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Quintain (Sicilian) Poems

Quintain (Sicilian) Poems. Examples of Quintain (Sicilian) and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Quintain (Sicilian) poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Quintain (Sicilian). (New Poems Below)

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New Poems

I admit
I admit….
(Sicilian Quintain Form)

It'd be tough to accept; still, I'll confess;
as relation can't build on lies; can't cheat;
No, from you I'd not like it to suppress,
Admit I love him a lot. Never treat
as refusal; don't like you...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

Premium Member A Tragedy

A tragedy, a train derailed. 
Not far in deep grief of the scene; 
homeward-bound it so tried, but failed.
Burnt cork smell and images seen 
veiled as they lay upon cold ground.


...Read More
Categories: death, imagery,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Her Parting Words

Like a cork bobbing, thrown about
upon the waves by frenzy spurred
my train of thought zoomed in and out,
I tried to focus: last words, slurred,
so near…so far…I swirled in doubt. 

- - - - - - - - - - -...Read More
Categories: feelings,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Vindication

Gossamer wings fluttering through the air
are the perfect canvas for Nature's art,  
no greater artist exists anywhere.
I wish I could pause time and press restart
and replay once more what She chose to share.

A butterfly was once an ugly thing
that...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 9th grade, beautiful, beauty, butterfly,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Love's Winds at Their Crest
Love's winds were at their crest
when you lost your job.
We did our part; God did the rest;
then our home was robbed.
The winds blew raw; love passed the test.

When the autumn wind is kind
it blows you to my lips;
Winter's wind can...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, grief, jobs, loss, love,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

Christ’s triumph* at Calvary saved my soul

Smote Golgotha’s sting, shouting victory

Vanquished grave and hell, gracious divine goal

Granting me everlasting life’s glory...

Now, exemplifies faithful servant-role.

*2Corinthians 2:14 Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ…

August 7, 2019
...Read More
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, devotion, faith, god, spiritual,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member A Mushroom Cloud

Climate change is happening way too fast,
global warming could be devastating.
For rising ocean waters are forecast
and if posts of fake news keep circulating
our culture could be a thing of the past.

Coastal countries are busy building walls
but I'm afraid it's too...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, anxiety, change, environment, feelings, how
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
                    God rules with His great sovereign lordship…

             ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
The Lord I now seek for His great wisdom*
Always perfect since He makes no mistakes
Graciously He grants with His good freedom
Unchaining my soul from sins it partakes
Enabling me to advance His kingdom.

*James 1:5  If any of you lack wisdom,...Read More
Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
When With Your Beauty, I Hear Angel's Sing - Valentine's Collection
(Valentine's Collection)


When with your beauty, I hear Angel's sing,
in love's embrace shooting stars 'cross the sky.
In passion's thrall all our love we do bring,
my Valentine, together we shall fly.
throughout the night, to your glory, I cling.

Oh, my beloved, I stand...Read More
Categories: desire, dream, joy, love, night, passion,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Trust* the omnipotent God with faith’s might

As you love Him with all your heart and soul

While relying on His grace in prayer-plight

Midst blessed service in your worship-goal

Living triumphantly for His delight!

*Psalm 37:3 Trust in the LORD, and do good...

August 9,...Read More
Categories: appreciation, devotion, faith, god, spiritual, true love,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Eagles Culture
The Eagle, king of all birds, 
Found on the highest of mountains and the tallest of trees, 
Seen, within a tiny fraction of eternity, 
Strong and mighty, swaying in the deepest of clouds. 
The Eagle in our souls, ours to...Read More
Categories: growth, soulmate, sunset, youth,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Footsteps From Behind
I hear the footsteps coming from behind;
approaching faster, they are coming near.
It’s weighing heavy on my doubtful mind,
and filling me with ghastly dreadful fear;
I’m praying that I’m not the one assigned.

And o’er my shoulder I can see him now;
his blacken...Read More
Categories: death, destiny, fate,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

Jul 15,  2017• By daniel miltz •

While the morning dozes in handedly
The sun paints inciting vegetation 
Bit of greenly sward, applauds, snappishly 
Moving, moping, in startled asp'ration 
Lying in torment, unpretentiously 

Wide-eyed land, romps energetically 
Iridescent sunrise, floating flightless...Read More
Categories: morning,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)

Jun 26, 2017• Copyright © daniel miltz •

O' now a week into the summer scene
Warmeth abundant day air a breezing 
Decks overlooking fields of shady green
Afternoon plaited remnants appeasing
On a but soft drifting orange sunscreen

In purple dreamy haze of a...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Our life story, like a zebra for us,
Our life story, is like a zebra for us,
A black band, a white band, then a big arse,
And in the end, as everybody knows,
Prepare to receive by the hoof the final blow!

...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
The Unrequited Love Of Cassini

                             For thirteen long years he patiently wooed, 
   ...Read More
Categories: devotion, eulogy, faith, flying, love, planet, space,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Lying on the Beach
Two pair of shoes lie on the beach by the pier,
Both sandy too and much worse off for wear.
A pair of whoppers faintly reach my ear,
Both taller than the last one told I swear!
Two pair of shoes lie, on the...Read More
Categories: beach,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Dare I
Dare I hold thy hand gently within mine
And speak this day of my love great for you
Can heaven high above withhold dawn’s sign
Of light repelling night’s dark grasp anew
Or wanting sweet lips most cerise as thine.

...Read More
Categories: romance,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member My Quiet Time
My Quiet Time

The gift of quietness, at times, ignored,
     may go unclaimed throughout my busy day.
My mind keeps running, missing the reward
     that empty stillness brings to work and play. 
When I...Read More
Categories: beautiful, silence,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Dream Again
Where do dreams go ever they die
To memories that stay the years
Memories fade as the tears dry
Dream again despite all your fears
A dream will give life a new try...Read More
Categories: depression, hope, life,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member The Naughty Little Puppy
The Naughty Little Puppy

She's lucky she is cute!
All day long she's chewing things.
I've yelled so much I'm mute, 
still she's chasing kids on bikes.
She's lucky she is cute!

She chewed my favorite boot 
The first night on Christmas eve.
She even pooped...Read More
Categories: animal, children, cute love, daughter, dog, pets,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Where Mother Nature Sunbathes
Mother Nature stretches across a floor

wearing stones and beads of sand. Placidly

she warms herself beneath the sun where shore

meets the shining waters of azure sea,

and in this place I could not love her more!

written July 14, 2016  ...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Premium Member Determination Route
Endless choices you make daily
Deciding between many paths 
Choosing the one that is satisfactorily
Leading to a bypath
Making to decide more carefully

Nayda Ivette
...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)
Rain Dance
On a crisp autumn afternoon,
Much to my stunned delight,
Storms clouds morph into monsoon
With jagged spears of light
And thunder cracks of doom.

Dancing in the storm’s eye
Fat raindrops bouncing all around
Afraid I will soon die
Trying hard not to drown
So happy I could...Read More
Categories: autumn, dance, nature, prayer, storm,
Form: Quintain (Sicilian)