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Rubai Poems | Rubai Examples

Rubai Poems. Examples of Ruba'is and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Rubai poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Rubai.

A rubai is a form of simple quatrain but extremely complex because it must explain its entire nature within the two lines, but there is more to a rubai. What is rubai in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Her Voice a Balm
Cool and collected, calm she hides a font of passion Her measured voice a balm ~ remarkable, lyrical aplomb ...Read More
Categories: peace, voice,
Form: Rubai

Kindness, indeed, is what we need
The milk of life is love and care Without which we die in despair Live and let live or else you rot Like those who were but never were!...Read More
Categories: humanity, life, world,
Form: Rubai
To many little, to few a lot Belongs in a world that has gone to pot
With powers vying to have us ruled The lull of liberty has us fooled The rich and mighty sweep it all And callused hands are rarely jewelled...Read More
Categories: anger, money, poverty, power,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Extra Eyes on Top of My Head
Following the conclusion of my foresight illusion. Wait! Where was I headed? My cogwheel brain’s in seclusion. 9/5/2021 ...Read More
Categories: age, angst,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Her Hand She'd Offered
Her hand she'd offered Her heart he'd spurned Tears torched her pillow as Equilibrium burned...Read More
Categories: emotions, marriage, wedding,
Form: Rubai

Premium Member Ray of Light
Ray of light or starless night Every poem ~ wings of flight...Read More
Categories: light, night, poems,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Mourning Bells
mourning bells rung forlorn dirges sung air heavy with grief ~ in eternity shines a son...Read More
Categories: birth, death, grief,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Hugs Beat Bugs
Better a human to hug than one to bug Those who do not agree have not a heart to tug...Read More
Categories: emotions, heart,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Haha, POTD -- Tongue Firmly in Cheek
Here's the 'Poem of the Day' If it's not selected, it's not OK It rhymes in time, truly chimes ~ Whooshing on down the runway ...Read More
Categories: giggle, poetry, satire, word
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Culinary Cravings
Culinary cravings Extraordinary rare Sleepy Mom found in her baby ~ Spaghetti in her hair...Read More
Categories: baby, food, giggle, mom,
Form: Rubai
Singing the mortal coil
Dancing the words to lance the boil With grace and style but no toil Watering the soul’s thirsty soil Poetry sings the mortal coil...Read More
Categories: poetry, song, words,
Form: Rubai
It must be win for all
Were it a fair world for all to win People would wear a natural grin Over would be this doleful din Over the dreams dumped in the bin...Read More
Categories: world,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member The Color of Love
The color of love at first sight needs be night to preserve it aright Day's searing view obscures its hue augments a blemish ever so slight...Read More
Categories: color, day, love, night,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member Reconciled
An introvert since I was a young child, I am tranquil quiet and never wild; never thinking it would be an asset, ...Read More
Categories: how i feel,
Form: Rubai
In Memory of a Former Fellow
In Memory of a Former Fellow* Impressed forever on my rueful heart By your virtues' sublime and blessèd art, You will remain and live on in my mind Till doomsday even after I depart. 2.15.2021 * Ebrahim Edalat-Pishè No comments, please!...Read More
Categories: death of a friend,
Form: Rubai

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