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Famous Football Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Football poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous football poems. These examples illustrate what a famous football poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Pinter, Harold
It works.
We blew the **** out of them.

We blew the **** right back up their own ass
And out their fucking ears.

It works.
We blew the **** out of them.
They suffocated in their own ****!

Praise the Lord for all good things.

We blew them into fucking ****.
They are eating it.

Praise the Lord ...Read More

by Wright, James
...In the Shreve High football stadium,
I think of Polacks nursing long beers in Tiltonsville,
And gray faces of ******* in the blast furnace at Benwood,
And the ruptured night watchman of Wheeling Steel,
Dreaming of heroes.

All the proud fathers are ashamed to go home.
Their women cluck like starved pullets,
Dying for love.

Their sons grow suicidally bea...Read More

by Matthews, William
My wife's tumor has not come back.
I like to think of it in Tumor Hell
strapped to a dray, flat as a deflated
football, bleak and nubbled like a poorly
ironed truffle. There's one tense in Tumor Hell:
forever, or what we call the present.
For that long the flaccid tumor marinates
in lurid toxins. Tumor Hell Clinic
is, it turns out, a teaching hospital.
Every century or so, the way
we'd measure it, a chief doc brings a pack
of students round. They...Read More

by Sexton, Anne
and though they bruised,
they did not kill,
though kill was tangled into her beginning.

They locked her in a football
but she merely curled up
and pretended it was a warm doll's house.
They pushed insects in to bite her off
and she let them crawl into her eyes
pretending they were a puppet show.

Later, later,
grown fully, as they say,
they gave her a ring,
and she wore it like a root
ans said to herself,
"To be not loved is the human condition,"
and lay li...Read More

by Jobe, James Lee
going deaf, already blind in one eye,

answering to the unlikely name, 'Lucky.'

The sky, at gray-blue dawn, is a football field painted 

by smiling artists. Each artist has 3 arms, 3 hands, 3 legs.

One leg drags behind, leaving a trail, leaving a mark.

The future resembles a cloudy dream 

where the ghosts of all your life

try to tell you something, but what?

Noon is a plate of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Midnight is an ugly chipped plate

that y...Read More

by Edgar, Marriott
...Joe Dunn were a bobby for football 
He gave all his time to that sport, 
He played for the West Wigan Whippets, 
On days when they turned out one short. 

He’d been member of club for three seasons 
And had grumbled again and again, 
Cos he found only time that they’d used him, 
Were when it were pouring with rain! 

He felt as his talents were wasted 
When each week his job seem...Read More

by Tebb, Barry
...walls covered with a shiny

Patina of carefully applied deceits! "It was

The cat, the kids, them druggies, lads from

Football", anyone, anywhere but him and her.

Once I heard them fight, "Barry, Barry, get

The police," she thumped my door, double

Five-lever mortice locked against them,

"Call t’ police ‘e’s murderin’ me!" I went

And calmed her down, pathetic in black

Underwear and he, suddenly sober, sorry,

Muttering, "Elaine, Elaine, it were only fun,

Give me a...Read More

by Collins, Billy
...te out of it
floating in the night,

and in a week or so
according to the calendar
it will probably look

like a silver football,
and nine, maybe ten days ago
it reminded me of a thin bright claw.

But eventually --
by the end of the month,
I reckon --

it will waste away
to nothing,
nothing but stars in the sky,

and I will have a few nights
to myself,
a little time to rest my jittery pen....Read More

by Housman, A E
..., the horses trample, 
The harness jingles now; 
No change though you lie under 
The land you used to plough. 

"Is football playing 
Along the river shore, 
With lads to chase the leather, 
Now I stand up no more?" 

Ay, the ball is flying, 
The lads play heart and soul; 
The goal stands up, the keeper 
Stands up to keep the goal. 

"Is my girl happy, 
That I thought hard to leave, 
And has she tired of weeping 
As she lies down at eve?" 

Ay, she lies down lightly, ...Read More

by Bowers, Edgar
...t typist in an office,
Her sister’s family moving in with them,
Depression years and she the only earner.
Saturday, football game and opera broadcasts,
Sunday, staying at home to wash her hair,
The Business Women’s Circle Monday night,
And, for a treat, birthdays and holidays,
Nelson Eddy and Jeanette McDonald.
The young blond sister long since gone to college,
Nephew and nieces gone, her mother dead,
Instead of Caesar, having to teach First Aid,
The students rowdy, s...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton
...each other in the mud 
And fought in silence till thin streams of blood 
Their dirty faces would incarnadine. 

