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Tanka Poems | Tanka Examples

Tanka Poems. Examples of Tankas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Tanka poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Tanka.

A tanka is a form of Japanese poem consisting of five lines, the first and third composed of five syllables and the others seven, but there is more to a tanka. What is tanka in poetry (complete definition)?

A Zombie's Heaviness, But Innocent
Through long whiteout walks, Up and down the snowy den— Outdated, Winter Appears on my masked shoulders— Know Her mind forever drifts....Read More
Categories: blue, cry, innocence, introspection,
Form: Tanka

Premium Member seasonals
seasons arrested a sauntering airs freely a mass of escapes panoramic difference relocation picturesque...Read More
Categories: allusion, analogy, autumn, change,
Form: Tanka
Flower Crown
Antlers and flowers All around as my lips frown. Adorned flower crown, Never again feeling down, For I'm the fairy queen now. ...Read More
Categories: fairy, fantasy, magic, nature,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member A CHILDs CRAYON
kisses form flowers billow, filled in with color a child’s crayon moves so much like a seismograph happiness upon the page ...Read More
Categories: children,
Form: Tanka
I see a snail shell, Which I'll use to cast a spell, So all shall be well. To the Universe I tell A wish for life to be swell....Read More
Categories: magic, nature, prayer, religion,
Form: Tanka

Spacing Out To Music
Finally music Magically settles nerves. Sounds all the slower. Feelings slowly overtake My innermost mind's own core....Read More
Categories: music, psychological,
Form: Tanka
Higher Than Thou
High beyond my mind. High beneath the full moon's light. Higher than thou's mind. High because I am the light. Higher than thou's own ego....Read More
Categories: addiction, crazy, drug, spiritual,
Form: Tanka
Walking Through Autumn Winds
Leaf flies in the wind, Seems like a bird's silhouette. Coldness of autumn Overtaking my body As I walk down my own street....Read More
Categories: autumn, nature, weather, wind,
Form: Tanka
Snow In A Comatose Hourglass
Winter's time for sand, To lay down frost— white night dress Walking on color; Unconscious insomnia— Chase warm nightmares all this time. *It's about sleep-walking*...Read More
Categories: angst, introspection, life, nature,
Form: Tanka
How lovely it is, Birthing child on Mother's Day. An example of Someone who has made her way To fulfilling motherhood....Read More
Categories: baby, blessing, child, family,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Deconstructed Emotions
The world is falling but we fly with poetry; Soaring through pages; Deconstructed emotions spill like tea onto the floor....Read More
Categories: emotions, feelings, poetry, writing,
Form: Tanka
Pastel Blue Nails
Pale pastel blue nails As blue as translucent sea, Waves pale as white sails, Complimentary to toes Matching my summer beach clothes....Read More
Categories: beauty,
Form: Tanka
When one has found God, One finally acknowledges Source of origin: Cosmic singularity, True origin of our souls....Read More
Categories: god, life, philosophy, religion,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Fox
A fox in the mist crossed my road driving uphill ...Read More
Categories: allegory, allusion, animal, appreciation,
Form: Tanka
My karma was paid, On that very night, someone Had saved my own life, Once and for all, for a change, I was deemed worthy of life....Read More
Categories: death, destiny, fate, god,
Form: Tanka

Specific Types of Tanka Poems

Read wonderful tanka poetry on the following sub-topics: art, animals, christmas, death, family, flowers, food, friendship, funny, kids, life, love, music, nature, nursery, parents, sadness, school, spring, sports, summer, war, winter and more.

Definition | What is Tanka in Poetry?