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3/19/2011 3:24:33 PM
the definition of innocence....please critique Sad, but true. Your poem basically summed up everything people try to ignore. Everything people pretend isnt real, because it is to sad. Great poem, sad reality, keep writing
3/20/2011 5:10:05 PM
Young poets? I am a teenager.
3/22/2011 6:16:55 PM
Young poets? Wow, I guess there are a few young poets lol.
3/23/2011 6:17:11 PM
Hey everyone... New kid in class... lol Hey welcome to the soup lol
3/23/2011 6:24:45 PM
Snowflake So simple yet such truth behind thee words. It is beautifully written
3/26/2011 5:36:25 AM
To See Fair Love I don't think the extra syllable is distracting at all. Great poem!
3/31/2011 3:06:07 AM
New In Here!! Hi welcome to the soup
4/2/2011 6:05:00 AM
HEROES I am not sure if the old English is working in your favor, I like the theme though. And I understand the message. Good luck
4/2/2011 6:07:16 AM
Save Me Thanks for any critique you can offer I am in love with this poem. It is as simple as that. It is extremely powerful I love it
4/25/2011 6:59:25 PM
uhh... okay! Hey viola nice to have u on the soup
6/20/2011 5:13:28 AM
Hi everyone! Hi welcome to the soup
11/5/2011 7:29:04 PM
Should I? Talk to ur friends. Or a family member. Or anyone u can trust. It feels a lot better if u vent it. If u keep it inside it slowly eats u alive
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