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Ekphrasis Poems - New Ekphrasis Poem Examples

Ekphrasis Poems. Examples of Ekphrastic and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Ekphrasis poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Ekphrasis.

An ekphrasis poem is a form of poetry concerning itself with the visual arts, artistic objects, and/or highly visual scenes, but there is more to ekphrasis. What is ekphrasis in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Premium Member VERSE FREED to ekphrasise
FLAMING JUNE an ekphrasis A flimsy negligee betrays her round shape- an honest innocence in becalmed deep sleep. After Frederick Leighton Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2007...Read More
Categories: art, word play,
Form: Ekphrasis

Karu bhala vinash mai Bachpan ki nadani budape ki jawani Jawani ka josh nashey mai hosh kaal ka abhimaan pooja Phatha ka dongnga Mehnath mai imandari aage badney kei race mai thand Key khar gosh...Read More
Categories: abuse, allah, christian, confidence,
Form: Ekphrasis
Abhi shaap Chahre pey chahra hai samaj ek dhoka hai Roj nahi khiltey phool jo tuota ek bagicha hai Mousam atey nahi kouki ye osa ka andhakar hai Dhek lo pooja phaat bacho ye tho...Read More
Categories: abuse, anxiety, betrayal,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member Village on the Rhone
Beside the placid waters of the Rhone A classical village rises to meet the sky, The magnificent steeple an inverted cone Hoists a Saint Anthony’s cross to passersby. The placid waters of the Rhone reflect Tightly crowded flats along the...Read More
Categories: art, river,
Form: Ekphrasis
Weepers with hoods — tear-stained, faceless. Dirge monks with shields. Knight of the golden fleece on a slab in requiem. The silent mouth of Cicero. Fell in love with this funereal piece — Tomb of Philippe Pot with life-sized pleurants. His hands steepled in...Read More
Categories: art, death,
Form: Ekphrasis

Premium Member MAXED OUT
The blushing beauty doesn’t want to be noticed? She wears a peacock in her hair...corkscrews, ringlets, spirals everywhere. Yellow, orange, bluebirds, hearts exuding happiness. The X’s and O’s on the lipstick-colored wall exposed. Her lemon shoulders lift in flirtation. She’s a...Read More
Categories: art, beauty, imagery,
Form: Ekphrasis
Hare in the sky — supersonic planes. One child waves, her brother sleeps on the saddle. Reindeer, leopard and horsie - of course, floating above the carousel. A reasonable conclusion nevertheless an argument ensues. I only hear the music of the...Read More
Categories: animal, art, dream,
Form: Ekphrasis
Greyhound but a vague puzzle piece Included in this English School. The cynophilist unearths fur On the edge of the frame, the hunt For the breed, the breadth of the pet. Lace shawl nets cornucopia — The lady’s pink, white,...Read More
Categories: animal, beauty, flower,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member Superman
A cartoon he flies over cities saving the world from reality Child abuse 200,000 dead humongous tariffs concentration camps money laundering with Russians el fato dictator with out the tator laughing stock trillions of debt science denied witches in the Whitehouse grabbing privates cause he brags he can , he...Read More
Categories: bullying, child abuse, christian,
Form: Ekphrasis
That song
I long to hear that song again Like it was when I first heard it The pleasure of its newness As it played out to the end Close your eyes and see the lights Psychedelic in pulsating colours As you rocked...Read More
Categories: music,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member INTENSITY
compact forms subtle a sketch simpified ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, art,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member DOUBLE tetractys ABSTRACT
my eye was attracted to the Blue nude by the intensity of colour- the image triggering stark sensations drawn by the simple abstract shape....Read More
Categories: art, word play,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member ABSTRACT me a ROTHKO
Step up close into the field of colour breathe in and dream colour fills our...Read More
Categories: appreciation, art,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member an ARRESTED moment
drop by drop into the unconscious mind nature worked from the inside ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, art,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member MONET me
the complex becomes simple ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, art,
Form: Ekphrasis

Specific Types of Ekphrasis Poems

Read wonderful ekphrasis poetry on the following sub-topics: art, love, monoku, nature, people and more.

Definition | What is Ekphrasis in Poetry?

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