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Personification Poems. Examples of Personifications and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Personification poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Personification. (New Poems Below)

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metaphor, onomatopoeia, simile,

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Premium Member Beaver Moon
In the wee hours of early dawn
Beaver moon was shining upon
Spreading her earnest radiance 
On the lake that was calm

Her shimmer was silvery bright
Transforming darkness into light
Spilling her numinous beams
She brought so much insight
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Categories: appreciation, autumn, beauty, blessing, moon, november,
Form: Personification

Premium Member S-eason O-f S-urrender
i’m a leaf
crisp and plaid
 ...Read More
Categories: lost, weather,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Seeing You See
I am seeing you see
what you think was me
and you're seeing more
than you think you see

I am seeing you see
this soul waiting to see
another who sees more
than the essence of me

Within this image you see
this gaze confirms it is me
I...Read More
Categories: gothic, riddle,
Form: Personification
Ascending Deciduously
Me and me be a baobab tree,
yes siree
I and I have very long longevity ...
no ma’am,
this bark speak no rot falsity

A thousand years seems like
only a day to this coniferous body
Got a blessed budding life personality

This ancient root soul
seek to...Read More
Categories: allegory, nature, tree, wisdom,
Form: Personification
With my absorbency nature
I take in freely God’s flowing grace
Accumulating with abundance from Christ’s compassion*-store
Optimizing the Saviour’s goodness as I’m soaked in His mercy-grants.

Midst my squeezable trait
I give kindness with whole earnestness
Loading out forgiveness with forbearance-cheer
Maximizing offered provisions up to...Read More
Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Personification

Premium Member classy chassis Metaphor Of Love
I dream of you coming close to me making my motor
accelerate, you see, it fuels the fire that lingers.

Using your sexy sensual fingers, you slide your key
to unlock my sweet door, opening knocking you of your feet.
Captivated by my classy...Read More
Categories: car,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Sunshine on My Doorstep
I awoke to the sight
Of Sunlight.
He splashed into my window.
He filled the halls.
He climbed the stairs.
He turned around
And went out the door.
From my window
I watched him,
Walking with light footsteps-
People walked past him
As if they didn't know
That he was there....Read More
Categories: beautiful, day, happy, light, nature, sunshine, uplifting,
Form: Personification
Premium Member The Vanity of the Flowers
Blooming colors in shade and sun;
Fragrant elegance, not to be outdone!
In field, garden and flowerpot,
The rose, the violet, and forget-me-not.

Proud and erect upon the stem,
All who pass must notice them!
Pastels and deeps; an array of brights,
Blaze the days and scent...Read More
Categories: beauty, flower, nature, nice, summer,
Form: Personification
How I Met My Aging Side
I never saw him coming nor did I feel his shadowy presence.                            ...Read More
Categories: age, senses,
Form: Personification
Old Barn
There’s an old barn down the road from our house. It’s bent and bowed and one windy day away from completely succumbing to its aged disrepair. It’s midsection is stretched and swollen. The barn doors saggy and gaping. The once...Read More
Categories: anxiety, deep, feelings, identity, mother, old, poetry,
Form: Personification
O sleep!
Thy beauty flourish in thine eyes
Singing thy beautiful song of thy fountain
Embracing thou like a million canaries
How beautiful thy art!
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Categories: beauty, poetry, sleep,
Form: Personification
I Say to The
"I Say To The"
Can you see me? 
Your eyes open but not wide.
Ears finding sound tho the message still hides.
Things we take for granted on the outside, 
easily turn against you. 
Feeling they were forgotten, left behind. 
The home which...Read More
Categories: betrayal, bible, creation, destiny, endurance, forgiveness, love,
Form: Personification
Waqt ki baatein
Baitha tha kashti me... 
"Wo bola ye manjil tak jayegi... "
Toofaan aaya raste me... 
Kise tha pata kashti doob jayegi...
mushkil se tehrana sikha samandar me... 
Na dar raha toofaan ka... 
Na jaroorat kashti ki... 

