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Epic Poems | Epic Examples

Epic Poems. Examples of Epics and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Epic poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Epic.

Epic poetry is an extensive, serious poem that tells the story about a heroic figure, but there is more to an epic poem. What is epic in poetry (complete definition)?

I find myself wandering, wondering in this quiet state of empty emotions. Confusion of what to do next, preparing mentally, emotionally, physically. So much to do, yet so little left untouched. Moving slowly as if all life...Read More
Categories: absence, adventure,
Form: Epic

Cantos Of Time
Moments are not the retinue of time. There is one which decides the turning point of mankind. I can’t hand over to sighs that time which stands and beckons me. To hell with the shades to recline and...Read More
Categories: angst, anxiety, leadership,
Form: Epic
Insulting rhymes 5
Job Corp Your dirty as sin I don't even know where to begin My son been in need of tutoring you engored him instead He's been trying very hard to boost up his fail him instead. He passed...Read More
Categories: childhood, corruption, image, school,
Form: Epic
Define our world today
Define our world today Don't die in depression Just hold on Look up to the sun Let it light kill your worries Our world today fears Still we don't have to die young Define our world today...Read More
Categories: africa, dedication, freedom, inspiration,
Form: Epic
Scars unseen
The scars unseen We are the problems You have created If only you could be honest This hungry humans could Have been peaceful Why are you running Were are you running to Of course A man that set his house...Read More
Categories: africa, confidence, freedom, humanity,
Form: Epic

Elastic rules
Elastic rules The people can't Be stretch for too long Yet This your rules are stretching Our freedom somuch There is a limit The people can't contain This is a truth Cos one day The people will...Read More
Categories: africa, dedication, deep, freedom,
Form: Epic
The realms of the spirit
In the realms of the spirit In the atmosphere of peace Dwells unity I feel the touch of love When my soul is moved With joy It calms my nerves And put a calm to...Read More
Categories: africa, deep, freedom, humanity,
Form: Epic
Who I chose to be
Who I chose to be If am to fear What will be my motivation Life need a push That why I chose to Be comfortable with The uncomfortable Is time to roar Is time to soul Africa...Read More
Categories: africa, confidence, courage, encouraging,
Form: Epic
Hungry to live
Hungry to live Open up the world We are dying in silence So many can't take it any more Yet They got no choice Some chose to cry Some chose to speak Some chose conspiracies Some chose...Read More
Categories: africa, dedication, deep, freedom,
Form: Epic
Insulting rhymes 4
You got hit with a earthquake Not once but twice Because of your ugly hearts But yet y'all still violating How much more shame do you need For you to get it. Father dare I'm a grown woman of...Read More
Categories: anger, anti bullying,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Slow Gin and Astral Conversations
"Slow Gin and Astral Conversations" A maze me? I’m the architect of my own destiny he beguiled her incessantly from the depths of his bottled up Carceri she knew him before he became a complex well-hidden Piranesi twixt your world and...Read More
Categories: dark, muse, symbolism,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Etched
A wrinkle on a face And scars from another age We witness life with grief While some explode with rage Due process served us all a fitting term Until we all shall learn: Life - The Mighty Mirror precludes denial All...Read More
Categories: forgiveness, life,
Form: Epic
A time when I was Cont'd
So I came nigh with my eyes so bright, in search of him as a brute beast hungry for its prey. With eagle's eyes I saw him afar off, lying loosely atop the mountain. "There lies...Read More
Categories: hero, history, imagination,
Form: Epic
A time when I was
It was a long time ago, ten thousand years or so, when magic and crows, held premium pose and place among many untold. It mattered not if there was heat or cold, all the...Read More
Categories: gothic, hero,
Form: Epic
Heavy Medal Addiction
Uncle soldier Sammie is too flashback far Saigon The bad memory withdrawals are too ganja gun smoke strong So he pumps up the blame volume, saying who’s dirty napalm wrong He’s got a shaky second and...Read More
Categories: allegory, history, leadership, war,
Form: Epic

Specific Types of Epic Poems

Read wonderful epic poetry on the following sub-topics: basketball, christmas, death, 8th grade, friendship, food, funny, heroes, kids, life, love, middle school, music, rhyme, school, sports and more.

Definition | What is Epic in Poetry?

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