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Chant Royal Poems | Chant Royal Examples

Chant Royal Poems. Examples of Chant Royals and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Chant Royal poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Chant Royal.

Chant royal is poem of five eleven-line stanzas with a rhyme scheme ababccddedE and a 5-line envoi rhyming ddedE or a 7-line envoi ccddedE, but there is more to chant royal. What is chant royal in poetry (complete definition)?

Astonishment The queen in her gilded coach pulled by white horses Came gliding on the sea, towards the sandy shore Where men stood waited to be knighted. They had done their duty to keep their mouth shut And averted their...Read More
Categories: best friend, blessing, confidence,
Form: Chant Royal

In My Cove
Generations will come and go Offsprings will rise, find their places, right or wrong, however it seems, fast or slow Inheritances will be passed on and heritages will or will not remain just like the stars and...Read More
Categories: deep, evil, feelings, loss,
Form: Chant Royal
it was love
It was love I sat under a bridge That crossed the stream Small fishes Nibbled at my feet. Agnes came My girlfriend She often annoyed me But let me Kiss her. She threw pebbles at the fish I bit her arm She ran home crying Telling her mum I...Read More
Categories: best friend, emotions, humor,
Form: Chant Royal
Cannot fear no more
Can’t fear no more, My life is awaken; Can’t cry what’s on, My heart has been taken. Every time I waste a tear, Something else appears to flow; It’s this world, maybe it’s our people, It’s our time, or isn’t all. Can’t...Read More
Categories: appreciation, care, encouraging, future,
Form: Chant Royal
war is lovely
War is Lovely It´s a hell of a war, soldiers running between burning buildings. It is a great war good for sex feel the strength running through veins blood oozing out of bullet holes and onto the sand...Read More
Categories: corruption, devotion, hate, humanity,
Form: Chant Royal

the escape
The Escape A man coming home from work saw a shadowy figure leaning against an olive tree. It was death sharpening his scythe polishing his hoof. Them and said, no, not me, I´m too young to die furthermore, I have...Read More
Categories: anger, death, good morning,
Form: Chant Royal
Endurance Sat on the terrace Waited for stars. It was overcast Delayed a bit longer. Then it was morning And rain fell. Big drops In each one I saw An echo of stars Too tiny To see by the naked eye. ...Read More
Categories: absence, hope,
Form: Chant Royal
the strange
The strange If I knew you loved me, I would have killed you. A sentence that makes no sense keep swirling around my head. William Burrough could have said that perhaps he has. I met a woman, not the...Read More
Categories: best friend, blessing,
Form: Chant Royal
if you
If you… If you see an old man with an unsure gait Coming your way, do not pretend he is a bit of fluff. If he looks at you it is because you are lovely He...Read More
Categories: age, beautiful, beauty,
Form: Chant Royal
The Icecycle Learns
Pretty wood Devil's Curse Cherry Beach Narrow's turns Sacrificial as the Scarecrows Tears In the heat of the moment tne Icycle learns Tear drops Fade Away twisters on my tongue Hurricane's feel the waves Bone's curse invoking GOD's praize Turning up the Welcomed...Read More
Categories: anniversary, anti bullying, appreciation,
Form: Chant Royal
the end of a life
The end of a life There were many flowers on her grave from family, friends and foes. They feared her lashing tongue. The evening and night were cold in the morning the flowers looked white and bloodless. Why does it end...Read More
Categories: blessing, mothers day, sad,
Form: Chant Royal
The mere Thought of You
The mere thought of you makes my heart speak I reach for you with no memory of ever being without you my mind wander within this space my soul's a galaxy of your haze replacing the gentle hues with...Read More
Categories: beautiful, beauty, feelings, i
Form: Chant Royal
???? Aao Ab koi Dost Aisa Banaya jaye jise Palkon pe Sajaya jaye?? Rahe uska mera rishta kuch is tarha ke?? ,ki vo rahe Bhukha toh humse Bhi kuch khaya na jaye??…...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, best friend,
Form: Chant Royal
They don't know that She doesn't know That she is A poet Her doctor suggested It good therapy But barely Had she Three or Four before her Next session to show Progression in any shape or Form so from The lack of Anyone Saying Anything in the way Of...Read More
Categories: addiction, corruption, fantasy, hindi,
Form: Chant Royal
Aapman Cynical is the part of my life that the reason you burn your self I got angry past day and burning the all the degree of levels of flames I know your father...Read More
Categories: adventure,
Form: Chant Royal

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