Gehraai hai in baton me... 
Waqt...Read More
Categories: blessing, change, character, destiny, dream, future, growth,
Form: Personification
October Winds Out West

I cannot see them directly but observe the effects of their presence.
I cannot speak with them but hear the sounds of their voices.
I can touch and feel them as they pass with a gentle whisper.
Sometimes it seems they are angry...Read More
Categories: autumn, october, wind,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Pop Music
Diamond star that glitters above,
Creates the lengthening shadow of...
Pop music.

Glimpsed in top hat/ clothed in mist,
The phantom turns illusionist...
Pop music.

He peers from modern works of art;
Sings the lyrics that arrest the heart...
Pop music.

A gentleman debonair/ so chic;
Whose timely message is...Read More
Categories: appreciation, happy, music, senses, song, sound, uplifting,
Form: Personification
The Other
I wish you looked at me the way you look at her.
She mesmerizes and calls to you in a way I never can.
Her beauty is superficial and only skin deep,
But you see her and cannot turn away.

I wish you listened...Read More
Categories: personification, jealousy, relationship, technology,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Friendly Flowers Gathered
"Flowers we gather along life's highway, are friends kept in memoirs floral bouquet."

Daffodil, tranquil queen of the bower
Shining like the sun after a shower
Merrily dancing the day's blues away
Blowing your trumpet in the nicest way.

Rose, fragrantly you bloom without a...Read More
Categories: flower, friendship,
Form: Personification
Its Crippling Me
The way it chokes me up, wrapping its hands around my neck
It’s crippling me.

My chest caves in, my hands tremble, my body sweats.
It’s crippling me.

I feel vulnerable, scared, anxious, and shameful.
It’s crippling me. 

I can’t eat, I can’t think, I...Read More
Categories: body, dark,
Form: Personification
I'm not alive, 
but indeed I grow
even more yet 
as I'm fed.

I have not lungs, 
but must have air
and space 
for my outspread.

No mouth have I 
wherefore to lie, 
but I'd consume lives
with my power.

If it's me that you
would strive...Read More
Categories: fire, power, riddle,
Form: Personification
Premium Member 'Black Eyed Susan'
              Black-Eyed Susan-  I am called,
        quite hardy, one real tough fighting flower; 
     ...Read More
Categories: flower,
Form: Personification
Thor's Well
Fierce and treacherous at high tide;
Calm and alluring at low tide.
Reminiscent of Woman.
The Reasoning escapes Man:
Distilling myth and legend;
On superstition, hell-bent.
Calm and alluring at low tide;
Fierce and treacherous at high tide.

Poetic form: Octelle
The octelle was created by Emily Romano....Read More
Categories: personification, metaphor,
Form: Verse
Good times
Good times, who are you?
I hear you are a hyena
sleeping during the day in peace
hunting at night with torches
but disappear at dawn
when beggars are waking up

Good times where are you?
I hear you live with the powerful
confined in their wall fences
eating...Read More
Categories: integrity, satire,
Form: Personification
Premium Member CLIPPED WINGS

They think it “cute”
when I do my perched two step
not so much when I repeat
words I wasn’t meant to hear.
They took the mirror out
“It confuses him”, they said
“He thinks it’s another bird”
Not so!!  When I pecked
its vacant eyes
it didn’t...Read More
Categories: bird,
Form: Personification
I have no tears to shed
What is done,, it is done
I have no mercy to give
Words that leave the lips
Cannot be rectified

I wrote it
To tell my story
To share my experiences
To honour my upbringing
To feel my constant pain
To cherish my parents
It...Read More
Categories: character, confidence, courage, future, i am, leadership,
Form: Personification
Escher’s relativity* has become the norm
Unique but the same
Light and dreary 
Fun and weary
Memories fondly collected over the years
Now darken my doorstep with their optimistic smiles

An invariable treasure chest of broken promises 
Dreams lost to Necessities
Life is not about choices
Events...Read More
Categories: personification, analogy, introspection, metaphor, perspective, philosophy,
Form: Free verse

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