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Haibun Poems | Haibun Examples

Haibun Poems. Examples of Haibuns and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Haibun poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Haibun.

A haibun is a form of Japanese poetry pioneered by the poet Basho, and comprising a section of prose followed by haiku, but there is more to a haibun. What is haibun in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Silent December Night
Early December evening. From my office window, I watch the nighttime slowly arrive. I step outside marveling at the delicate blooms of crystal white with the conjuring of steel-gray clouds. The Christmas season comes as...Read More
Categories: christmas, december, snow,
Form: Haibun

Premium Member Winter Pirouettes
The winter season comes as a ballerina, one so at home upon the ice. Her chilled winds twist in pirouettes, her earthen branches in pure-white dress. The winter chill invites us inward, toward the calling...Read More
Categories: inspirational, winter,
Form: Haibun
The City Market
~City Market~ The smell of popcorn, burned hot dogs, and sweat invaded his nostrils as Jason pushed his way down Fuller Street. Past vegetable carts, homemade pie stands, and the booth with carved wooden bears holding...Read More
Categories: poetry,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Magical Swish
All day the sun hibernated in the gray clouds. In its absence, a winter wind had woven the corners of the kitchen window with tiny patterns of ice—four small frost spider webs. I stared...Read More
Categories: forgiveness, sorry,
Form: Haibun
Stars Of Clarity
I still reminisce when it was raining incessantly at 3:55 a.m. in the nascent ticks of time on a wistful wednesday. My skin felt the spark of crying hail and maybe, the snow-storms melted too...Read More
Categories: blessing, dream, emotions, meaningful,
Form: Haibun

Premium Member December Hike
The day grows old. The sun slowly sinks down beneath the tops of the trees. The fog casts beams of moonlight into sepia tones. The path before my feet feels like an invitation to my...Read More
Categories: december, inspirational, silence,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Sunjoy
Early morning. I stood on my porch slowly sipping a cup of tea while watching the sun rise over my neighborhood. The sunshine brings a glow to the foliage, to the grass, and to the...Read More
Categories: inspiration, sun,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Along the Water's Edge
The pond is the finest of mirrors, never showing exactly what is above, but converting it to a image so beautifully smudged and broken. The weeping willow, the soft clouds above, all become a Monet...Read More
Categories: silence, water, winter,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member To Be Where She Is
Ghosts have all but abandoned this lonely place. It's just me here. The cold, drizzling rain is relentless, yet calming somehow. Marble stones lodged in leafy pastures keep taunting me. Autumn was her favorite season;...Read More
Categories: death, sad,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Winter Solstice
The winter solstice time is no longer celebrated as it once was, with the understanding that this is a period of descent and rest, of going within our homes, within ourselves and taking in all...Read More
Categories: december, inspirational, winter,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Luminous Orb
The moon in eternal stoic grace takes her place amid the starlight, the glowing mother of the sky who watches over every beating heart, steady and true. Like a mother, she comes to the sky,...Read More
Categories: dream, moon,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Journey of a Contemporary Joseph
Author’s note: The following is in haibun form—poetic prose (microfiction with less than 200 words in this case) coupled with a haiku. It was written in response to a writing prompt to (re)tell a Christmas...Read More
Categories: christmas, family, immigration, jesus,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Nightmare
It was my first journey by train all alone. When dropped at the station by my cousin, I saw a huge crowd waiting at the station. Like a drop in the ocean, I quickly merged...Read More
Categories: angst, fear, feelings,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member The Final Dance Macabre
* for maximum effect cue audio at stanza break "For as they were in those days before the flood... so the presence of the Son of man will be." - Matthew 24:38-40 I see them, though they...Read More
Categories: bible, judgement,
Form: Haibun
Premium Member Dawn
The sun rises as a canopy of gold, bright amid the blue, bidding the stars to take their nightly rest. She comes in the way that natural forces do, needing no invitation yet feeling her...Read More
Categories: day, sunshine,
Form: Haibun

Specific Types of Haibun Poems

Read wonderful haibun poetry on the following sub-topics: autobiography, diary, essay, prose, story and more.

Definition | What is Haibun in Poetry?

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