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Epulaeryu Poems - New Epulaeryu Poem Examples

Epulaeryu Poems. Examples of Epulaeryus and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Epulaeryu poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Epulaeryu.

An epulaeryu poem is a form of poetry about delicious food, but there is more to an epulaeryu. What is epulaeryu in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Premium Member VERSE FREED for thanksgiving
COMMUNAL SUPPER Set out in an upper room, passover made new; tender slowly cooked lamb stew, wine,unleavened bread with thanksgiving said- A hymn of Praise ! ...Read More
Categories: celebration, christian, thanksgiving, thanksgiving
Form: Epulaeryu

Premium Member lemon meringue pie
tartly sweet and yellow too lemon meringue pie my tongue laps her up quickly not wanting to share here comes my brother please hide my piece ...Read More
Categories: food,
Form: Epulaeryu
carrot-dawn, celery-soothe onions make me cry garlic-sun & ginger-bright ditalini joy eat up chicken soup with hearty Cure! 10/23/2020 ...Read More
Categories: food, mother,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member bread
She goes well with everything Give me my carbs please Butter? Sure. Marmalade? Yes! Puffy and tasty! Warm and whistling hot. Comfort food. Bread. ...Read More
Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member Juicy
Succulent lamb chops, so thick, Small and fantastic. So tender, little hostess! Perfect Brussels sprouts, Pickled red cabbage, Whipped cream and- Fruit!...Read More
Categories: daughter, food, fruit, joy,
Form: Epulaeryu

Premium Member A Memorable Red Fruit Dish
Hours of hot sun burning thirst Then fruit I am served Strawberries raspberries and Cherries from dreamland Watermelon bits Thirst quenching- Blitz! ...Read More
Categories: family, food, fruit, joy,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member Peach Cobbler
moist succulent peach cobbler fruit fresh from the tree her cinnamon sugar crust the perfect flake-y most favorable delightful pie ...Read More
Categories: food,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member Iowa Roast N Ears
Iowa home grown sweet corn oozing warm butter freshly picked from the field so sweet and tasty darling roast-n-ears delicious corn ...Read More
Categories: food,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member Lemon Meringue Pie Please
A melt in my mouth goodness Lemon meringue pie Dazzling my eager taste buds She’s sweet and sour Her crust so flaky Delicious Wow! ...Read More
Categories: food,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member Homemade Breads
Freshly baked warm spinach bread all nutrient packed and sliced up thick for grilled cheese; a tasty delight for those colder nights oozy cheese, yum! Tasty pumpernickel bread, tuna salad spread; mustard, mayo, pickle too; chases away blues awakens palate ready lunch, good! Potato bread croutons in a nice green...Read More
Categories: appreciation, food, poems, poetry,
Form: Epulaeryu
DRUNKEN NOODLES Drunken noodles with chicken wind around my fork; spicy peppers in thai sauce. Stomach coated with ...Read More
Categories: drink, food,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member I love Potatoes
I love potatoes in the form of chips Or mashed with gobs of butter And salt and pepper. Throw in a can of creamed-corn. But if you do that crunch in crackers And add salt and pepper and...Read More
Categories: food,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member Baking A Poem
First decide your title, then you choose the form, does it require a rhyme scheme, or is it free verse? Consider your words. Concentrate! Write....Read More
Categories: freedom, poems, writing,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member New Year Eve Party
Having a party to welcome the New Year ! There will be a great variety of canapes, and popcorn in flavors, hot chicken wings, cheesy nachos and tacos, tear apart garlic bread, meatballs in a spicy barbecue sauce, and fruity,...Read More
Categories: new year,
Form: Epulaeryu
Premium Member Christmas Baking
Holiday baking party; Cookies of ginger, Raisins in chocolate suite, Colored crystals of Sugar with a crunch; Pumpkin bread High! Pies and sweet-spiced cakes galore, Bourbon Bon-bon joy; Popcorn balls, all colored bright, Fruitcake to delight, Spiced cider in mugs, Jam cake too Thrill! ...Read More
Categories: celebration, christmas, food, holiday,
Form: Epulaeryu

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