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Rictameter Poems

Rictameter Poems. Examples of Rictameters and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Rictameter poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Rictameter. (New Poems Below)

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New Poems

to celebrate
the birth of the great one,
who came to set the captives free,
Hope for the needy,healing for the sick,
His works is to be remembered,
providing for the poor
and widows on
Christmas .

Contest:A red letter day Rictameter sponsored by William Kekaula....Read More
Categories: celebration, character,
Form: Rictameter

coldest season
fun to see Christmas lights
and drink hot cocoa by the fire
sparkling snowflakes gliding to my front yard
covering the green grass with snow
But we shall not forget
our Savior's birth

A red letter rictameter poetry contest
Sponsored by: William Kekaula
Date: 12/13/2019...Read More
Categories: baby, birth, celebration, seasons, winter,
Form: Rictameter
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Gasping ...
The year drew in
Months, weeks and days, anew -
Filled its lungs with the breaths of life,
Hope, promise and endeavor coursed its veins,
Feeding want, deed and wisdom, now ...
It exhales lost shadows,
Weeps and expires ...

Written and submitted on December 12,...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, metaphor, new year, time,
Form: Rictameter
Winter -
the shortest day
begins the coldest time
of this earth's well defined seasons,
and hibernation settles where needed
until the sun returns again
to mark a new season
and warm away

Contest: A Red-Letter Day Rictameter
Sponsor: William Kekaula...Read More
Categories: winter,
Form: Rictameter
Last Sunday Lunch of the Year
line forms
chicken soup served
delectable side dish
food choices made along the way
conversation shared around the table
line for seconds no questions asked
another go around
Sunday feasting
one last
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Categories: celebration, community, food,
Form: Rictameter

Premium Member Christmas
parties are great!
This coming Friday is
a fun event for the teachers:
the swapping of strange or amusing gifts -
a White Elephant Gift Exhange.
Also we’ll have potluck -
yummy food for

Dec 9, 2019...Read More
Categories: celebration,
Form: Rictameter

should be special
especially if...
the day occurs in December.
Four days following the Christmas frenzy
our five-year old WILL celebrate
along with his mama
their December

December 9, 2019

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Categories: 11th grade, birthday, christmas, mother, son,
Form: Rictameter
Us, From The Realization Til Now
Soaked souls in wine.
Dizzy, tingling hearts fall behind.
Our moments trump all else, rebuilds lost time.
Ignite, our connection is flint.
We dance 'til dawn.
Last breathe....Read More
Categories: love, mum, parents, relationship,
Form: Rictameter
radiant lights
December meteors
in their ecstatic nighttime flight;
a waning moon will not halt their travel
comet Tuttle left them behind
their annual flight’s bright;
Ursa Minor’s

A Red-Letter Day Rictameter Poetry Contest
William Kekaula...Read More
Categories: poems, poetry, sky, space, stars, universe,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member BEDTIME- -
whether bed or
rocking recliner laid
in the upright position spread
yawn!, so relax can’t keep my eyes open
and I am so very tired boy
Guess I’ll just get up, go
To bed cause it’s,

A Red-Letter Day Rictameter Poetry Contest
Rictameter poetry form only..
Sponsored by: William...Read More
Categories: analogy, sleep,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Adulting Begins in December

she’s all grown up,
with the weight of the world,
now on her shoulders — like Atlas.
stupendous the thought, of freedom to do,
everything you wanted to do.
sun and the moon sporting
smile, for it’s your

A Red-Letter Day Rictameter Poetry Contest
Sponsor: William Kekuala

Red-letter day...Read More
Categories: age, birthday,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Birth of Jesus

born this day as 
the world spun round and hearts 
beat, small and humble the savior 
of this world born in a manger beneath 
His guiding star in Bethlehem. 
The Word became flesh and 
dwelt among us, 


Poetry Contest:...Read More
Categories: jesus, star,
Form: Rictameter

of my wife comes
with December sunshine
through the mist of winter in life,
brings hope of colors in our old garden,
finds in my heart flowers abloom,
I make a bouquet to
celebrate her

December 6, 2019
Syllable count : 2/4/6/8/10/8/6/4/2
Checked on
Contest : A Red-letter...Read More
Categories: birthday, celebration, old, wife,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Engaged

to my soulmate

who gave me an I Love You ring

this winter to symbolize our intent

of voicing commitment vows to

always live love


December 5, 2019
A Red Letter Day Rictameter
William Kekaula...Read More
Categories: blessing, devotion, engagement, relationship, romantic love, true
Form: Rictameter
jubilant hearts
rekindle fellowship*
amidst warm camaraderie
vanquishing past woes of long distance-bond
fired-up by embers of God's love
in clan reunion’s bliss
glow as one soul

*1John 1:7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with...Read More
Categories: appreciation, blessing, celebration, christian, family, god, true
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Christmas Eve Service

Eve church service—
reverent, organized,
peaceful—will stand out in contrast
to casual get-togethers where we
will eat too much, sing off key, and
get loud. In many ways,
we celebrate

Date: December 4, 2019
Contest Title: A Red-Letter Day Rictameter
Sponsor: William Kekaula

...Read More
Categories: christmas,
Form: Rictameter
to know that soon
I will hold in my arms
my three fair faraway daughters,
who are heading home this Xmas season.
My house so quiet without them,
the floorboards creek night tears.
It too will be

For  William Kekaula's contest
A Red-Letter Day Rictameter.
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Categories: daughter, dedication, lonely,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Grand Canyon
And sovereignty
Poetic splendor wide
Lofty red canyon craters locked
Deep inside the ledges realm your eyes drop
Through colored portals steep to hide
The grace of this treasure
Timeless in its

December 2, 2019
A Red-Letter Day Rictameter Poetry Contest
Sponsored by William Kekaula

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Categories: beauty, deep, imagery, nature,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Nativity of Jesus

To look 
upon His face, 
hold in my craving arms, 
seek his divine grace and favor.
I'd spread my wings and sing a Cherub hymn. 
The Seraphim angels' harps would 
strum melodies paying
homage to our 
God's son.


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Categories: angel, jesus,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member HOLY SPIRIT
              HOLY SPIRIT

                        ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, spiritual,
Form: Rictameter
a day of greed
A time for drunkenness
children spoiled rotten with expensive gifts
Those who are devout celebrate
goes for a midnight mass
all worshipping

A Red-Letter Day Rictameter Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: William Kekaula...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, christmas,
Form: Rictameter
Mark of Winter’s
Stark cold kingdom coming,
Yet with subtle signs of hope for
Spring, for even as the gales blow stronger,
Each day grows a little longer,
In sleepy slumber I
Sing of Summer
...Read More
Categories: seasons, summer, winter,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member Christmas
                 ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, celebration, christmas, day, holiday,
Form: Rictameter
Premium Member High School Graduation
Beautiful day
May 1970
My high school graduation day
I could be a nurse mother or teacher
Our caps and gowns were red and gold
Small town Iowa kids
So excited

Written: 11-28-2019
Contest: Red-Letter Day Rictameter
Sponsor: William Kekaula
Syllables checked with:  2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2
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Categories: graduation,
Form: Rictameter



Worship our God 

In our hearts and our minds 

A time to understand our God 

For he is the spirit which guides us home 

To love all others with our soul 

To be grateful for life 

To...Read More
Categories: christmas, god, religion, spiritual,
Form: Rictameter