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Changes in life...changes in living a life in Mexico...opened a gallery, travel around a bit to find art for the gallery...  I have been a photographer almost my entire life so it's fun to have a place to show my fine art photography.  I've closed down my portrait studio back home and for the time right now, will continue to live most of the year here in Melaque then...go back to Bellingham, Washington state for visits and Canada sometimes too. 

Life after cancer for me meant do what you love.  And try to do what is right for those around you...your family and friends.  Poetry became a new vehicle for me...something I needed to do when family problems gave me release the turmoil.  

Now, I'm hooked.  I am loving that I found the Soup and all of you great poets out there to learn from.  Gracias!

I'm back in Mexico

Blog Posted:9/5/2020 2:52:00 PM

Hey was quite a wonderful trip down though the states.  My favoirte part was the Arches National Park which had the most amazing forms of natural art, balancing acts caused by erosion...then in Mexico I drove a new route on an upper hiway.  the valleys and mountains were so beautiful and lush.  I decided to stay a night in a small town I have been trying to visit for years.  Tequila.  and true to it's name, there were fincas and haciendas of each top tequila brand and many others to choose from, Sauza,  Herradura, Cuervo, and my favorite, Tres Mujeres.  the puppy I was bringing down with me for a friend is happily in her new forever home.  I loved her little spirit though she overheated in our higher then usual temps the whole 12 days we were gone and we had to drive less hours and stay longer to let her recoup.  

Being home in Mexico is wonderful, but very hot and humid.  My village had just gone throiugh a huge tropical depression that dumped so much rain that has ever befroe been seen, 25 inches in 24 hours.  The dam above the town burst and came down upon them, flooding homes and business with 4-7 feet of muddy farmland water.  People are digging their way out, the streets have piles of mud and people have lost everything.  The first day back I went through my closets and packed up 3 bags of clothes then my kitchen where I put together 2 more bags of pots/pans and dishes.  Next was bedding of sheets, pillows, towels.  I had to take several breaks to jump into the pool, as the sweat was just pouring off me.  It will take a few days to climitize though this is a bit hotter then I've done before for this time of year.  everywhere is changing.

We have more storms churning up the coast and had rain agian this morning though I was happy it didn't last but a couple of hours.  I was very forturnate.  I live at the high side of town and have never flooded, knocking on wood as I type....the other end of town floods every so often but nothing like this one, with the dam bursting.  We will get back up and running, poco a poco as they say and a con Dios.

It was nice to readd more poetry today.  Yesterday I had my first quiet time on the beach and wrote Infused...thank you Brian for the first place.  I always feel honored.

xoxo Jeanne

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Date: 9/17/2020 9:13:00 PM
Welcome back! So glad you are there enjoying yourself madly in such wonderful weather. I like reading of your exploits. It is fun living vicariously through you my friend!
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Jeanne McGee
Date: 9/20/2020 11:30:00 AM
Hi Caren...through poetry we get to see deeper into our friends...I so enjoy reading yours..especially when your muse misbehaves, lol
Date: 9/7/2020 11:30:00 AM
Jeanne, wow, you are an adventure seeking soul, so impressed with all you accomplish, welcome back to the soup and I will go check out your poem _Constance
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