surely
no conscious writer
would imagine such--
and no fine poet
would retrieve one
from...Read More
Categories: love is blind, analogy, humorous, introspection, perspective, philosophy, wisdom, words,
Form: Free verse
Life Nowadays
If life is a gift
God be an Indian giver and take me back to you
Back to my comfort place 
Because when I close my eyes I'm there with you
I don't need to go to church to hear your word 
You...Read More
Categories: love is blind, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Love's Injustice
They say only fools rush in
But what if you have nothing to rush to?
What about the ignored, ugly and damaged?
What about them?
How do they manage?
They say love is blind
I think it always seems to miss
Especially when it comes to our...Read More
Categories: love is blind, how i feel,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Beat her Young
Even in expensive suit
a monster cannot be glamorous.
A young lady full of life and purpose
is blind to the script she had never read.
She's charmed by his scent, sense of adventure and boldness
but to fall victim of her bright colours, turning...Read More
Categories: love is blind, adventure, age, betrayal, devotion, emotions, feelings, first
Form: Free verse