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Concrete Poems | Concrete Examples

These are examples of new concrete poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous concrete poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of this form of poetry.

Concrete poetry is a type of poem that takes the shape of the object it describes or forms some type of visual related to the theme or topic of the poem. Thus, concrete poems are often referred to as shape poetry. However, there is more to a concrete poem. What is concrete in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member BELLS
In solitude with eyes closed, a bell flashes with a little girl chuckling, chasing it. In stillness, silence, the bell starts tolling and the girl intently stares at it, eyes beaming with glee and a radiant smile expressing delight. I opened...Read More
Categories: child, fun, innocence, meaningful,
Form: Concrete

Premium Member DRAFT - Rock Lobster, Ode to Ignorance
this fool ...Read More
Categories: analogy, extended metaphor, power,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Palatable Conversations at Night
We, with the geometry and evening balance of our midcentury hands—gently lower the cloche over the day between us. It is a nightly ritual, gravity-driven, habit built over time, the glass encasement marred by scars,...Read More
Categories: extended metaphor,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member The Holy Spirit Comes Taking Flesh and Blood To Heaven Or Hell and Inanimate
The "Holy Spirit has come to take us to "Heaven or Hell" The "Holy Spirit Created Flesh and Blood",and that which is "Animate,and that which is Inanimate" throughout the entire "Universe"!This is "Concrete"as I speak!...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 1st grade,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member A Leaf Falls
A U ...Read More
Categories: autumn, fun, nature,
Form: Concrete

Premium Member Multiplied
Father Of Lights... ...Read More
Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member The Impact of Bad Words
it's perhaps just the throat that closes coincidentally though somehow in sync with thoughts not so much anyone can tell just enough to destabilise joy...Read More
Categories: anxiety,
Form: Concrete
Now Is Lit
Tonight I rediscovered Boulevard of Broken Dreams on a jaunt through Glasgow’s October-lit streets. Rain drippin’ off chin. Momentarily wishing I was more like I was back then. Funny how I’m now bolder to touch....Read More
Categories: change, introspection, memory, spoken
Form: Concrete
I remember sensing you ...Read More
Categories: absence, for him, how
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Namaste Tantra
. In . ...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Found and Lost
i i am i am nowhere i am nowhere to i am nowhere to be i am nowhere to be found i am somewhere to be lost i am somewhere to be i am somewhere to i am somewhere i am i ...Read More
Categories: loneliness, sad, word play,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member The Second Plane Has Hit
. The Second Plane Has Hit It’s a confirming statement Nobody saw the first plane There is a puncture in wall A visible cut out of a plane But where is that plane ? Did it penetrate ...Read More
Categories: confusion, history, violence,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Edge of My Caring
. Suffering & Compassion This comes to the Caring Caring is central emotion ...Read More
Categories: care,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member His First Surf
. A Step ...Read More
Categories: boy, sports, sunshine,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Appreciate
Amidst doom, A happy note, there is still so much to Appreciate I was surprised to learn that Fire can only be lit on this planet. That no other planet has water This is...Read More
Categories: appreciation, love,
Form: Concrete

Specific Types of Concrete Poems

Read wonderful concrete poetry on the following sub-topics: basketball, christmas, friends, funny, kids, love, music, nature, school, sports and more.

Definition | What is Concrete in Poetry?

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