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Mcwhirtle Poems | Mcwhirtle Examples

McWhirtle Poems. Examples of McWhirtles and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous McWhirtle poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a McWhirtle.

A mcwhirtle is a form of light verse similar to a double dactyl, invented in 1989 by American poet Bruce Newling, but there is more to a mcwhirtle. What is mcwhirtle in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Mcwhirtle: I Write Because
*Image of Notepad by Pixabay. McWhirtle: I Write Because I write because, the birds cannot, the trees, the streams, the mountaintop, Had they a voice, sounds will swap, yet, add with words, be, cream of the crop. 2022 August 27 *4th Place* I write because ~~Anoucheka Gangabissoon: Judged...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, imagery, nature, words,
Form: McWhirtle

Premium Member Aloha Also Is Goodbye
*Image of Floor Mat by Etsy. Aloha also is Goodbye How do, You do, (Obama, who?) Honolulu, "Gathers," the pro-left best they stick like cements, Issues: starved mass, overcrowdedness; their gilded penthouse nests o'er the homeless tents. 2022 August 25...Read the rest...
Categories: betrayal, depression, food, poverty,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Thundering Blunderbuss
Thundering Blunderbuss! What is a platypus? Looks like a beaver, but Has a duck's bill. Fairly cute little guy, Ornithorhynchidae* Lives in Australia, is On the no-kill. Semi-aquatic and Strangely neurotic, it Lays eggs like birds and has Venom like snakes. Weirdly amphibious, Bio-fluorescent fur Webbing between the...Read the rest...
Categories: animal,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Upside Down, Inside Out
Hummingbird hardly heard, airily, merrily extraordinarily effortless floating, near weightless transparency, seemingly without the slightest of care. Urgent persistency, terribly panicky, frenzied and frantic, she's burning through energy rapidly, hungrily; precise machinery executes there. Mallard so lazily, buoyantly floating on glassy flat waters, he glides on the surface, and wanders unhurriedly, conveying contentment, trivial feat. Feet...Read the rest...
Categories: nature,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Irreconcilable Paradox
Leaderboard paradox Bard, crank or chatterbox Irreconcilable Most undeniable Two titles possible? Can't have all three Flourish and elegance Meter and relevance Grasp of the elements Sensitive delicate Post the best poetry For all to see Building community Post with impunity Dishing encouragements Never discouragements Attaboy lunacy Nice job! Spondee Magnitude, quantity Content moronity Quality...Read the rest...
Categories: community,
Form: McWhirtle

Premium Member Didactyl Doe Dactyl
A double dact doe dance: Six deer in a row prance Merrily, playfully Dancing so sweet! Ungulates ruminate Chewing the cud is great And most amazingly, Didactyl feet! ---------- ok, ok, i'm getting carried away with these - almost a tongue twister, but fun,...Read the rest...
Categories: silly,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Right In the End
Deception reception: Horrified audience, Receivers believing Satisfies goal Gaslighting, creating Altered reality Verity lost somewhere Deep in a hole David once raged against All the injustices Voicing his frustrations Starting each psalm Working his anger out Stanza by stanza, then Reaching conclusion so Peaceful and calm Things are not perfect now Confusion,...Read the rest...
Categories: truth,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member 18 and 83
Eighteen and eighty-three Cinema poetry Wagons precarious Bandits? Hilarious! Not so gregarious Shooting at me! Lightning miss yellow hair Not too bad, pretty fair Oregon, here we go Shooting a buffalo With Sam, Comanche beau Bison for free!...Read the rest...
Categories: silly,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Dactyl Mcwhirtle
Poetry, throw-a-three Dactyls for you and me Six silly bulls, I see All in a field! Myrtle McWhirtley This is the life for me No silly names, I see Less junk to wield. Dactylly Practical Superfantastical Equally Whimsical More Flexibly So dactyls or whirtles? Just tighten your girdles Throw...Read the rest...
Categories: silly,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Bored Games
The game of chess truly bores me Enough time between moves for a dip in the sea There's one more game that drives me up trees Time it with a calendar Its name...Read the rest...
Categories: games, time,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member A Moss Covered Stone Rest
A Moss Covered Stone Rest Despite my nature to absolve evil, Against all the odds, stood formidable, Beseech fortitude of righteous people, Prevails my true heart molding life peaceful. 2019 December 13 *3rd Place* McWhirtle Me ~~charles messina...Read the rest...
Categories: character, encouraging, endurance, peace,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Season's Eatings
Hot apple cider Cinnamon savors Gingerbread houses Sugar and spice neighbors Peppermint cocoa Sugarplum favors Gifting my tastebuds With Christmastime flavors 12/13/19 For 'McWhirtle Me' contest Sponsor: charles messina...Read the rest...
Categories: chocolate, christmas, sweet,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Holiday Love
Holiday Love As winter takes hold This time of the year The holidays help To spread love and cheer The lamp lights aglow snow covers the ground our families close- all hearts safe and sound December 12, 2019 Contest: McWhirtle Me Sponsor: Charles Messina ...Read the rest...
Categories: family, holiday, love,
Form: McWhirtle
Premium Member Fidgety Fingertips
Fidgety fingertips tickling tempo and time, modeling melody, writing in rhythm and rhyme. Frolicking fantasy - magic in music sublime. Perfectly pleasing performance; cleverly crafting the climb. _ ,=---C=o=) ...Read the rest...
Categories: courage, joy, music, success,
Form: McWhirtle
Destiny By Ocean's
Is it crazy to throw These dreams I hold Inside my heart, eternally, Into the ocean's mold.. Then to hope one day, As my days grow old, They'd wash into the same Breaking waves I watch unfold?...Read the rest...
Categories: destiny,
Form: McWhirtle

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