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Epyllion Poems | Epyllion Examples

Epyllion Poems. Examples of Epyllions and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Epyllion poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Epyllion.

An epyllion is a form of brief narrative poetry with a romantic or mythological theme, but there is more to epyllion. What is epyllion in poetry (complete definition)?

Autumnal Mood
Autumnal light The end of summer is looming is still warm the afternoon breeze from the green ocean is pleasant but has pockets of cooling air The heart senses the depression of the mind. Once there was spring breaking free...Read the rest...
Categories: best friend, blessing, cinderella,
Form: Epyllion

Premium Member Nature of War
The field of battle spread before us Enemy soldiers approaching in ranks, Suddenly soundless silver birds appear Our focus changes to the sullen skies, Bombs rain like missiles from the gods We are defeated by an unseen force, The nature of...Read the rest...
Categories: perspective, war,
Form: Epyllion
Children of Afghan
Poisonous laburnum hang downwards, These dusty streets, Hot as herbs and spices, Touching deep buttery Panjshir Valley, The Great Highland Bagpipes. Sweaty, I will tell you, About hegira-state, Our rugged landscape, Our legendary generosity, The children of Afghan. Dad, Valley of the Five Lions? The legend...Read the rest...
Categories: environment,
Form: Epyllion
The Unexplained
Let us find a space amongst the trees and sunset... In an undisclosed area absent from the busy ways of the world. A space filled with days where the rain falls with patients and the winds blow...Read the rest...
Categories: 5th grade,
Form: Epyllion
My Husband Preston,My Valentine
My Valentine Preston, The moment I met you, I knew that there was something about you, Something special about you, I knew I could never live without you, It's been soooo many years together, But still,still everytime I look at you...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, celebration,
Form: Epyllion

Your Heart On My Record Player
Can I listen to your heart play a song on my record player, as I relax in a dark room to embody the sounds of its speech... Where the strong thumps of its language can explain...Read the rest...
Categories: romance,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Meet Me In Avalon
Can you envision us lost in a world of ours; paradise built by the Gods just for us two? Would you...Read the rest...
Categories: beauty, imagination, mythology, paradise,
Form: Epyllion
In Case We Never Meet Or Met and Never Knew
Categories: romantic love,
Form: Epyllion
The Fog of the Altar
To Jules Verne A man feeling drowse at the top of the mountain, fell asleep. He dreamed dreams emanating from floods of seas. In remote droughts, he gave his fruit of smoke on a simple altar. Curd quartz...Read the rest...
Categories: change, faith, flower, gospel,
Form: Epyllion
A Warrior's Maiden
The night is cold There is an owl perched on the gum tree Its pitch dark outside Its silent as a grave yard She clings unto herself Her mind wonders away she reminisces her husband pulling her into his chest Fitting into his...Read the rest...
Categories: allusion, devotion, endurance, hero,
Form: Epyllion
Beer Sio Maziwa
Sijui ni wangapi wata'define my history, Wakitumia hii story. But kitu najua ni ati nkifa, maybe; Walevi ndo watachangisha doh kwa matanga, na maybe; Wengi watasema Marto alikuwa tanker. Na ukijaribu ksema marto alikuwa wa youth ya church, apo ndo MC atalenga iyo...Read the rest...
Categories: art, break up, drink,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Moonlit Xanadu
Last night, I dreamed a dream I'd never forget When my tired eyes sealed shut at the tail-end of dawn Morpheus spirited me away to a moonlit Xanadu; a sanctuary Of beauty and peace. What a dream!...Read the rest...
Categories: beauty, dream, fantasy, imagery,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Imagining Arcadia
Where is this peaceful utopia of infinite wonder I've heard much about? I've followed the call of echoes, and I've searched far and long into the wilderness I've looked through the haze of morning mist and peeked through...Read the rest...
Categories: beauty, longing, mythology, peace,
Form: Epyllion
Haunted By a Long Lost Love
I should have done the right thing But my naivety cost me a lot , Now I’m haunted by your lost love and loss, Your smile and face I can’t forget , If rivers and springs flow fall into...Read the rest...
Categories: lost love,
Form: Epyllion
fear to uncover a mysterious pain reach a depth of darkness hell she blocked me out, and heaped hills within hills masked her ravaged heart with forceful smile her lips stayed shut, yet spoken without a sound crumbling body ruins, banned...Read the rest...
Categories: fear, lonely,
Form: Epyllion

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Definition | What is Epyllion in Poetry?

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