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Suzette Prime Poems | Suzette Prime Examples

Suzette Prime Poems. Examples of Suzette Primes and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Suzette Prime poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Suzette Prime.

A suzette prime poem is a form of poetry with a specific prime number syllable count of 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, etc. plus a philosophical statement , but there is more to suzette prime. What is suzette prime in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Silent musings
Today, the emotions which arose, contracted our consciousness arising from aversion propelled by ego owing to a response, which we determined as being harsh and unjust, whereas, after reflection, we now recognise that we could have simply have shrugged and moved on, humoured by the play, being so enacted to...Read More
Categories: anger, muse,
Form: Suzette Prime

Premium Member Women Meet for Lunch
women meet for lunch laughing and talking giddy to see each other and believe it or not they do this monthly will this continue when one of them dies? ...Read More
Categories: women,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member You Are Human
"Tears define who we are as a species." poet. you don your best smile and hide sad feelings behind a smiley face yet every so often life feels more like an illusion comprised of wishes fueled by fantasy sanctioned by a...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Suzette Prime
We hate the ones we have wronged
It is human nature to hate him whom you have injured. ~Tacitus as children we looked past the world’s artificial trappings the ravelment of doctrines and the glaring capitalistic displays the only criteria was that we’re friends...Read More
Categories: philosophy,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Forest of My Dreams
come quietly stroll with me in the forest of my dreams where soft sunbeams drift through tangled branches where beds of touch-me-nots and lily-of-the-valley randomly appear and bid us stop to smell where thick wild grape vines for swinging dangle...Read More
Categories: dream, lost love, marriage,
Form: Suzette Prime

Quest for freedom
without space to run the buzzard will not even attempt to fly a bat cannot take off from a level space the bumblebee doesn't see the open space at the top headstrong it concentrates on...Read More
Categories: philosophy,
Form: Suzette Prime
my mind as for it concouisness my heart thinks joyous thinks confidence heart preference being distant variants my heart thinking self righteousness being disputes will be maybe null Impending mystik muddle heart pumps, now rules apprised is it real conscious is my heart joyous, I think it...Read More
Categories: analogy, anxiety, betrayal, confusion,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Salt of the Earth
"you are the salt of the Earth" the flavor from your being your taste who you are makes the entire Earth either flavorful or bitter you are the savor in soup just enough of you makes it right too much of you will ruin the stew know...Read More
Categories: bible, character, christian,
Form: Suzette Prime
A Ghost Arises
a ghost comes forth from the house of the dead, a rather unusual apparition – empty, desolate. a wraith so worn and frail, it barely seems there, as if suddenly thrust from its icy winter shade. it rises without sound, or...Read More
Categories: confusion, dark, death, fear,
Form: Suzette Prime
you cannot calculate my legacy in monetary value or in market shares neither in some property nor anything tangible I leave you my soul recorded in poetry and thoughts I share with those of you with an ear for the essence of...Read More
Categories: death,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Inner alignment
within the cave of our heart where silence abounds we are touched by bliss ego is absent for the orifice admits pure of heart alone ego being thought driven wishing to survive melds in heart to thrive inner alignment saves the gift of life bursting forth in bubbling bliss 13-February-2021...Read More
Categories: spiritual,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Indecision
Indecision swooping down jeopardy’s scattered shadows jump up bouncing back then surging forth tender heart scrapes against rocks and hardened faces out of line either or fleeing from cold context’s hungry beast disoriented in fogs of numb pacing inertia starves out...Read More
Categories: angst, emotions, feelings, psychological,
Form: Suzette Prime
homework dear son please hear us please take the handle of the tool hewn from our lives you need but pick it up to reap what we’ve sewn to understand - to see the value in the flat page and yet you...Read More
Categories: 3rd grade, children, homework,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member Inner cleansing
quiet mindfulness notices our inner cleansing brought about in our stillness as strange feral stirrings rise to the surface which we then view with wondrous astonishment being unaware that they were resident within our subconscious mind darkening our soul we...Read More
Categories: muse, spiritual,
Form: Suzette Prime
Premium Member One And The Same
love's so more than an incredible feeling a chemical reaction an imaginary wish or a synonym for lust it is also a gentle, intimate touch a shared memory a hope a spiritual bonding of hearts and souls and a gift from God it's like...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Suzette Prime

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