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Concrete Poems | Concrete Examples

These are examples of new concrete poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous concrete poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of this form of poetry.

Concrete poetry is a type of poem that takes the shape of the object it describes or forms some type of visual related to the theme or topic of the poem. Thus, concrete poems are often referred to as shape poetry. However, there is more to a concrete poem. What is concrete in poetry (complete definition)?

Quantum Physics
In my most recent dreams, I've had to deal with the interaction of physical consciousness and watch moving time stand still. A physical world of vibrating strings. Quantum physics a lot is done inside of Bell's theorem. This theorem and...Read More
Categories: creation, environment, imagination,
Form: Concrete

Because you have known, like you look at my agony growing in it. While she looks, at the spark she has caused in the eye of it. As I moan because of what she does and still goes on I...Read More
Categories: literature,
Form: Concrete
You Have To Many Secrets
We are the only two people in the world who know each other's secrets. And I trust you not to be exposed and I won't expose it. And yet this very fear of being exposed makes one...Read More
Categories: summer, sun,
Form: Concrete
It Is A Hot Humid Moist Morning
It's not every morning where the juice's flow from every where. Where even green leaves shouldn't be freed from the tree. Here where the white sticky sap ran the length of the tree. A thickness to the air moist air, being sucked...Read More
Categories: adventure, extended metaphor, french,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member Falling World
Falling world falling world fall- ing w o r l d d l r o w gni -llaf dlrow gnillaf dlrow gnillaF...Read More
Categories: dark, society, world,
Form: Concrete

Premium Member Raindrops
As rain starts to fall pitter-patter-pitter beads of water combine together creating puddles of water. Children squealing, laughing as they play and jump into them splish, splash, splosh, happy fun memories are newly born. As droplets of rain begins to fall giving life to...Read More
Categories: life, rain, water,
Form: Concrete
The Woman's Body
A woman's body, is to objectify and steal and conquer, all of men. And women have made these bodies, to conquer all of man. Women have conjoined with men from time to time and are open to our bodies. To use...Read More
Categories: men, woman,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member It Begins-Ends with a Red Star
((.)) /*******\ Bloated red star a rising womb of light beautiful A tragicomic dream a world of carnage horrifying ((((((((((((Expanding red giant))))))))))) engulfs the inner planets [---------final--------] ...Read More
Categories: dark, nature, society, star,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member The Great Pyramid of Giza
r ...Read More
Categories: creation, poetry,
Form: Concrete
Premium Member isolated
isolated i-so-lat-ed i so lat ed i s o l a t e d i s.....s o........o l............l a................a t.....................t e...........................e d................................d...Read More
Categories: loneliness, solitude, surreal, symbolism,
Form: Concrete
I am dying...Read More
Categories: anxiety, crazy, death, depression,
Form: Concrete
I don't give a rat's tail
This is the tale of a soul reaching out to others, but receiving a cold shoulder wherever she goes. Words and phrases are misconstrued, meanings attached which...Read More
Categories: animal, literature,
Form: Concrete
All About Me
Eugenia, delight Bold, fiesty, fiery Daughter of God, Lover of music, sculpture, bards Teacher of mercy, mercy, kindness, concern Fearing man, yourself, the world, Who would like to see rivers, mountains, plateaus A resident of Columbia, SC Fain, or the pleasant one...Read More
Categories: journey,
Form: Concrete
0.An exceptionally skilled person 3.Pulling meaning from words 3.Puzzling and capturing thoughts 7.Risking life 4.Sitting standing 6.Casting spells 4.Enchanting transforming 5.Reading expressions 6.Showing magic 4.Getting applause 0.Receiving money....Read More
Categories: anxiety, appreciation, bangla, christian,
Form: Concrete
Concrete jungle
A poem I wrote The Street's with no growth. There was no green grass On the Street's of Hulme No green grass Just a concrete tomb No green grass Just tarmac hard Cobbled street Flagged backyard No green grass On the roadside edge No flower,...Read More
Categories: analogy,
Form: Concrete

Specific Types of Concrete Poems

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Definition | What is Concrete in Poetry?

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