The football match or practice in the park 
With rampant hoodlums joining in the game 
Till on one famous holiday there came 
A gang that seized the football for a lark. 

Then raged the combat without rest or pause, 
Till one, a hero, Hawkins unafraid 
Regained the ball, and later on displayed 
His nose knocked sideways in his country's cause. 

Before ...Read More

by Nemerov, Howard
...e thinks, "Well, hell,
I might's well put this in as well," and then
Being dripped on by a leaky pipe puts on
Her son's football helmet; whereupon
The meter reader happens to walk through
and "Lady," he gravely says, "I sure hope your team wins."

A story many times told in many ways,
The set of random accidents redeemed 
By one more accident, as though chaos
Were the order that was before the creation came.
That is the way things happen in the world:
A joke, a disapp...Read More

by Berman, David
...ubbles on the driveway in the summer
a certain amount of pride at school
everytime they called it "our sun"
and playing football when the only play
was "go out long" are what stand out now.

If squeezed for more information
I can remember old clock radios
with flipping metal numbers
and an entree called Surf and Turf.

As a way of getting in touch with my origins
every night I set the alarm clock
for the time I was born so that waking up
becomes a historical reenactme...Read More

by Sexton, Anne horse was pain
with vomit steaming from her mouth.
Her belly was big with another child,
cancer's baby, big as a football.
I could not soothe.
With every hump and crack
there was less Madonna
until that strange labor took her.
Then the room was bankrupt.
That was the end of her paying.

5. MAX

Max and I
two immoderate sisters,
two immoderate writers,
two burdeners,
made a pact.
To beat death down with a stick.
To take over.
To bui...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...old stuff, 
Live chattels, mincers of each other's fame, 
Full of weak poison, turnspits for the clown, 
The drunkard's football, laughing-stocks of Time, 
Whose brains are in their hands and in their heels 
But fit to flaunt, to dress, to dance, to thrum, 
To tramp, to scream, to burnish, and to scour, 
For ever slaves at home and fools abroad.' 

She, ending, waved her hands: thereat the crowd 
Muttering, dissolved: then with a smile, that looked 
A stroke of cruel suns...Read More

by Scannell, Vernon
...did not notice it. 

While she spends many hours looking in the bottoms of teacups 
He reads much about association football 
And waits for the marvellous envelope to fall: 
Their eyes are strangers and they rarely speak. 
They did not expect this....Read More

by Lawson, Henry
...would wage 
To be amused for your short span, 
Until your children's heritage 
Is claimed for China by Japan. 
The football match, the cricket score, 
The "scraps", the tote, the mad'ning Cup – 
You drunken fools that evermore 
"To-morrow morning" sober up! 

I see again with haggard eyes, 
The thirsty land, the wasted flood; 
Unpeopled plains beyond the skies, 
And precious streams that run to mud; 
The ruined health, the wasted wealth, 
In our mad cities by the seas, 
...Read More

by Larkin, Philip
...In this dream that dogs me I am part
Of a silent crowd walking under a wall,
Leaving a football match, perhaps, or a pit,
All moving the same way. After a while
A second wall closes on our right,
Pressing us tighter. We are now shut in
Like pigs down a concrete passage. When I lift
My head, I see the walls have killed the sun,
And light is cold. Now a giant whitewashed D
Comes on the second wall, but much too high
For them to r...Read More

by Housman, A E
...Twice a week the winter thorough 
Here stood I to keep the goal: 
Football then was fighting sorrow 
For the young man's soul. 

Now in Maytime to the wicket 
Out I march with bat and pad: 
See the son of grief at cricket 
Trying to be glad. 

Try I will; no harm in trying: 
Wonder 'tis how little mirth 
Keeps the bones of man from lying 
On the bed of earth....Read More

by Harrison, Tony
...ich is, I grant, the word that springs to mind, 
when going to clear the weeds and rubbish thrown
on the family plot by football fans, I find
UNITED graffitied on my parents' stone.

How many British graveyards now this May
are strewn with rubbish and choked up with weeds
since families and friends have gone away
for work or fuller lives, like me from Leeds?

When I first came here 40 years ago
with my dad to 'see my grandma' I was 7.
I helped dad with the flowers.Read More

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