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Salaam Poems | Salaam Examples

Salaam Poems. Examples of Salaams and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Salaam poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Salaam.

A salaam is a form of salutory poem written in praise of the Holy Prophet, but there is more to salaam. What is salaam in poetry (complete definition)?

OBSERVE. Observe what you have never Observed before.. Observe the water flowing.. Observe the sun rising.. Observe the sun setting.. Observe the colors of rainbow Scatter in the sky.. Observe the plant Growing...Read the rest...
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,
Form: Salaam

Heart of Kapilavasthu
Mimetic mimicry mimicked the mime. More than furlong, the entire belonging day long. Prophet, the proper property, pope prophecy. Hardhearted harshness tied a fair harness. Shepherd herding sheep, harder in a herder way....Read the rest...
Categories: freedom, tribute,
Form: Salaam
A Regretful Mistake
(A Regretful Mistake) Aren’t I doing a mistake intentionally, By living my life as if I were to live eternally, When death would take place eventually? Indeed, I am doing a mistake intentionally, By deceiving myself mentally and spiritually, When death...Read the rest...
Categories: 1st grade, africa, allah,
Form: Salaam
...commands a trance, pulls you into the dance, he'll sing for the enhances- playmore fanatics! He's the sutures and calamity's Casper, and endemic more than even plasma... I have the needs, he the commander, I have to feed... Do more than land her....Read the rest...
Categories: allusion, character, cheer up,
Form: Salaam
The Eraser of Sins
knock knock its me who chase your greatest enemies i am the one with no rival i am the one that pushes you to Ar-rahaman you can find me anywhere in the mosque and the Islamic...Read the rest...
Categories: allah, blessing, forgiveness, fruit,
Form: Salaam

Premium Member John of Patmos Prophet We Offer Up Praise and Salutations-
we praise you, we praise you, we salute you, a greeting and offer a celebration to you of the holy prophet you one of the holy prophet prophet John John of Patmos I salaam I greet thee I believed that prophets you are...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, appreciation, devotion,
Form: Salaam
Word Hobo and Heroes In Poetry Especially Prof Jim Link
A Peace Poem for Jim Link and Word Hobo: This close to CHRISTmas what may I say You two have seen so much, fought so well ... And for the underdog, Prof. Jim Link, you and I Travelled the...Read the rest...
Categories: destiny, farewell, gospel, jesus,
Form: Salaam
Premium Member Choosing Positive Passions
As a path of fear leads to fundamental fragmentation, left-hemisphere industrial-strength domination of Earth, universally egalitarian and interdependently unitarian only in its final lap toward death, A path of compassion leads to radical left/right bicameral solidarity, equivalent in our positive energetic integrity; sometimes experienced...Read the rest...
Categories: earth, fear, health, integrity,
Form: Salaam
You and I
In darkest hours rises the purest realization As perhaps Nature also loves symmetry....Read the rest...
Categories: simple,
Form: Salaam
Premium Member I Stand-As I Celebrate the Holy Prophet-Salaam
I STAND-AS I CELEBRATE THE HOLY PROPHET-Salaam Graciously, I call upon the Father Series praises I shout out, I stand Salaam The joys of the Prophet Messiah Jesus O a praise, I salute, and holy greetings and offer you, I shall...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, appreciation, deep, devotion,
Form: Salaam
The Birth of Jesus and Mary
( fact research) The birth,of legends discovered after the 21 century Would of never been known after all these years Or is it just me. Research are great like a Egyptian discovery. Digging for truth and history of legends #1...Read the rest...
Categories: truth,
Form: Salaam
The Ten Commandments
(fact contest poem) The ten commandments are easily broken By those who should of known them well It's been broken like bunch a broken wings Like thieves and devil's and demons and malpractioners They play they games like scorns and...Read the rest...
Categories: deep, poetry,
Form: Salaam
Tunu Isokifani
TUNU ISOKIFANI Kwa fahari najigamba, mataifa natangaza, Mahari kote natamba, penye nuru hatagiza, Mnene hata mwembamba, sifa zote namaliza, Ni tunu isokifani, kuzaliwa Afrika. Chakula changu asili, matunda tele nachuma, Chastahili kimwili, cha wengine ntalalama, Kisotiwa kemikali, huwezi tamani tema, Ni tunu...Read the rest...
Categories: africa,
Form: Salaam
Spanks On Spanks
I get spanked just about every day? I don't know why? I guess it is just natural for guys! I never see girls do it! Guys are really weird you have to admit it. There...Read the rest...
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, bullying,
Form: Salaam
Breathing the Shadow
Breathe In Breathe Out Breathe In Breathe Out Danger! Keep Out! High Chemical Levels! The shadow is sneaking so sly Inhale Exhale A poison all around the atmosphere, anxious to associate with us. It follows us in a crude way. Our world is repeating its righteousness. Have...Read the rest...
Categories: abuse, assonance, bereavement, earth,
Form: Salaam

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