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Ghazal Poems

Ghazal Poems. Examples of Ghazals and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Ghazal poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Ghazal. (New Poems Below)

Poem Topics Related to Ghazal

arabic, couplet, hindi, pain, persian, rhyme, urdu

New Poems

Premium Member Divine Wine
                Divine wine…

Pleasantness is within me, I need more of that wine.
  What a night I hope it be, I need more of that...Read More
Categories: allusion, peace, wine,
Form: Ghazal

Premium Member A Mother's Kiss

Squabbling for the love in ............. a mother's kiss
            siblings compete to win..... a mother's kiss.

Nothing alleviates boo-boos better
          ...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 9th grade, beautiful, emotions, feelings,
Form: Ghazal
My Muse
Category : Obsession

I beg for a haven prison please let open your gates
freed of enraptured weak thoughts now still your love dominates

My rivals for your love shall all be all rejected 
thoughts love turning their vintage wine a sour inflected

Smashing...Read More
Categories: 1st grade,
Form: Ghazal
Mirza Ghalib translations
Near Sainthood
by Mirza Ghalib
translation by Kanu V. Prajapati and Michael R. Burch

On the subject of mystic philosophy, Ghalib,
your words might have seemed deeply profound
and we might have pronounced you a saint...
if only we hadn't found
you drunk
as a skunk!

by Mirza Ghalib
translation...Read More
Categories: ghazal, urdu,
Form: Verse
Amir Khusrow translations
Strange Currents
by Amir Khusrow
loose translation by Michael R. Burch 

O Khusrow, the river of love
creates strange currents—
the one who would surface invariably drowns,
while the one who submerges, survives.


Becoming One
by Amir Khusrow
loose translation by Michael R. Burch 

I have become you,...Read More
Categories: urdu,
Form: Ghazal

Premium Member Forsaken
At the age of thirty-three he was forsaken.
He had led a blameless life, but was forsaken.

Before his birth his cruel death had been determined.
His destiny was to end his life forsaken.

His life had begun in lowly circumstances,
Nothing to show he...Read More
Categories: birth, day, death, future, god, son,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Over You
It has been such a long time since I last saw you -
Surely I cannot still be writing about you,

More than thirty years has gone beyond pathetic:
Why must my stubborn memory hold on to you?

It is like a broken record...Read More
Categories: animal, bereavement, endurance, hurt, introspection, loss,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Amongst a thousand moments
Look at her, let her eyes meet his dreamy eyes today!
A moment to glorify Lord, reaching seven skies today!

All he had a wishful heart, to hold a big dream inside. 
She needs to hold his hand to make angels rise...Read More
Categories: chicago,
Form: Ghazal
Romani Proverb
Wading in the river, shining hook wrapped, the flyfisherman casts
but the fish just stare at his lure, for a fly does not enter a closed mouth.

At the breakfast table everyone passes the pitcher of cream.
Mother puts a napkin over the...Read More
Categories: angst,
Form: Ghazal
Green leaves a handful of
Hues of sundown on sky
Aura of gray face in love
Zeroes seeking radii
At your windows seagull
Lilac champagne a lull

September 2, 2019
Writing Challenge 4, August 2019 - Six Lines
Sponsor, Dear Heart- Wiishkobi Ode...Read More
Categories: ghazal, green, life,
Form: Acrostic
My Comforter
Come Holy Spirit
Fill my soul
Conquer my heart
Make me whole

Share your love
Oh Holy Spirit
From the Father above
And Heaven as I near it

Walk with me
My comforter divinity
Give me the joy
Of the Holy Trinity...Read More
Categories: love, spiritual,
Form: Ghazal
Why Did The Fire Go Out
What happened to me
What happened to you
We don't remember
The things we use to do

No more tenderness
No more bliss
Cold shoulders
What did we miss

All I do is shout
All you do is pout
Cries and tears
When did the fire go out
...Read More
Categories: hate, love,
Form: Ghazal
I pray this to God
You are my answered prayer, My fulfilled wish, My realized dream.
I pray this to God.
To you My husband, amongst all your lovers,
My love impresses you the most.
I pray this to God.
To you My wife, amongst all your friends,
My friendship impresses...Read More
Categories: ghazal, children, family, soulmate, wedding,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member To Comment or Not to Comment

No Comment!
What to Do?     
Is There a Rule?
Some poets never comment
back to you.
So why comment to them?
Advice needed.
Poet lost in comment land.

