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Sonnet Poems

Sonnet Poems. Examples of Sonnets and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Sonnet poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Sonnet. (New Poems Below)

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New Poems

Sonya was the best friend I ever had,
we were always doing things together.
When she moved away I was very sad,
she was my refuge in stormy weather.

Over the years I've thought about her life,
did she join Delta, so she could travel?
Or...Read More
Categories: best friend, friendship,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member My Best Friend
 ~ + ~

" A sweet friendship refreshes the soul."

Many friends have come and many have gone,
such sweet beauty that stayed just for awhile;
I have a friend that I can lean upon,
others have left without even a smile.

And that has...Read More
Categories: friendship love,
Form: Sonnet
broken heart
a broken heart cannot be healed easily. it takes time and pain 
a lot of it 
it takes breakdowns and blank stares
crying for hours on end 
and sometimes not feeling anything 
another love won’t heal it 
it has to be...Read More
Categories: angel, anxiety,
Form: Sonnet
Brain's Busty Ballet
eerie ensconced eyes
salient spooky sight
kinetic kindled flames
bounty blazing brace
gigantesque gaunt gulp
taunted tunnel; induct

scrunched seeped smile
dripping damped drive
hoisted feelings survived

callous covertures creates
brain's busty ballet
sane senses strays

moistened mystic memories
damped dull dwindling.
     19:11:17:09:25...Read More
Categories: missing, missing you,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member I Acquiesce to Friendship
Your sensuous eyes render me a fool.
How clumsy I become within your mien.
I stutter, stumble trying to keep cool
While all the time envisioning a scene
Of you and I together palm in palm
As sun departs behind the hillside's face,
And in the...Read More
Categories: dream, friendship love, longing, love,
Form: Sonnet

Premium Member Isn't It Poetic
Its meter and rhyme, delicate and sublime,
 fantasy surreal, personal appeal;
a couplet, quatrain or quintain, try them all in time
 but gather close to your heart
 the best way your words depart;
what could be bio, ballad, sonnet best
 as we...Read More
Categories: sonnet, poems, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Butterfly, My Love
Butterfly, My Love

You have hair like golden silk. 
You laugh like clear water running over stones. 
Your eyes, they are the color of the sky, 
clear or stormy, matters not, they are the same. 

You have wings unseen. 
I know…
You...Read More
Categories: celebration, crazy, daughter, grandchild, heaven, jesus, mum,
Form: Sonnet
Jove's Jumpy Jets
purpl'd eyes heaven
with tongue cloven
met mystic malady
embroidered ensconced epilepsy 
dripping damped desires 
jittery earth admires

saline liquid loitering 
deflowered dusts damping 
scrunched sans spooky

moistened mists melt
Jove's jumpy jets
twain trailed crest

dull disease dances
later lost traces
    19:11:16:11:56...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Sonnet
Just For You

The shroud of night slides from the silken sky,
rise of dawn with crown of gold has begun.
On my olive meadow pearls of dew lie,
dance of yearning starts with shimmer of sun.

Hues of lilac clouds drizzle, flush your face,
in my heart...Read More
Categories: imagery, love,
Form: Sonnet
My window pane puts on a winter scene
as silver specks of ice starting to seed.
Small pins grow with spiky bits between
and one pin lengthens to a dagger blade.

Then from the hilt a silver sword soon grows
and on each edge there...Read More
Categories: winter,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member WHERE ARE YOU NOW


Mascara pink lipstick ribbons and curls
Miniskirts no matter what the weather
We were teens two cheerful giggling schoolgirls
Enjoying bits of time spent together

A yellow ribbon round the old oak tree
We followed all the radio top hits
All night writing...Read More
Categories: friendship, fun, growing up, life, teenage, youth,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member This Gift Of Love
"i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go . . . "
                   ...Read More
Categories: birth, family, love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Best Friend NOT FOR CONTEST
My best friend is Line
I mess up she emails me with a grin
What a super friend my line
I can always expect a smile

