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Questionku Poems - New Questionku Poem Examples

Questionku Poems. Examples of Questionkus and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Questionku poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Questionku.

A questionku is a 3-line form of poem with a 4, 5, 6 syllable count and ending with a question, but there is more to a questionku. What is questionku in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Premium Member Lost Out
How much did he gamble on himself to get the chocolates?...Read More
Categories: america, political,
Form: Questionku

Premium Member Friday the 13th
Make a bold wish Friday the thirteenth Do you believe in fate? ...Read More
Categories: fantasy, fate,
Form: Questionku
Single planet Billions of people What's the meaning of life ...Read More
Categories: life, meaningful, people, philosophy,
Form: Questionku
If one “quack” talks, and waddles around; why all the confusion? Alexis Y. 11/9/2010 ...Read More
Categories: how i feel,
Form: Questionku
Premium Member A Mother's Love
A mother's love How deep it can go ~ Can a man truly know?...Read More
Categories: love, mom,
Form: Questionku

Reward Points
Frequent flyer Empty baggage chute Where is my checked luggage ...Read More
Categories: journey, lost, travel,
Form: Questionku
Premium Member DELTA DAWN
the oak is drying low-light mellow yellow leaves — bite? the storm’s over? ...Read More
Categories: storm,
Form: Questionku
Premium Member Catching On
Could it be said That Mister Trump's views Are downright infectious?...Read More
Categories: america, political, words,
Form: Questionku
Premium Member Glance
Stealing a glance not a single word Do you really see me?...Read More
Categories: emotions, feelings,
Form: Questionku
Premium Member Nauseus
When did wisdom Give way to cliches Spouted ad nauseam?...Read More
Categories: allusion, wisdom, words,
Form: Questionku
Premium Member Mere Symbols
Letters make up Words: symbols really ~ Why do yours cut like knives?...Read More
Categories: irony, words,
Form: Questionku
Premium Member wipe those tears
choices abound anxious or carefree why do you want to cry Posted on September 8, 2020...Read More
Categories: confidence, hope, perspective, strength,
Form: Questionku
Premium Member Lost in Thought
Humming, knitting the thread of my thought ~ How could I have lost it?...Read More
Categories: emotions, loss,
Form: Questionku
What are friends But incarnated angels assigned to assure our happiness? © Demetrios Trifiatis 16 August 2020 ...Read More
Categories: angel, friendship,
Form: Questionku
Premium Member Drown
Pitch perfect storm you’re so familiar Will I die if I drown?...Read More
Categories: emotions, storm,
Form: Questionku

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Definition | What is Questionku in Poetry?