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Imagism Poems | Imagism Examples

Imagism Poems. Examples of Imagisms and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Imagism poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Imagism.

Imagism is the name given to a movement in poetry aimed at clarity of expression through the use of precise visual images, but there is more to imagism. What is imagism in poetry (complete definition)?

deep well overflow never forever thirsty Goodness, simply ...Read More
Categories: allusion, blessing, word play,
Form: Imagism

Walking without thoughts I arrived at the river The road I took of a well-constructed one It ran along between secured farms The air was fresh the smell of apples travelled from the orchards to my nose. The...Read More
Categories: image, imagery,
Form: Imagism
The Evaluation Of Loneliness
A pleasant afternoon in mid-July The sun came in through the window It was warm and bright The house was blessed by an orchard Below bloomed a rose bush which flushed with pinky-white flowers Countless bees hummed over them. A...Read More
Categories: death, sad,
Form: Imagism
A large idyllic grassland A pond of clear water Shady trees tilted over The fence stood on one side Overlooking the ploughed field. A grove of fir trees dominated the scene As I stood and watched the running stream by a...Read More
Categories: image, imagery, imagination,
Form: Imagism
Too Late
one love gone past no tears can cleanse devotion drowned...Read More
Categories: lost love,
Form: Imagism

dim moonlight bright my sun walked away today ...Read More
Categories: lost love,
Form: Imagism
Sitting here, letting you run wild through my soul Feeling you giving life a breath of exhale as If a soul has been awakened from dead I breathe deeply your beauty, my intensity enticing even the darkness...Read More
Categories: character, desire, inspirational love,
Form: Imagism
Destiny Beckons
a curse of the 27th club they lived dangerously and dried up; drugs and alcohol abuse was destined also with their muse....Read More
Categories: tribute,
Form: Imagism
invest two decades completion neverlasting unrequited loss...Read More
Categories: lost love,
Form: Imagism
three months old, big smiles from where does baby laugh come heaven only knows...Read More
Categories: childhood, joy,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member I Spotted A Cloud
I 'm a cloud watcher Always watching clouds The sky is so blue With patches of white All different shapes There were animals Dogs kissing cats Cats sitting beside A very large dog The dog was sleeping Sometimes I see hills I see...Read More
Categories: angel, animal, cat, dog,
Form: Imagism
91° in shade better than yesterday cold front...Read More
Categories: weather,
Form: Imagism
Be Still
storm obeys mirror sea attends ...Read More
Categories: miracle,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Chinese Dragon Storm Cloud
The Chinese dragon was filling up the sky I stared as he travelled, faster than most clouds He bumped into a lamb and a frog; they scooted. Grayer now, he makes a viable storm cloud I marvel at his...Read More
Categories: sky,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Life in the Country
wild strawberries permeate the meadow hill Lilies and daffodils have retired as lilacs appear Crepe myrtles are looking at their bloom calendar country smells are in the air, feeling wholesome here daisies intertwine the barbed wire fences the blackberries...Read More
Categories: culture,
Form: Imagism

Specific Types of Imagism Poems

Read wonderful imagism poetry on the following sub-topics: death, sad, love and more.

Definition | What is Imagism in Poetry?

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