Spelling wrong no sweat
Sonnet out of tune 
I know it’s not a lyric
Always there wanting to help

My best...Read More
Categories: sonnet, friendship,
Form: Free verse
Cessler sernades Bisler
Like-minded and loved
It than is easy to
Except your proposal
Might those we love than
Find it appeasing and perfect
Might togetherness keep us
And might love
Make those tentions
Beyond the nights might
Mornings began days
Of harmonic and joyfilled
What disturtions of those days
Naysayers who wish is apart
Might...Read More
Categories: sonnet, care, feelings, future, love, marriage, passion, romantic,
Form: Italian Sonnet
The voices in my head
They are always there,
shouting, screaming telling me
to hurt you telling me I
cant trust you because 
you are the one who put me through 
all this pain all this hate 
all these issues my mind
is telling me some horrible things like...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, absence, abuse, betrayal, death, depression,
Form: Sonnet
Salmon Steak or Fillet or Canned
Salmon steak or fillet
Choose fillet or salmon
Either way I can get it
Is alright with me

I enjoy a salmon steak 
Cooking on the barbecue
Or the fillet is tasty to
Either way I enjoy it

Salmon from a can
Is handy to have
For a salad...Read More
Categories: fish,
Form: Sonnet
Dark Dances
reviving rusts revamping 
frolic feigning feasts
damped desires drooping 
mystic mists moaning 
puked passion plying 
tactic tier tucking 

sour scrunched smoothened
pleasant parks heightened 
dark dances darkened

fiery flames simpering
mocking mystic mists
towering; twigs twisting 

archaic aura blending 
brooding base bleeding. 
  ...Read More
Categories: dark,
Form: Sonnet
How to make :: Quatern Sonnet
How to make my team work as asked?
Is it only motivation
at right time that makes them to work,
Or it's something else that hinders?

Working with them I had to learn
how to make my team work as asked;
Some starts work at...Read More
Categories: atheist, work,
Form: Sonnet
Being in love with You is my heart’s quest
to abide ceaselessly in Your presence
as You nurture me in Your caring breast  
midst divine bliss of peace-iridescence.

In my relationship with You, trust reigns
sealed by Your covenant for faith’s fervor
indeed forgiven,...Read More
Categories: christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, true
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Sharing a Promise With My Best Friend
Nicholas, my sincere and loving friend, 
          for he redeemed my soul with who he is-
a marriage and true friendship that shan’t end,
        ...Read More
Categories: friendship, love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Escape From The Abyss
Walking all alone through the bleak abyss
The ravens watching from silhouette trees
Inspiration dead, writing I did miss 
A dark event put me down on my knees.

In the distance I saw gold rays of light
I hoped and prayed that it was...Read More
Categories: depression, dream, journey, muse,
Form: Sonnet
Words Can not Express, My Man
Words can not express the joy I get when I see your face
It encourages me to know I can make it from day to day

Words can not express the way I enjoy your touch
When we are together it's never to...Read More
Categories: appreciation, black love, boyfriend, emotions, first love,
Form: Sonnet
Love In Flames
She loved the skylark
And she loved the grub
She didn't love me
Therein lie the rub

I penned her sonnet
On scented paper
She set it aflame -
Vanished in vapor

Contest : McWhirtle Me
Sponsor : Charles Messina...Read More
Categories: sonnet, lost love,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Reassurances
You want to hear me say I’ll love you forever.
And yes, I well could say those very words to you: 
For after all, they simply state the current truth.
But at the risk of seeming callous or uncouth
They’re also words one...Read More
Categories: sonnet, i love you, love,
Form: Lyric
songstress sonnet seven
what causes me to make
 keepsake of these trinkets
there mire mention causes strain
than I am a hypocrite
with the mire mention of your name
you are whispers made over
a wishing place for men
you are the subtle overance of being
someone to make friend...Read More
Categories: sonnet, music, song, sound,
Form: Ballade

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