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Ghazal Poems | Ghazal Examples

Ghazal Poems. Examples of Ghazals and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Ghazal poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Ghazal.

A ghazal poem is a form of poetry consisting of couplets which share a rhyme and a refrain, but there is more to a ghazal. What is ghazal in poetry (complete definition)?

?? ???? ????? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ????, ??? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???...Read More
Categories: break up, cute love,
Form: Ghazal

Premium Member Timeless
Timeless… If it’s far, look within, all is within you. Within you is the world, you know, it is true. The path for in and out is there within one. A trip into your...Read More
Categories: allusion, spiritual,
Form: Ghazal
She came in life, bend I had to
Not my wont to yield to others, But understand her I had to. A few things are not in one’s hand, Tend to this pushy friend I’d to. She came as if from nowhere land, Made me my ways to...Read More
Categories: cat, humor,
Form: Ghazal
And Fire
Please do not leave me in the ocean of pain and fire Grave is your angriness, the hell of chain and fire What I got after crossing limits you established in world The lust which was of no...Read More
Categories: creation, culture, evil, fire,
Form: Ghazal
Humanness is to be humane
Be it kings, commoners no less, Know, humanness is not in dress. In rage nor yet is it in love, A raging sage has it no less. Words nor manners make any case, In kindness, not in mere embrace. Not...Read More
Categories: humanity,
Form: Ghazal

In tranquil eyes if rage there is
In tranquil eyes if rage there is, A page of peaceful tale too there’s. In every breath there’s lurking death, To live on, life in age there is. If Ghazal gives free expression, To bind you down a cage too...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Abortion Liberty litany
Please change the subsequent pronouns if you are praying this alone, in groups or in the Church, thank you) Lord, Father Christ, please have mercy on me/us Lord Eternal God, please have mercy on me/us Lord, Father...Read More
Categories: abortion, baby, christian, god,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Muse And Hues
My mind wanders off into daydreams quite often. Or are they just playing scenes I have forgotten? I spent some time reading from various topics. Taught musings around concern I have forgotten. What I loathe and always...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, inspiration, nature,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Second Hand Muse
Serenity found in the gentle pines, woodland hues Breathless leaves, rustling softly, heartland muse Amber and scarlet, fiery shadows, falling to earth Caressing the light, creative touch, freehand muse Sunlight shimmering, whispering in intimate truth Flickering graceful imaginings, a dreamland...Read More
Categories: autumn, feelings, inspiration, muse,
Form: Ghazal
I had to live
Wishes getting wilted we live, I pondered when, I had to live. Excuse nor alibi to live, In tune with my song I’d to live. The look of ash of my dreams made Me to dream more and I’d to...Read More
Categories: death, life,
Form: Ghazal
Ham b
Ham b kar rahai hai tark-i-taluk Hamara b yaar araha hai koi Ham ko b pocha jaraha hai haal hamara Hamara b dil daar araha hai koi Ham b kar rahai hai naam apna Hamari b shayari sunai araha hai...Read More
Categories: deep, desire, feelings, first
Form: Ghazal
In Sanskrit
In Tibet, the night was cold and she said in Sanskrit: Over years, in loneliness my heart bled in Sanskrit All mantras of love have failed in winning her for me Tell any Tantras to take me ahead...Read More
Categories: loneliness, poetry, religion, sleep,
Form: Ghazal
Mere khayal main bhi wasl kay ajeeb hudood Ke barh ke baat se hatta musafiha bhi nahin Hamare ishq kay jalway siah sufaid kahaan Agar ke khosh nahi lekin koi khafa bhi nahin Ye uzr khwahi ye pozish bhi...Read More
Categories: emotions, love, romance, romantic,
Form: Ghazal
Jaltai khawaab
• kis nai kaha tha dekhnai ko itnai khawaab Abb baith kai dekh apnai doubtai khawaab •Nhi yeha jahan mai hoti hai kisi ko kisi ki fikir Nhi chalata hai yeha bss dekhna khawaab •mai nai...Read More
Categories: addiction, change, dark, deep,
Form: Ghazal
Let my feelings feign some frisson
Come, let us meet without reason— Fair friendship facing no mission. Let us understand each other, Yon of greys causing confusion. Few reach desired destination Sans obstacles...Read More
Categories: friendship, relationship,
Form: Ghazal

Specific Types of Ghazal Poems

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Definition | What is Ghazal in Poetry?

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