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Epic Poems

Epic Poems. Examples of Epics and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Epic poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Epic. (New Poems Below)

Poem Topics Related to Epic

hero, heroic, heroic couplet, legend, narrative, saga, tale

New Poems

Life hurts
Life can hurt real bad, the oppression of being sad, for only pain that makes people mad. Only to be glad to be me, only to remain myself consionly, the reality if life is to live through pain, for whom...Read More
Categories: abuse, anger, anxiety, aubade, blessing, confidence, creation,
Form: Epic

musique forspel till bristande oro
they dug deep trenches in the forest
cut down large trees
to cover these trenches
they made rooms
and covered the logs with clay
and piled dirt atop, and
used leaves to make it appear as if
they were walking on solid ground.
they made a chimney deeper...Read More
Categories: film, horse, music, mystery, science fiction, song,
Form: Epic
Part of me
Part of me 
Like a spark
I was sparked by life 
Cos in it I was abused
Brutalized suffered
Cried and bleed
So now I read the 
Plsams of my soul
Cos from life experience it's a
Part of me 

Part of me 
I was moved...Read More
Categories: africa, deep, encouraging, hope, humanity, writing,
Form: Epic
Still searching for our world
Still searching for our world 
Who are we 
What do we represent
In this world 
Are we the victorious
Are we still sleeping

Still searching for our world
Who are we in this world
Black people am asking you all
Are we here just to always
Carry...Read More
Categories: africa, confidence, courage, dedication, deep, freedom, humanity,
Form: Epic
Living in fear
Living with fear 
Let the brave 
Lead the way 
If am down and weak 
Remember am a 
Human when I fail 
So lift my fears
Cure my weaknesses
If am your friend

Living with fear 
Let the strong 
Push me up 
When am...Read More
Categories: africa, confidence, courage, inspiration, truth, words,
Form: Epic

Two side of a coin
Two sides of a coin
In front of me 
You smile like 
You are true 
You speak good 
About me 
Right in front of me 
Always around me 
You never disrespect
My person 
Always you are 
Close and
So nice to my person...Read More
Categories: africa, confidence, courage, deep, encouraging, humanity,
Form: Epic
Dangerous process
Dangerous process
When we dream 
What happens after 
Our dream become
A real reality
What next will be next 

Dangerous process
When we finally 
Get to the pick 
Of our ultimate desire 
What next will we ask for
What else will come 
After we finally...Read More
Categories: africa, confidence, courage, deep, humanity,
Form: Epic
Chase them away
Chase them away 
Freedom of the mind 
Is what we need 
Captivity of the soul
Is dangerous than dangerous
It is not easily notice
Until the unknown is obvious

Chase them away 
Freedom of mentality
Has become our obvious
Wars of no end
Cos everyone mentality
Is the...Read More
Categories: africa, confidence, faith, humanity, power, strength,
Form: Epic
Suffering world
Suffering world 

How come we 
Could be proud 
In this world 

The only one eternal 
Gift of life 

Sim to be our shame 

The only planet 
We exist to live 

We chose to destroy

How come we could 
Be more proud...Read More
Categories: africa, change, dedication, deep, freedom, humanity,
Form: Epic
When the world was good
When the world was good 
It use to be peaceful
The people lived happily
Love was called God 
There was no room for jealousy
Either are there a chance of war

When the world was good 
Nature was never abuse 
The air was clean...Read More
Categories: africa, deep, freedom, humanity, inspiration, power,
Form: Epic
Tell me why
Tell me why
Everyone got a question
Called why 
W/why must life be so 
H/hard when we are given
     Enough from nature 
Y/yet we cry 

Tell me why 
Everyone got a question
Called why 
W/why must a baby be...Read More
Categories: abuse, africa, dedication, deep, humanity, humor,
Form: Epic
Stop blaming but refocus
Stop blaming but refocus
Don't blame 
What is done is done 
We can't change them 
By blames
But we can catch them
Back and turn them positive
By our actions towards change

Stop blaming but refocus
Cast your blames away
We can't keep pointing
We can't keep...Read More
Categories: africa, confidence, courage, humanity, power,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Rove I, In Midnight Dreams, Through Golden Halls Of Avalon Second poets tribute series, Conrad Aiken
Rove I, In Midnight Dreams, Through Golden Halls Of Avalon
Second poets tribute series,

As I fight many epic battles against blank white pages
war I with blues, born of unfulfilled poetic rages,
through gigantic cavernous depths of unrepentant deeds
Seek I, greater truths in...Read More
Categories: epic, appreciation, art, dark, poetry, poets, tribute, writing,
Form: Rhyme
On this loft I place my head. 
Lost in thought and deep in heart.
Not of a thing for glorification
But that which has gone
Beyond spirituality itself.

