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Abc Poems | Abc Examples

ABC Poems. Examples of ABC and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous ABC poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an ABC.

ABC is a form of poem in which every word begins with a successive letter of the alphabet, but there is more to ABC poems. What is abc in poetry (complete definition)?

Across the line
Arrows bridge critics; divining elegance flows ghosting highlighted ironic jester. Khakis lumbering mourn, nesting oasis’s prawn rasping seers’ trumpet. Utopia ventures wandering Xanax, yearning zoom! ...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: ABC

Where can I get true
Only your eyes can shows you to your destiny. Your legs can take you to the level you dreamt about. Oh stop looking the truth out there. You have it already. What you should do is to listen to your heart. Poem...Read More
Categories: destiny,
Form: ABC
You're my world
You gave me insane injection. Your world welcomed me. My ears can't hear any music , besides only yours. Take this promise now. I'll running after this butterfly forever. As is where my happiness is. Please my only one love. Don't bring back...Read More
Categories: cute love,
Form: ABC
Purple candy
The birds woke me up and I climbed the tree to join them I stuffed my face with purple candy the clouds were every shape my teeth fell out but they bounced back up I smiled that tickled my fancy I jumped out and...Read More
Categories: color,
Form: ABC
All and Above
Finely broken glass filters through my picture heart from where puzzles start inside tainted walls or none at all shaven and prickly too In between on random moons you glowed melancholy from all and Above spinning spinning spinning !!...Read More
Categories: emotions,
Form: ABC

Tips of toungues
From what does lie on tips of tongues is never said and it curls back to where it shouldn't building in our ever present stacks like fire would slowly burning on heart felt ash we fade and the tongues tip is lust and the ashes dust "regret"...Read More
Categories: deep,
Form: ABC
The Deepest Crack
Oh dizzy heights that come to me lost and pressed against my inner skull my hand it holds it in as I spin around searching for the deepest crack to find my spoken dream and cool is this place that sparkles like shining eyes without ever...Read More
Categories: dream,
Form: ABC
I'm fuzzy now
I'm fuzzy now and I'm not sure why Is it my soul that's making me high I think I blink my fuzzy is in ink a pen on paper to my brink to my love to my journey oh yes I'm fuzzy now but here...Read More
Categories: wisdom,
Form: ABC
Me there
I thought of having it there, not just sooner but later they speak as me being here. Years ahead shall be when am there, history made it clear I made all wheres. As they began to say more...Read More
Categories: allah, appreciation, career, how
Form: ABC
JUST TRUST AND OBEY Can you believe what you don't understand? Can you accept what is intangible? Many kids don't understand their parents' decisions yet they still believe (trust) them. Don't wait till you totally understand God, trust...Read More
Categories: 1st grade, god, religion,
Form: ABC
Premium Member MY MOTIVATOR
Abounding in GOD Who meets every need Blest to experience His goodness indeed Cheerful along faith-propelled charity breed Delighted midst gracious life-building deed Enabled for trust’s soar, divinely freed Fulfilling kindness against carnal greed Gladly serving as the Saviour does lead Held...Read More
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith,
Form: ABC
Beautiful Sunset
You have now become- A thousand winds that blow A whisper amongst the trees A beautiful sun that sets One we shall never forget A shadow in the light Hidden from our sight A star that shines at night The biggest one Most beautiful...Read More
Categories: analogy, grief, loss,
Form: ABC
Don't you pretend to love me
"you may say I'm emotionally misplaced, But why show true feelings, When it's thrown back into my teary face, With flat out rejections, Having no expectation guarded as a person alone I walk, Talking of not too much, Realising now I...Read More
Categories: anxiety, depression, poetry,
Form: ABC
Silence Cry
Silence Cry By: Poetric-Life July 12, 2021 I hear the cry for help, but no one comes, its like a fear of no other, without a say people are wondering why but yet that the fear is...Read More
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, angel,
Form: ABC
Alluring fabrication
I couldn't decide which was more beauteous, the web of lies you told her or her broken heart that was in thousand shattered pieces? Was it so much fun that you kept doing it and...Read More
Categories: betrayal, heartbroken,
Form: ABC

Specific Types of Abc Poems

Read wonderful abc poetry on the following sub-topics: friendship, kindergarten, learning, life, love, nature, rhyme and more.

Definition | What is Abc in Poetry?

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