* with a special thank you, to
all of you, who have done so,
with grace and friendship.

July 30, 2019
11:3pm...Read More
Categories: poetry, poets,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member The Bulldog Turns 30
The Bulldog Turns 30

Welcome to the days you shall not for long in life recall.
Welcome to the days you will with but one song recall.

These days are sharply bright, more so in their deeply falling nights
Shall pass in silence, sequestering...Read More
Categories: daughter, endurance, father daughter,
Form: Ghazal
My heart
Growing up is a time period
Which never collapses but
It stays in our heart and 
Doesn't let the great times part!

I love you Allah,please give me happiness!
...Read More
Categories: allah, art, august, beautiful, beauty, best friend,
Form: Ghazal
Mera Khuda Naraz Hai
Bebasi Itni Bhi Hogi Socha To Na Tha
Shayad Mera Khuda Naraz Hai Mujhse...
Kabhi Lafzo Ka Dil Me Ghut Kr Hi Dam Tod Dena
To Kabhi Jazbaton Ka Rabta Yadon Se Jod Dena...
Kabhi Khud Mein Hi Ummidon Ka Gala Ghont Dena
To Kabhi...Read More
Categories: cry, deep, depression, desire, emotions, feelings, pain,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member THE LOVERS MOON
Their eyes did set, foretaste the sweetest moon.
A chalice sip of mead, the lover’s moon.

Her reddest lips upon his lips in tune.
A chalice sip of mead, the lover’s moon.

The shuffling feet - a dance - the closest swoon.
A chalice sip...Read More
Categories: love, moon,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member WAVES
The lovely lilt of waves.
Keen lullaby of waves.

Idyllic fingernails —
the crest of each curt wave.

Her blue diamond eyes.
Kind blinking of the waves.

Soft palms against the boat -
a blond with gentle waves.

And cosseting the hull —
firm arms beneath the waves.

The wind...Read More
Categories: sea,
Form: Ghazal
Poems and Promises
Painful reality
Unwritten prowess
Lingering powers
Maid-servants please
I need a glass of orange juice
For my childhood wheeze!...Read More
Categories: adventure, assonance, best friend, betrayal, birth, birthday,
Form: Ghazal
Poems and Pastries
Poems and Pastries
Teacups filled with mayhem
Tea  crisp and monitoring
Times young and caring
People nice
A prayer so many
A lady decides to override
Little girl falls down in life
God will never forget
Poems and Pastries
Teacups filled with mayhem 
Blown to pieces in mystery.
...Read More
Categories: angel, birthday, blessing, books, butterfly, candy, car,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Dear God
Dear God,

The deep amber shades of another glorious day are closing.
The sun has gone to rest in the earth's 
spring flower bed.
As your daughter, I need to sleep,
So that tomorrow, God willing, I wake to
Your holy commandments keep.

Panagiota Romios
7:30pm PST...Read More
Categories: god, prayer,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member A Fool's Paradise
Come on, place bets and roll the dice, the gambler.
A near win is twice the size, the gambler.

They say what goes around comes around.
The wheel of fate rotates, rates rise, the gambler.

You feel tonight like lady luck is smiling
on you...Read More
Categories: games, poetry, writing,
Form: Ghazal
Oh, death*, your reality can bring light
Of divine beauty to those in the light.

Though you’re considered as enigmatic
Your spirituality glows with truth’s light.
Your essence commenced by precious last breath
Shows God’s authority over life’s light.

Never can your sting paralyze blest...Read More
Categories: blessing, christian, death, god, jesus, spiritual, truth,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member A Speculative Concept
When life is coming to an end, my friend,
you learn to treasure this godsend, my friend.

When death has come, you count every second
and every moment you can spend, my friend.

The ruthless death takes all that you hold dear:
your ladylove and...Read More
Categories: death,
Form: Ghazal

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