Despite all atonements made
To appeased the gods of the earth.
Even medications are in thousands.
Everyone still maintain...Read More
Categories: allusion, anxiety, body, confusion, deep, emotions, fate,
Form: Epic
Insterdium arti'em
josip creir amor corvee'
ah do ye sing?
say corak tour corvee'
ye sing before the King!
es say ye do
Corvee' D'Amour si say ye sing
sing before me sing
say ye the king
who stand's before me
which words do you speak
then might I understand
who then adorn...Read More
Categories: epic, adventure, career, celebrity, film, guitar, love, music,
Form: Ballad
Hailstone Crowns
“Fire” alarm sirens
are going off [the audible radar]
stealth silently
Those living deaf 
can’t receive
the incoming Death warning

Sky chariots on the roil warpath
are thunderclap rolling
Propaganda leaflet droppings
did foreshadow 
their cursed dire coming

Ordnance jewels are falling
from hailstone crowns — 
“All hail the GOAT...Read More
Categories: allegory, symbolism, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Epic
After three decades and a kicking more,
I deem it glaring waste and blatant loss
To play sad part of second servile fiddle
In elite cadres agleam with ersatz gloss.

Whatever charged scrolls attuned to pelt
With loaded deterrents deft souls that try,
I now must...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion, anger, betrayal, character, christian,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Bob in the Cage
Bob in the Cage

He is not nice. 
I closed the door and told him to wait…there.
He did. 
It did not make his mood better. 
It helped mine a little. 
I was far less likely to put him in the pot,...Read More
Categories: abuse, bird, cry, death, emotions, heaven, hero,
Form: Epic
Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Version - 2 - 11

my Lords and Ladies,
the Dark Man and the captain,
stood apart from all,
The Captain's mount and Turvehr,
they were uneasy as they pranced,
the Captain reined in his charger,
Turvehr was given his head,
both these mighty warriors faced each other,
the Captain bowed to the...Read More
Categories: dark, death, dream, fantasy, light, love, war,
Form: Epic
Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Version - 2 - 10
All factors begin to come together,
deep within this song of Alahsar,
The Dark Man and Turvehr,
they are come upon the earth,
the storm begins to dissipate, 
the sky becoming light,
a mother calls no more,
the thunder is gone,
silence is ever deafening.
Turvehr's wings outstretched,...Read More
Categories: dark, death, dream, fantasy, light, love, war,
Form: Epic
King's Mountain, Part II
...And though the rifles were slower to load,
the Overmountain Men made use of trees,
concealing themselves from counterfire
in places that the British couldn’t see.

With countless snipers popping out to shoot,
all the loyalists there atop the hill
knew that something had to be...Read More
Categories: america, conflict, courage, freedom, history, patriotic, war,
Form: Epic
King's Mountain, Part I
It was after the defeat at Camden,
in the fall of 1780,
British Major Patrick Ferguson
sought to exploit Britain’s victory.

To secure South Carolina’s countryside,
he marched his loyalist forces forward,
threatened the men beyond Appalachia,
said he would lay waste with fire and sword.

He believed...Read More
Categories: america, conflict, courage, freedom, history, patriotic, war,
Form: Epic
Lust and death
Are best of friends,
Stealer of breath,
Tracks to life's end.

Epic story,
Terrific imageries,
Delivering water to your tears,
Offering cold to your spine.

Like a wind blowing dried daffodils,
Her voice took all of your senses,
Lost in lust, not knowing were your sense is,
Margret...Read More
Categories: epic, abuse, addiction, death, emotions, grave, lust, men,
Form: Free verse
friday 14, 2020

Categories: appreciation, celebration, dance, food, friendship, music, song,
Form: Epic

The majority of people 
On this beautiful planet,
All with their own lifestyles,
Culture, religion, 
History and tales!
When they see these,
Long white streaks,
In the sky,
They think 
Nothing of them
And call them 
Busy with their lives,
Busy in their actions!
Minds being taken over,
By one...Read More
Categories: literature,
Form: Epic

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