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Driving Me Crazy Poems

Driving Me Crazy Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of driving me crazy poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for driving me crazy.

New Poems

Crazy world
The world's gone mad
It's  driving me crazy
Is satan winning
Or has God got lazy

Fighter named jahadi Jack 
walks round  town with a bomb strapped to his back
He'd blow up the world if he was able
Made in Britain, wrote on his...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, anger, society,
Form: ABC

Premium Member Cat Scan IV Poke
Machines are humming. The rooms are stark.
Whitest of the whites with a touch of slab.
I am talking about the slab they use
When they insert you into the CAT machine.

Have you ever had a pelvic CAT scan?
I do not think so....Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, how i feel, hurt,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Being Used Spitefully
I don’t mean to be disrespectful,
But you’ve been rather neglectful
I know that I’ve been not perfect
At least I know that I have intellect

Listening to music in repeat…
Driving me crazy to my feet…
Queerly dancing around the street
Merely having fun – I...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, abuse, anger, angst, conflict, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
When I was normal
It hasn’t always been this way I remember brighter days Before the dark ones came Stole my mind Wrapped my soul in chains Now I live among the dead Fighting voices in my head Hoping someone hears me crying in...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, anger, angst, anxiety, confusion, emotions, lost love,
Form: Bio
you got me going
my mind is blowing
can't help what i do
 all  i do for you
you say that am lazy
baby your
...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, abuse, adventure,
Form: Prose Poetry

Premium Member 1969 was a Sad Year
1969 was a sad year for those aware of Viet Nam
We were seventeen and eighteen
It was in the news but what did it have to do with us?
Our love was intense
He wore white jeans that made me wild
He knew it,...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, love hurts, nostalgia, war,
Form: Narrative
I love you, but
I love you, but…

I love you, but you’re driving me crazy.
You’re such a cry baby; I’m driving Miss Daisy.
Can you even hear me?

I love you, but I don’t get your jokes.
I hate the fact that you make me feel so...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, change, depression, i love you, love, love
Form: Bio
Rainy Day
The rain tumbled down with a roar,
there was nothing that could stop this heavy downpour. 
It drizzled and dropped,
it cackled and popped. 
I sat inside with nothing to do,
taking a sip from my nice hot stew. 
Sitting inside made me...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, 6th grade, rain,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Grabbing a Life Line
Night bring terrible memories,
shadows of yesteryears,
it takes my breath away
in fears, anguish and hell.
An ugly wolf runs after me
as I slither in the mud
heart beats burst my chest with pains.
Please take away those forces
that rumble in my midriff
driving me crazy...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, day, fear, night,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member trying to kill too many birds
Purple, polka-dot flamingos and buzzards 
frolic near the sleeping volcano lake.  It
wakes and rumbles, crumbling the Haunted Mansion!
~~Driving me Crazy

"Failed to nail it! Poetry errors glaring!
Stop pretending poetic metric knowledge!
Clearly Dear, you're too near the sun!"--Well, Pluck you!
Poisonous Parrot!

Not...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, humorous,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member the last line
This poem is driving me crazy!
I want to get it just right!
I’ve gotten up quite early.
I’ve stayed up late at night.
It’s haunting me throughout the day.
It’s tauntingly just out of reach.
There’s a phrase I need here and there,
and it’s nagging...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, poems, poetry, writing,
Form: Rhyme
You were never my girl
I barely knew your name
So why am I falling to pieces
Like we were old flames
I’ve been walking away now
Day after day
So far from the start
But here in my mind you stay 
I tell myself..

I’m not interested...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, angst, emotions, fate, i miss you, loneliness,
Form: Lyric
Someone to Hold Would Be Nice
I don’t need to be broken…again…
For your sake, even if it was unspoken,
No, I am not the one to blame 
For being last place in your game 

Shame embraced me, never leaving my weary, neglected presence
Same with you – you...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, beauty, courage, deep, grief, inspiration, pain, passion,
Form: Free verse
I drown in you
I drown in you.

Opposites attract.  I like that.
I wouldn’t want you to be just like me,
With my insecurities, my doubt, my thoughts, 
My clouded apathy.

My heart is on fire and you the water soul,
Are consistently changing from young to...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, confusion, fantasy, love, me, passion, soulmate, water,
Form: Bio
Love On The Brain

must be love that makes me think this way.
or my mind that awake me on nights.
Same love my eyes display.
one my heart  keeps pumping alright. 

blood pacing through veins.
Your beauty adding delight.
I foresee no doubts nor vain.
when your eyes...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, anger,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Patience, Not My Middle Name
Beauty shop smells insult my nose.
The bleach, the lifters, the perm solution.
They all smell bad.
I could not work here for two seconds.
A child behind me is playing a video game.
The volume is up, in my ear.
Bing. Ring. Ding. Sing. Ming....Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, anger,
Form: Free verse
The Dark
In the dark I hear them scream,
Their voices drained and eyes losing gleam,
Most have forgotten why they cry out,
And soon enough their moans will die out,
Yet every time I think they are done,
The screams re-ignite one by one. 
I am...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, dark, death,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Quoting Cohen

                                       ...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, giggle, poets,
Form: I do not know?
My poem
my poem
Your driving me crazy
You make me dizzy
My eyes are hazy
Trying to figure out these word's is making me crazy.
Valerie Rose...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, crazy,
Form: Free verse
The Open Road
Packing up - grooving -
Getting ready to go on a trip to Arizona...packing up extra
The car is moving and we are doing our thing
I'm sitting in the back of the caravan, waiting for mama

Waiting patiently - improving -
Getting ready to...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, beautiful,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member MY Gift
My gift to you this day
  would be to say,
  I loved you
  and thank you too 
  for all the things you did for me,
  like trimming the trees 
  and “cutting the...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, christmas, husband, satire,
Form: Rhyme
oh my love..
Look deep into my eyes
and you will find yourself in there
With me .. For eternity

For the darkest nights
And the brightest mornings 
I will be there to feel 
All of that .. Insanity

We can cross miles together
And you can...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
some friend
Some Friend.

Oh dear I never have fun I work every day until everything's done.
I'm washing, cleaning and scrubbing the floor.
Then just as I finish my friend comes to the door.

Hello pet, my friend will say, as she steps inside to...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, friend, fun,
Form: Rhyme
These Painful Thoughts
It’s like nobody understands my pain,
These thoughts that linger inside makes me feel ashamed.
I push so hard to gain glory, trying to reach my blessings.
But life's a pain that is driving me crazy,
Having me sit in one spot while I...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, anxiety, dark, pain,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member a cat calamity
It’s another silly mixed up cat
Who doesn’t know the mood of today?
So he replays them all
Looks at the fish in the fish tank
	And opens the lid too
A swift barrage of yelling and water spritzes
Off he goes to ripping the couch
Damned...Read More
Categories: driving me crazy, betrayal, cat,
Form: Free verse