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Ghazal Poems - New Ghazal Poem Examples

Ghazal Poems. Examples of Ghazals and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Ghazal poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Ghazal.

A ghazal poem is a form of poetry consisting of couplets which share a rhyme and a refrain, but there is more to a ghazal. What is ghazal in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Akela hai
Dekh Dekh kaya andhera hai teri chahat ka payasa akeyla hai Gool gool goomti dharti mai treri chahat ka dewana akela hai Parchaie na sahi tere jism ki chadar od kar soney wala akela hai...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, angst,
Form: Ghazal

Darad Wow mosum dour chaley Gaye Dil bas maqut ka mukam pochey Kaya thi wow suraj ki kiran jo aaj amavas ki parchaie ban gayi Bin rosni key aawaz Ki kadadaht mai jita ja raha...Read More
Categories: absence, deep, loneliness, miss
Form: Ghazal
Why are you hiding from my sight ? Then I hide in the shadows without you Days passed as cool and dark Like a saint living in the mystery Lost my dream somewhere Thoughts of you sorronding always Iam lost if...Read More
Categories: 2nd grade, fantasy,
Form: Ghazal
Tere naam
Tere naam Cahath meri rotihi hai mai muskurata hoon beyjuban tha wow bhi koi paal jaab houya mauos pi kar jaam mahobhat waala na Jane kaya tha nasa thi bas sharth laag beytha na dunga...Read More
Categories: 3rd grade, absence,
Form: Ghazal
Three Bronx Cheers for These Presidents
(To American Protesters) Let them go on with puppetry and think our life is a game Or a gambling scene where they win at the cost of our dear name, Just to heap wealth or fix their steps...Read More
Categories: america,
Form: Ghazal

Premium Member In Silence
The hectic noise and turmoil of the world May lead to seeking refuge in silence. From traffic, from industry and from dogs, We can thankfully relax in silence. Home from the supermarket's clamour, We long to rest quietly in silence. Tired...Read More
Categories: appreciation, dog, jesus, silence,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Mehmet Akif Ersoy translations
Mehmet Akif Ersoy: Modern English Translations of Turkish Poems Mehmet Âkif Ersoy (1873-1936) was a Turkish poet, author, writer, academic, member of parliament, and the composer of the Turkish National Anthem. Snapshot by Mehmet Akif Ersoy loose English translation/interpretation...Read More
Categories: dark, death, earth, grave,
Form: Ghazal
Galway Gal
Glassen calm can stretch remoteness _________ distant pale blue As clouds sink in the glazed stillness ____ of smoothly waned blue Lilting soft breath whispers gently ~~~~~~ unfurling sail blue Waves bend in diamond laughter ~~~ beaming upon...Read More
Categories: adventure,
Form: Ghazal
I Want To Say
Should ye lend me your ear today, There’s something new I want to say. Things open and out, still unknown, Tales of ruined stars I want to say. Of common folks’ commonplace life, No hoary tales I...Read More
Categories: inspiration,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Goodbye, Wanderer
First time we met, you left your litter, my wanderer. Choosing a fitting name, I thought I'd try 'Wanderer'! So playful, your favorite game always Hide-and-Seek. I'd search the backyard: "Where's my little guy, Wanderer?" Sunday threatens rain; I...Read More
Categories: dog,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Love's Longing
Love's longing reflects stillness as it longs As the heart becomes weaker when it longs This feeling in silence claims tomorrow When the lonely heart yearns for love it longs The eternal wish from love is profound When heard in...Read More
Categories: longing,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Five Sisters -REDONE for consistent syllable count
When we are together, we are a sight to see – Sisters! Things always seem just right when I can have with me – sisters. One named Jennifer is nurturing and compassionate. She was born after me; compatible...Read More
Categories: sister,
Form: Ghazal
I lean in to your space tonight My hair caresses your face tonight I started looking for you long ago I am waiting with grace tonight I came dressed in shadows I’ll mark your place with black lace tonight A...Read More
Categories: arabic, art, emotions, longing,
Form: Ghazal
Toxic passion
You are so far away from me my passion Afar I am but I do strongly feel thy passion Feelings, dripping in the rain they come Emotions, unsettling as they are, high passion Desire sparks my heart and I...Read More
Categories: depression, dream, feelings, lonely,
Form: Ghazal
Premium Member Tonight is the night
Oh! sweet verses of love, how gaily you recite tonight Ballad of a pretty woman, lauding her knight tonight. Rewarding entreaty, granting wish of love’s fantasy, Tolling bells of glee, angels of bliss will alight tonight. Thinking of romance...Read More
Categories: love, romantic,
Form: Ghazal

Specific Types of Ghazal Poems

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Definition | What is Ghazal in Poetry?

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