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Naat Poems

Naat Poems. Examples of Naats and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Naat poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Naat. (New Poems Below)

New Poems

Premium Member BRING IT ON

Bring your unreachable,
Bring your difficult,
I am tough,
Bring your burdens,
Bring your depressed, 
I’ve gone through rough,
Bring your exhausting,
Bring your untouchable,
Know all that stuff,
Bring your unorthodox,
Bring your unspeakable,
Bring on the powerful,
I’ll call their bluff,
Will take them by the scruff,
For I...Read More
Categories: bullying,
Form: Naat

Though we deny the termination 
May be it is an imagination 
So, shall we not be resurrected
On the day of resurrection ??

No! No! There is not even a single question
May be it`s our illusion 
Because we are in a huge...Read More
Categories: naat, allah, death, destiny, islamic, poems, poetry, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
If I Could
If I could, I would write a love poem that never exist
But exist in the lost mind of the betrayal of love.
If I could, I would stop the movement of the clock,
If I could go to heaven to see God,...Read More
Categories: abortion, age, art,
Form: Naat
Takhleeq-e-do Alam Hai Bafaizaan-e- Mohammed
Takhleeq-e-do Alam Hai Bafaizaan-e- Mohammed
Duniya ki har ek Shai pe hai ehsaan-e-Mohammed
Yeh Rutba-e- Ali hai yeh hai Shaan-e-Mohammed
Khud Khalique-e-Alam hai Sana Khaan-e-Mohammed
Bakhsha hai laqab aapko Rahmat ka Khuda ne
Har ek ke liye aam hai Faizaan-e-Mohammed
Tauheed ki daulat se bhara daaman-e-Insaan
Kya...Read More
Categories: urdu,
Form: Naat
Ek Kali Punna Komajali
Ek Kali Punna Komajali

Ek kali umalt hoti,
Aaichya garbhat khelat hoti,
Tich hot swapan shoth,
Jag pahav aapan moth.
Aaich hot jiv aaplya balavar,
Babanch hi hot swapan aaplya babavar,
Kunas thauk najar kunachi lagli?
 Ya aanadachya shanala !!!!
Jevha kalale aaji-aajobanna,
Mulacha varasa nahi gharanya,
Tisakar ticha hou...Read More
Form: Naat

Twilight Of Spirituality
Twilight Of Spirituality

The world was dark
Before the Islam
Prophet after prophet came to the world
But the glory was very short
The twilight of spirituality had never stayed so long
They worshiped in wrong way
It was the time when truth was lost and there...Read More
Categories: miracle, religious, spiritual,
Form: Naat
Premium Member The Way Towards Great Hope
Prayer gift of the Spirit
Makes us men and women of hope
Prayer keeps the world
Open to Eternal God

To pray alone is good
Even more beautiful
To pray together

Many ways to become acquainted to Him
There are experiences, groups
Encounters, Courses
To pray

Take part of parish liturgies
Be...Read More
Categories: bible, caregiving, childhood, christian, confusion, family, children,
Form: Naat