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Mcwhirtle Poems | Mcwhirtle Examples

McWhirtle Poems. Examples of McWhirtles and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous McWhirtle poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a McWhirtle.

A mcwhirtle is a form of light verse similar to a double dactyl, invented in 1989 by American poet Bruce Newling, but there is more to a mcwhirtle. What is mcwhirtle in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member A Moss Covered Stone Rest
A Moss Covered Stone Rest Despite my nature to absolve evil, Against all the odds, stood formidable, Beseech fortitude of righteous people, Prevails my true heart molding life peaceful. 2019 December 13 *3rd Place* McWhirtle Me ~~charles messina ...Read More
Categories: character, encouraging, endurance, peace,
Form: McWhirtle

Premium Member Season's Eatings
Hot apple cider Cinnamon savors Gingerbread houses Sugar and spice neighbors Peppermint cocoa Sugarplum favors Gifting my tastebuds With Christmastime flavors 12/13/19 For 'McWhirtle Me' contest Sponsor: charles messina ...Read More
Categories: chocolate, christmas, sweet,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Holiday Love
Holiday Love As winter takes hold This time of the year The holidays help To spread love and cheer The lamp lights aglow snow covers the ground our families close- all hearts safe and sound December 12, 2019 Contest: McWhirtle Me Sponsor: Charles Messina ...Read More
Categories: family, holiday, love,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Fidgety fingertips
Fidgety fingertips tickling tempo and time, modeling melody, writing in rhythm and rhyme. Frolicking fantasy - magic in music sublime. Perfectly pleasing performance; cleverly crafting the climb. _ ,=---C=o=) ...Read More
Categories: courage, joy, music, success,
Form: McWhirtle
Destiny By Ocean's
Is it crazy to throw These dreams I hold Inside my heart, eternally, Into the ocean's mold.. Then to hope one day, As my days grow old, They'd wash into the same Breaking waves I watch unfold? ...Read More
Categories: destiny,
Form: McWhirtle

Bardster Messina
Our bro with poetic gift the Bardster Messina lets loose with free verse and narratives. or rhymes and rare monokus. Though fun is his major style he can write emotional. He’s witty and versatile his psalms, quite devotional. December 9, 2019 IP-029 Contest:...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, appreciation, poetry,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member McWhirtle Me
McWhirtle me is what I read Another contest sublime Curdle of knee is rarely fed The icy hot heat in time. McWhirtle me is what I saw. A contest that made me look up McWhirtle now I think I know. It might...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Living the Dream
I’m living the dream; so grateful am I for mountains around me, green grass and blue sky. Not all are so lucky to have things they need: great friends, food, and a home. Wanting for more leads to greed. Dec. 7, 2019 for charles...Read More
Categories: appreciation,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Try the Apple Pie
When Adam and Eve Set up house down in Eden With do-it-yourself They had no time for breedin Expansion was slow Hardly bothered to try But took off when Eve baked up That first apple pie 8 December 2019...Read More
Categories: humor,
Form: McWhirtle
Flying South
Flying South Flying down south to get into the sun. Thinking of water and beaches and fun. The warmth of the sunshine will warm my whole soul. Spending my time with you is my main...Read More
Categories: beach, flying, fun, sunshine,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Black Friday
I won’t shop Black Friday because I’m not ready to fend for my life in a scene rough and heady. So call me a coward! You won’t see me fight ‘em, and risk getting maimed for a much-desired item. Date: November 28, 2019 Contest...Read More
Categories: crazy, desire, humor,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Swathe Of Stillness
Whistling wind plays flute in orchestra of air where flying on music birds in blue share. Music flows rippling in broken heart in despair as stillness swathes soul with bliss so rare. November 26, 2019 Contest : McWhirtle Me Sponsor : Charles Messina...Read More
Categories: analogy, bird, heartbreak, music,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member JAN ALLISON
With humorous mind Plucks spunky courage To write poop verses Poems not abridge To a complete gaffe Loves stiff cockie pudding A gentle soft soul Nutty and charming 11/25/2019 Poetry Contest: Mcwhirtle Me Sponsored by: Charles...Read More
Categories: friend,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member A Fading Passion
The white-hot passion between them, their love affair Now tantamount to A candle's moribund flame... dirty dancing in the feeble wind struggling to reignite to no avail Flickering, then dying out. Erosion of lust is to blame. Mcwhirtle Me Poetry Contest Sponsored by:...Read More
Categories: lust, passion,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Charmagne the Invincible
Charmagne the Invincible We’re scared to death of Charmagne the Invincible The scary principal Who makes us crazy I am not kidding. It’s a well known fact. She’s a tyrant When we are lazy. Written 11-21-2019 Contest: McWhirtle Me Sponsor: Charles Messina ...Read More
Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade,
Form: McWhirtle

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