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Ghazal Poems | Ghazal Examples

Ghazal Poems. Examples of Ghazals and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Ghazal poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Ghazal.

A ghazal poem is a form of poetry consisting of couplets which share a rhyme and a refrain, but there is more to a ghazal. What is ghazal in poetry (complete definition)?

To reason with thee, O mind
Logic, nor reason thou hast thy own, No use O mind with thee to reason. Silent, when I seek an opinion, Or lion-like roar for no reason. One moment whilst ye hit a bull’s eye, Very next, thy reason is...Read More
Categories: introspection,
Form: Ghazal

O Statue on pedestal
Pray Bapu1, we’re in plastic age, Stay happy installed, tall on stage. Too bad, your birthday prayer meets, Rows of stark chairs staring in rage, If your spinning wheels still rotate, They just spin for a page-three page. Your...Read More
Categories: remembrance day,
Form: Ghazal
Ode to life
Ode to Life And the soft song plays in the ears of all, that the phantom sound is clear. Like the golden-crowned sparrow in the depth of fall, the melody rings in heavenly halls, the song:...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, emotions, heaven,
Form: Ghazal
Happy Birthday
Born on this ample autumn feast held yearly on the earth’s bed Of sweet, mellow tinges of chrome hued to motley tints of red, You should sure grow as affluent, bounteous, and merciful From the abundance of your...Read More
Categories: appreciation, birthday, thanks,
Form: Ghazal
I wish to thank
To my sorrows I wish to thank, The grief that galled me, wish to thank— Adversities that chased all life, To my sad state I wish to thank. Troubles, stumbles, pains, tears, sadness— Those that caused them, I wish to...Read More
Categories: angst, thanks,
Form: Ghazal

a simple refrain
a sweet refrain walking in the rain a child’s game walking in the rain winds rustle leaves, nature’s song a sweet refrain walking in the rain cool relief from a sultry day I step outside walking in the rain light diffused...Read More
Categories: appreciation, childhood, fun, rain,
Form: Ghazal
Kushi key jaam Har mukam par mainey tera intazar kiya Har ibaadat par kuda bhi bebas hua Hussan ko jo tarasha ousney aaj dekh ouski beyrukhi Kuhd kuda ney jaam piya Reyt mai khahi mere...Read More
Categories: absence, dance, feelings,
Form: Ghazal
Gone! Grief ends with an acceptance sigh Glum death, another feigned forbearance sigh… Reining-in fervent sobs in public ceremony Rites by rote dull the innate in a perseverance sigh… As songs drown the cries of agony’s fervor Alive words ease...Read More
Categories: emotions,
Form: Ghazal
Where would Footprints go
From cuckoo’s calls where’d her echo? Far from its coast where’d the sea go? Space-bestirred, time’s sucked by black hole. Where would the vicissitudes go? If breath ceases, word’s once spoken, How far the vibrations would go? Failing to fetch...Read More
Categories: poetry, sea, words,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Just Thinking
Morning soothes my heart and delights my thoughts Whispers of a misty moment rights my thoughts Buttery sunshine bestows joy through my life As hues of lavender laughter highlights my thoughts Gentle birds emerge and silence the milky clouds With...Read More
Categories: inspirational, morning, nature,
Form: Ghazal
Kashmir azad
Tum kehty ho k raaj kro gy.. Agr azad hua toh kia krogy.. Yhan aman o chain ha,,nara lga rhy ho.. My haqeeqat bta dun toh kia krogy.. Mazloomu ki sadayen past rkhi hain.. Gr zameen khud bol padi toh...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Ghazal
After the Last Song
I look to the sky a dark friendly sky music stilled spotlights fade I look for stars in the sky friends offer last hugs under a cover of clear sky darkness opens its arms I embrace a welcoming sky promises of many tomorrows whisper...Read More
Categories: friendship, good night, goodbye,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Unrequited Infatuation
I caught your eye as it flashed across my line of sight, My first thought was that you were completely--out of sight. A beautiful blonde would not give me a second thought, I might as...Read More
Categories: crush, imagination, longing, lust,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Back To Her
After the Sunday service, searching back to her For a date. He will soon be walking back to her. Bottle rockets popping over the Sacre Coeur. She suddenly kissed him; he then leaning back to her. Leave ending, the...Read More
Categories: children, conflict, french, retirement,
Form: Ghazal
No Compromise
To Our Delegation in Vienna Who on earth has ever talked with wild beasts who don’t understand A human tongue? You should only give them the back of your hand. Why do you call yourselves grown-ups when you...Read More
Categories: political, usa,
Form: Ghazal

Specific Types of Ghazal Poems

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Definition | What is Ghazal in Poetry?

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