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Naat Poems | Naat Examples

Naat Poems. Examples of Naats and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Naat poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Naat.

A naat poem is a form of poetry that specifically praises the Islamic prophet Muhammad, but there is more to a naat. What is naat in poetry (complete definition)?

Naan Bread : a Naat Poem
In the oven's warm embrace, you rise, A doughy delight, a savory surprise. Naan bread, you're a gift from above, A culinary creation we truly love. Your surface adorned with charred grace, Tandoori-kissed, in every case. From India's heart to lands...Read the rest...
Categories: food, funny, happy,
Form: Naat

Green Turbaned Man
In the semi-arid suburb, Medina, A high pitch of sound echoed. It dopplered through misty shrubs. A helical dawn goes tidally. The Pathfinder: stepped, deep nodded, starry-eyed, Scarfed fragrant keffiyeh. Reeled a full throttle of forgiven, Headed to his students. The teaching of liberty, Primed...Read the rest...
Categories: blessing, inspiration, leadership,
Form: Naat
Premium Member Bring It On
BRING IT ON Bring your unreachable, Bring your difficult, I am tough, Bring your burdens, Bring your depressed, I’ve gone through rough, Bring your exhausting, Bring your untouchable, Know all that stuff, Bring your unorthodox, Bring your unspeakable, Bring on the powerful, I’ll call their bluff, Will take...Read the rest...
Categories: bullying,
Form: Naat
If I Could
If I could, I would write a love poem that never exist But exist in the lost mind of the betrayal of love. If I could, I would stop the movement of the clock, If I could go...Read the rest...
Categories: abortion, age, art,
Form: Naat
Twilight of Spirituality
Twilight Of Spirituality The world was dark Before the Islam Prophet after prophet came to the world But the glory was very short The twilight of spirituality had never stayed so long They worshiped in wrong way It was the time when...Read the rest...
Categories: miracle, religious, spiritual,
Form: Naat

Premium Member The Way Towards Great Hope
Prayer gift of the Spirit Makes us men and women of hope Prayer keeps the world Open to Eternal God To pray alone is good Even more beautiful Fruitful To pray together Many ways to become acquainted to Him There are experiences, groups Encounters, Courses To...Read the rest...
Categories: bible, caregiving, childhood, christian,
Form: Naat

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Definition | What is Naat in Poetry?

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