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Shadorma Poems | Shadorma Examples

Premium Member Eternal Hope
Sow the seeds of eternal hope and water them with tears until they root in your heart and bloom in your soul. (Shadorma) 5/29/2021 Bite Size Poem 3 Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Line Gauthier...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Shadorma

Premium Member Sacred Friends
My soul sings of the woodland bliss flying to the treetops I scan the expanse to spot furry friends below. One species to another we commune in harmony watching one another’s back; truly sacred friends. Shadorma Form...Read More
Categories: animal, appreciation, nature, pets,
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member Natures Toe Jewelry
Sometimes I just want to lie on the grass with yellow blooms, daisy heads between my toes to make a statement. In a world of conformists who swarm cities in their suits, I take my time...being me and that’s what matters. No hustle bustle, kafuffle in my life, a...Read More
Categories: appreciation, flower, nature, poems,
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member The Future Light
Shadorma Form Sometimes I feel like a beaten horse after a lost race; life has a way of bruising a person's spirit. Not alone in a world so sad and filled with travesty I pray for sufferings end settle down, await. There will be a day in time when rage...Read More
Categories: emotions, how i feel,
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member Turning Tides
Shadorma Form: Turning tides know nothing of my nightmares, still they seem to manifest them every day; reality’s stage. Each rolling wave, playing out its scenes with such vigilance so as to traumatize me again and again. I order, torture me no more! Yet deaf waves continue; gyroscopic fingers that fondle my...Read More
Categories: child abuse, pain, poems,
Form: Shadorma

The Living Dead
Please don't wait for me to feel it- let's just start from right here awkward, numb and full of fear it's now or never Feeling dry preserved, mummified like something long since dead flickers of life in my head haunting like a ghost Trance-like walk horror story style down...Read More
Categories: depression, faith, how i
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member The Seasons Concerts
A Shadorma Summer nights, staccato crickets, croaking frogs, barking dogs; firefly lanterns reeling ‘round, an august concert. Thunder claps, drum beats echoing through the clouds, oh so proud. They dance with lightening fingers; concert of the rain. ...Read More
Categories: animal, insect, nature, poems,
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member A Wild Dream
A Shadorma A wild horse freedom’s fiery flight courage is his nature power to face Gaia’s moods flaming transitions. A stabled steed quickly fattened fortitude’s broken back long days awake memories no longer made, stilled. In corral fleeting dreams arise greet the day breaking free one jump and freedom anew just keeps beckoning. ...Read More
Categories: animal, horse, nature, poems,
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member Past Life Memory
A Shadorma I recall ancient Egypt’s prime, the temple of Bastet; my feline friend by my side, worshipping. In Memphis services rendered to a king, to goddess, gave us needed sustenance, fine delicacies. Together in this present lifetime I mention memory ears laid back you look at me; remember. ...Read More
Categories: animal, cat, memory, pets,
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member Morning Breaks
A Shadorma Morning breaks, sunrise smiles its light upon the land; coffee cup full of liquid brown lava, caffeine rush. Cotton clouds, sauntering slowly across sky, powder blue in an orange-yellow light, morning dawns. Breakfast down, scrambled eggs, French toast, butter ooze upon tongue; writing down my sunrise thoughts; a bird sings. ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beauty, nature, poems,
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member Color Me
Shadorma Color me blue bliss and orange morning smiles; its green births in a many colored field; flowers bloom. My green thumb re-seeding the ground blue blossoms, day lilies of orange I must dead-head, await me. Nature’s way, beauty in blossoms; nutrient rich nectar sipped by tiny brown honey bees, sweetest...Read More
Categories: appreciation, color, flower, nature,
Form: Shadorma
Dry Spell
Withering shriveling all up inside, I cannot tell how long I'll remain in this hell of a dry spell No rainfall here, except for tears and sometimes they go dry too numb to cry, too tired to feel inspired The words crack crumble in my mouth before I get them...Read More
Categories: angst, depression, emotions, feelings,
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member Wistful Recollections
Memories fuel nostalgic dreams tethered to family and innocence lost to time... when I was a child. Bogeymen back then where pretend... I'd be out all summer playing till it was too dark to see anything. Supper was served at the table, mum would cook a hot meal and we kids...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member Pot Bellied Sage
A Shadorma Pot-bellied, wizened old oak sage; resting in silent woods. Each swollen arthritic joint tells a magic tale. Within dark knotholes of blackness, lie secrets; songs only sung when the woods are silent; echoes of the past. You don’t think that I hear your voice, when I walk through...Read More
Categories: fairy, fantasy, fun, poems,
Form: Shadorma
Premium Member Dreamtime Specter
A Shadorma The dreaded Monday morning looms ahead, awaiting to crush my tired spirit; horrid day. Beneath a streetlamp a specter appears to me, shadow... backdrop of nighttime moon beams, imparting wisdom. No fear have I for your presence my dream guide, awaiting, beckoning me to follow; secrets are revealed. So many pieces of...Read More
Categories: dream, imagination, introspection, poetry,
Form: Shadorma

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