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Epyllion Poems

Epyllion Poems. Examples of Epyllions and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Epyllion poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Epyllion. (New Poems Below)

Poem Topics Related to Epyllion

mythological, narrative, romantic,

New Poems

The Fog of The Altar
To Jules Verne

A man feeling drowse at the top of the mountain, fell asleep.

He dreamed dreams
  emanating from floods of seas.
 In remote droughts,
 he gave his fruit of smoke
on a simple altar.

Curd quartz opened
 solidifying thousands of stamens,
they...Read More
Categories: change, faith, flower, gospel, jesus, mountains, mystery,
Form: Epyllion

A warrior's maiden
The night is cold
There is an owl perched on the gum tree
Its pitch dark outside
Its silent as a grave yard
She clings unto herself
Her mind wonders away
she reminisces her husband
pulling her into his chest
Fitting into his embrace
Like she belonged there
She lifts...Read More
Categories: allusion, devotion, endurance, hero, longing, mythology,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member By The River
Roman General Julius Caesar
Gazed across the narrow river.
He must decide, now or never,
To leave Cisalpine and endeavour
To ensure his fame forever:
"Alea Iacta Est!" (declared with fervour).

Reference: "Crossing The Rubicon" - Wikileaks

Writing Challenge 8/19
Six Lines
DH - W.Ode
...Read More
Categories: fate, history, water,
Form: Epyllion
Sijui ni wangapi wata'define my history,
Wakitumia hii story.
But kitu najua ni ati nkifa,
Walevi ndo watachangisha doh kwa matanga,
na maybe;
Wengi watasema Marto alikuwa tanker.
Na ukijaribu ksema marto alikuwa wa youth ya church,
apo ndo MC atalenga iyo story.
Maybe eulogy yangu itasomwa ka'...Read More
Categories: art, break up, drink, first love, for
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Moonlit Xanadu
Last night, I dreamed a dream I'd never forget
When my tired eyes sealed shut at the tail-end of dawn 
Morpheus spirited me away to a moonlit Xanadu; a sanctuary
Of beauty and peace. What a dream! It was my safe haven...Read More
Categories: beauty, dream, fantasy, imagery, myth, places,
Form: Epyllion

Premium Member Imagining Arcadia
Where is this magical, peaceful utopia I've heard
And read about? I've followed the call of echoes
I've searched far and long into the wilderness
I've looked through the haze of morning mist
I've peeked into apertures pierced by sunlight

I can't rely on the...Read More
Categories: beauty, longing, mythology, peace, places,
Form: Epyllion
Haunted By A Long Lost Love
I should have done the right thing
But my naivety cost me a lot ,
Now I’m haunted by your lost love and loss,
Your smile and face I can’t forget ,
If rivers and springs flow fall into oblivion ,
Your beauty and trait...Read More
Categories: lost love,
Form: Epyllion
fear to uncover a mysterious pain
reach a depth of darkness hell
she blocked me out, and 
heaped hills within hills
masked her ravaged heart 
with forceful smile
her lips stayed shut, yet
spoken without a sound
crumbling body ruins, 
banned from a touch of love.
wistful...Read More
Categories: fear, lonely,
Form: Epyllion
Love Has Found A House
She is more than beauty,
More than words upon the page.
She means so much to me;
I've been given saving grace.
She is more than curves,
Not just a pretty face,
Someone I don't deserve;
I've been given saving grace.
I could cast my cares,
Into every here...Read More
Categories: crush, emotions, how i feel,
Form: Epyllion
About Headphones and Melody
Once there was a song,
That reminded me of you,
While I felt so strong,
Under sky,
Of midnight blue.
Once there was a time,
While I played a favorite tune,
A pen and written lines,
A thought of you....Read More
Categories: crush, how i feel,
Form: Epyllion
The Rising Sun of Dawn
Which words may lay at rest,
While my heart still beats for her,
'Til my dying breath,
Lays a faint whisper?
All that has begun, 
Is a love in modest bloom, 
Like the rising sun,
Meant to light a sky of blue....Read More
Categories: crush, desire, how i feel, passion, truth,
Form: Epyllion
How Blessed Am I To Find You Here
My heart can't speak on reasons,
Concerning this reality;
She's with her man and he is,
Maybe a better man than me.
I want that opportunity,
I wish to be the one.
How may I know truthfully,
That our time has come?...Read More
Categories: crush, emotions, feelings, how i feel, longing,
Form: Epyllion
If The Loving Words Fell Upon My Heart
I'd write her a letter,
I'd write her a song;
I'd write her whatever,
Is on my heart.
If I had the passion,
If I had the tune,
Inspired, in fashion,
I'd write it for you....Read More
Categories: desire, emotions, how i feel, passion, truth,
Form: Epyllion
We're not cool
We’re not cool
We’re in love.
We’re not looking for where we belong
We are free

