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Abc Poems - New Abc Poem Examples

ABC Poems. Examples of ABC and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous ABC poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an ABC.

ABC is a form of poem in which every word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet, but there is more to ABC poems. What is abc in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Love Devine
Love Devine Written By: JacksonSheena JacksonMaria October 27,2020 Love is like the stars in the sky, Love is the passion that make it strong where you don't know where you will end up if that person will let...Read More
Categories: abuse, addiction, america, art,
Form: ABC

I know I’ve changed you don’t know me anymore I’m still the same on the inside too if your pain I feel emotion I feel loneliness I feel the fresh but I’m still willing to...Read More
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure,
Form: ABC
In a mile
Moses saw light on a tree Pharaoh was on a killing spree Moses had to stand against all odds Pharaoh claimed to be the best of gods Moses did it all for the faith Pharaoh did it all for...Read More
Categories: allah, creation, devotion, faith,
Form: ABC
Premium Member BLOOM, AUTUMN
Autumn entices a lavish trail Brilliant her portrait through nippy air, Cruising along near winter hills Draped by amber, tangerine prints Each with mixed tinges from her shade, Fragrant as lavender perfume. Gaily, children with trimmed baskets Huddle along...Read More
Categories: autumn, beauty,
Form: ABC
The Price Of Blood For A New Nigeria
THE PRICE OF BLOOD FOR A NEW NIGERIA Fist outstretched towards the sky, Flags lifted high to reveal my course. Ask your mothers why your fathers died, why their sisters and brothers levelled on the streets; They'll recount how the...Read More
Categories: 1st grade, anger, bereavement,
Form: ABC

Ripples Of Our Nation
RIPPLES OF OUR DEAR NATION (End Sars) How can you know without any reasonable doubt that you're a wicked, evil & insensitive government? It's when your people are daily complaining about your deeds, when your people moan...Read More
Categories: 1st grade, abuse, death,
Form: ABC
I had
I had some words, I let them go with the birds. I had some thoughts, I fed them all to lizards. I had some wishes, I sold them out like fishes. I had some...Read More
Categories: adventure, blessing, culture, dream,
Form: ABC
I know
I know you want me to pick up a gun and fight, I will instead pick a pen and write. I know you want me to sit back and stay quiet, I will walk around and stand...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, heart, humanity,
Form: ABC
You know
You know we are like the rocks here, We are used to all the stress here. You know we are like the alpines here, We are witness to everything happening here. You know we are like ...Read More
Categories: conflict, courage, family, freedom,
Form: ABC
We have
We have in Quran all the inspiration. Let's us not look around for motivation. Take it all as an obligation. Walk on the path of salvation. Running up the hill with no temptation. Remember we all meeting...Read More
Categories: birth, creation, dedication, devotion,
Form: ABC
What shall I
What shall I write of you When you give me all the words What shall I think of you When you give me all the thoughts What shall I talk of you When you know all that is...Read More
Categories: allah, creation, destiny, earth,
Form: ABC
Love By: phillip Michaelson August 19,2019 You know the game, Came if you don't you better find the way, Stay on top of the game and be real to it, Love as for nothing, yet it gives everything, That is...Read More
Categories: anniversary, art, best friend,
Form: ABC
My Journey
My Journey Written By:Phillip Michealson August 23,2020 My whole life I've always had a plan, I never knew that, I would meet you, Ever since the dayI met you everyday is like paradise, I never want...Read More
Categories: angel, anniversary, baby, black
Form: ABC
Premium Member IT'S ALL GREEK TO ME
We all here-that cliche, "It's all Greek to me!" Here are words you use that have roots in Greek! A -how about 'airplane'~we all have enjoyed these! B -and that 'Bible'you use! C- I know we all love 'comedy'! E-'a quality...Read More
Categories: fun, language,
Form: ABC
Affirming mind’s fondness for words Bonus moments balancing busy hours Catering to intellectual indulgence Delightful de-stressing habit Exposing wit to connect letters Forming words freely Game of WORDSCAPES* Hoists me up against pressures… Invigorating with levels of “brilliance” Joyously jubilating my sight midst...Read More
Categories: appreciation, christian, environment, faith,
Form: ABC

Specific Types of Abc Poems

Read wonderful abc poetry on the following sub-topics: friendship, kindergarten, learning, life, love, nature, rhyme and more.

Definition | What is Abc in Poetry?

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