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Pantoum Poems | Pantoum Examples

Pantoum Poems. Examples of Pantoums and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Pantoum poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Pantoum.

A pantoum is a form of poetry that is composed of four-line stanzas or quatrains with an ABAB rhyme scheme and where the 2nd and 4th lines repeat, but there is more to a pantoum. What is pantoum in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Sweet Sound of Laughter
A pond walled in with trees draped with thick moss, Two sisters sit on a stone cross clearing. Brighten by a warm predawn glow across, Swiftly dipping honey round and veering. Two sisters sit on a stone cross clearing; Nesting...Read More
Categories: girl, sister,
Form: Pantoum

We do rejoice in the Lord, God of grace Eternal life Source; oh, heavenly grant Grand future He assures upon truth brace Securing peace, blissfully triumphant. Eternal life Source; oh, heavenly grant Offered by Christ, God of compassion zest Securing peace,...Read More
Categories: blessing, cheer up, christian,
Form: Pantoum
Maybe each wish today fulfilled wasn't yesterday heaved Today I saw home, far from distant lands, All the hymns ever sung might've now reached Where rest orts of orison pale, drenched in white sands. Today I saw home,...Read More
Categories: age, irony, poetess, remember,
Form: Pantoum
Earth sing song
I am a spherical being called Earth Everything in me was meant to live Except the irony called death Sadly,on my terrain it moves My secrets were meant to be secret Not stuffs inmates discuss in classes It was not even...Read More
Categories: poetry,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Celestial Magnetism
As she deserved the dull role, my wairua saddle, Red, with raven scales and celestial magnetism, He hid, fueling his brains prism, and hear babble, Red-tipped blossoms and a scarcity of escapism. Red, with raven scales and celestial...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, devotion, forgiveness,
Form: Pantoum

Premium Member Spirit Brightness Rising
Spirit light gleams upward the same as a sunbeam, Limbs lifted in praise as dark succumbs to light, The splendid burden of glazed sheets, as we resume, Dissolving bitterness induces serenity and blight. Limbs lifted in praise as dark...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, blessing, forgiveness,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Come Back When You Have Changed The World
Come back when you’ve changed the world; The lights will be out while you’re gone; Emptiness will transform into shadows filled with the sound of your voice; The lights will be out while you’re gone; Each...Read More
Categories: emotions, feelings, inspirational,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Vanity Doom
Come pray in this shady, serene location, A place of sheer bliss and candid delight, This scenic mead has a form and motion, Bear me dip in calm; God bore me insight. A place of sheer bliss and candid...Read More
Categories: appreciation, character, dream, giving,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Pulsating Flames
Blazing torches hearts are pulsing in sequence, A throbbing heart that was evidently struck. Consciousness made the ultimate sacrifice, What a groovy way to honor the demon's sunk. A throbbing heart that was evidently struck, My presence will be...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, beauty, fear,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Kind Gestures
Show a gesture of warmth to all you meet Offer each one the least- a pleasing smile! A kind gesture can give others a new start Geniality generates joy, creating a comfy feel Offer each one the...Read More
Categories: care, cheer up, friendship,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Let The Sun Wait To Set
I wish for me the spent sun waits to set for a while, it’s not time yet to go down with the depleted day. The sky is still...Read More
Categories: analogy, journey, sunset,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Foggy Morning Poetic Rain
I'm a strong person, created of rough stone, Wispy magenta dust was plucked off the ground. Threatens to wreck my dreams in my moan, As amethysts gracing my bedside endowed Wispy magenta dust plucked off the ground, Discovering insight in...Read More
Categories: appreciation, poetry, rain, sky,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Falsehood Dwindling
Hyacinths in a trance, bewitched by hysteria, Amid the shadows of a mythological eclipse. Elixir of roseate red oozing out loose progeria, In islands where the sea weeps azure breaks. Amid the shadows of a mythological eclipse, Daunting me subtly...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, beauty, bereavement,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member The Pebbles Pillow
I tucked my head into that pebbles pillow. Grasping the night would be rather restless. Your sight crams me, my love and fiery foe. If ardor was aimed to be creepily hotness. Grasping the night would be quite restless, Why...Read More
Categories: analogy, angst, bereavement, character,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member Influential Traits
*Image of Intricate Intelligence by Pixabay. Influential Traits Unquenchable chameleons, a nebulous point occasions, mull misfits lacking Ephesians, when solutions are evasions. A nebulous point occasions, manifested minds origins, when solutions are evasions, thus surrogates their storage bins. Manifested mind's origins, insatiable necessitates, thus surrogate their storage...Read More
Categories: analogy, character, imagery, motivation,
Form: Pantoum

Specific Types of Pantoum Poems

Read wonderful pantoum poetry on the following sub-topics: baseball, christmas, dog, family, food, friendship, funny, kids, life, love, music, nature, school, sports, summer, war and more.

Definition | What is Pantoum in Poetry?

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