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Parallelismus Membrorum Poems | Parallelismus Membrorum Examples

Parallelismus Membrorum Poems. Examples of Parallelismus Membrorums and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Parallelismus Membrorum poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Parallelismus Membrorum.

Parallelismus membrorum is a complex device of traditional Hebrew poetry that compounds words or phrases, but there is more to parallelismus membrorum. What is parallelismus membrorum in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Freedom to Taste and See
Our green campus favorite MuseSpeech Teacher always hosted outside seminars at noon, Sharp! And served chocolates while mentoring Her systemic theology "Doesn't get on well with academic secularized ecology we have and have not personally experienced." This is today's thesis and antithesis for engaging stories of synergetic peak experiences, amusing EarthBright passions, peace-warrior...Read More
Categories: beauty, health, heaven, humor,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum

Premium Member Love For Sail
Love was in the wrong places Out of luck, there'd none at all Veered cross his eyes on faces Ebbed men and numbers to call Twilight drops an altered star A Shephard field of lept sheep Knight, armor, pixie friends bar Ensues...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, destiny, innocence,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Resilient Generosity
Gratitude for grace already received is a robust measure of generosity. Compassion scans for generosity's fullness felt within as incarnated without As dispassion predicts greed's anxious emptiness. Giving is physical and/or verbal while generosity is mental and nonverbal. Giving, like loving, hoping for a return of...Read More
Categories: appreciation, giving, health, integrity,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member GrassRoot UpRising
Asked the crowning Trees of their Grass rooting neighbors When you feel like singing while dancing are you more likely to invoke devotion to capitalism's competitions or compassion's cooperation? Responsive chords, amusing reeds and whistling thistles shyly reply When we feel most wealthy voiced and healthy choiced are...Read More
Categories: devotion, earth day, green,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member The Senior City Center
When I entered the City Senior Center with my Open Mic proposal to increase resilience and decrease apartheid dissonance I could hear no music, see no dancing. The quilting room and the game room, even the pool tables, were as quiet as the library, which...Read More
Categories: age, america, community, education,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum

Premium Member Muted Muses
We may need a rest left here right now said the Muse to his Warrior and her Sage. In compliant spirit, Sage feels a rest not not significant in music's octaved stories of wealthy deep cultured enlightening revolutions Anticipating a Warrior's peaceful relationship between sound of tears and...Read More
Categories: health, humor, integrity, muse,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Faith
"Faith, in whatever your directives may be, will always be at a leap--and that must be so for it will justify the measure of your faith. Albeit, if you choose to will faith be delivered...Read More
Categories: allusion, analogy, appreciation, bible,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Take My Hand
If Thou take not our hands, and feet, our bodies hosting ghostly minds, our organic inside lives flowing out emphatic love We will continue to fail, to fear, to feel tired, retired, weary, untreaded, worn. When I try to sing this earnest prayer with only my heady voice from the...Read More
Categories: angst, anxiety, gospel, health,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Muse Ecology
MusEcology is like musicology except music theory is about how to write outside resiliently capturing what is felt and heard resonantly flowing first inside Using a shared polycultural (P) notation Language System. While MusEcology mind sings and body swings nonviolent music communication therapy Emphatically erupting round octaves of sound and spectral color, not...Read More
Categories: culture, earth day, health,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Ceremony
Dear mask of alabaster, Is writ a song, disaster? I walk about the place, Where I face, Whatever happens after; Arrive, my compass guide, As a star to Northern sky: Be sunrise, or twilight, Let God's palm, Keep calming mine; Grave, enshroud me, Rock of earth, Should...Read More
Categories: how i feel, journey,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Circling Muses
Music especially sacred music feels round Not such clear lines prescribing desecrating marches needing to move somewhere noting something speaking against someone in StraightWhite privileged time Right/Left balancing divas sometimes sing in resonant rounds, round and round in circling spirals never-ending spectral ribbons eventually blending communion, emphatically good-spirited and not dogmatically ill-natured. So, to...Read More
Categories: health, humor, integrity, muse,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Freedom vs Order: Competing Constructs
Freedom with far Freedom with Order with less Order with far less emphasis on less emphasis ...Read More
Categories: destiny, extended metaphor, freedom,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Choosing Love
I feel victimized by the commercial success of what was once a silent, waiting, watching for Emmanuel, Allah WithIn Us I wonder when I become red-faced angry about not being able to CONSERVE sufficient power to have my sacred way right now If this is entirely different than...Read More
Categories: allah, christmas, earth, god,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Dancing NewYear Divas
EarthTribe dancing divas still indulge emphatic circling meditations Dogmatically embodying mindful medications Producing peaceful pleasures spiraling passions against war's relentless anti-paradise Dancing resiliently within organic drama while resonantly without systemic trauma Right hand and foot open out in front of future win/win mindfully embodied penetrations in behind Left past win/lose shady mean predations Right hand...Read More
Categories: dance, health, humanity, integrity,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum
Premium Member Peace Prayer
If now is your time in this final threshold between life and death, then this is our passion time, remembered past torn from imaged future. I cannot bear this burden this loss this relinquishment of relationship in which wealth fully invests in knowing and growing our love together. If...Read More
Categories: death, grief, life, light,
Form: Parallelismus Membrorum

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