We’re everything there is
To each other
There isn’t another
I’d want as my lover

You’re totally great
And my best mate
Still let’s be clear
And reiterate

We’re not cool
We’re in love.
...Read More
Categories: wedding,
Form: Epyllion
On the cusp of favor brimming in the flavor of missing minutes, laid about the streets curved around sockets of setting suns. Along roadsides and dug deep under sand dunes, I collect forgotten pearls planted in the dismantled timepiece of...Read More
Categories: longing, lost love, love, missing you,
Form: Epyllion
Reanimation Damnation
Quiet is the night, laid blight amid this infernal necropolis
Loosely mantled soil, smother marrow of perished veneration
Yet windows still aflame, a dormant witness to troth thirst
Cold and stiff, until a shift, unearthed
...Read More
Categories: death, fantasy, grave, imagery, mythology,
Form: Epyllion
To The Lady Of The Heavens
Could I find my heaven,
With my head up in the clouds?
Could she be here then,
Every present waking hour?
Find my heart my love,
If love at all be true.
Like the sunlight on a flower,
May my kiss be worn by you....Read More
Categories: desire, longing, me, passion, woman,
Form: Epyllion
I don't believe,
That she is the worst.
I can't recall,
How badly it hurts.
Rage won't live,
Inside my heart.
I'd rather just have her,
Within my arms.
My face might say,
The way I may think.
Love, come to me,
Dear masterpiece.

Hate, don't speak,
Don't preach any words.
Could her lips...Read More
Categories: how i feel, passion, truth, woman,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member EPYLLION the form
Lay waste the heathen hun-
No blade could lance his Quinevere's
Amour....Read More
Categories: epyllion, mythology, poetry,
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member Romantacism- A Harlot's Lament
Romantacism- A Harlot's Lament 

Her passion
She fashions her passion 
This flashing 
She flashes MAD traces
Strange days 
With secrets and magic
And all things fantastic 

   Delight me 
   Excite me 
   Tonight we
 ...Read More
Categories: beautiful, i am, passion, romantic, sorrow,
Form: Epyllion
Matters of the Heart
The letters of the alphabet,
The creation of you,
The name i whispher to myself everytime,
Everytime i'm in need of your presence with me.

How wonderful it is,
To have someone that you hold so dear,
As if the world is going to end the...Read More
Categories: august,
Form: Epyllion
Like a precious shell,
Out of the million,
Are you to me.
Of all the women,
Out of the umpteen,
You are the best.
My one precious stone,
I shall treassure you,
Like my precious shell,
I shall cherish you.

Nobody wrote a letter to God,
Proposing of where to be...Read More
Categories: birth,
Form: Epyllion
in a million souls,
in a million breaths,
when the east howls,
and the west breaks,
a flower rises ,
a beautiful flower ,
you may feel entices,
but its not just a flower
for within,
is a greatness you wont believe,
a beauty far much awesome within,
with a heart...Read More
Categories: best friend,
Form: Epyllion
I Shall Wait For You
let the sun rise,
let it set in the west.
let the wind blow,
let it shake and rattle to the brow,
i shall wait for you.
as the seasons roll like a mill,
as love pearches in like a drill,
my love for you shall never...Read More
Categories: absence,
Form: Epyllion
I Love You
You'll always be my only,
Your beauty is so much my weakness.
Your smile is usually-
The only reason i end my days in happiness.
Your wonderful figure,
Added on to your spectacular look,
Makes me so eager-
To hold you in my arms...look,
I cannot keep this...Read More
Categories: best friend,
Form: Epyllion