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Tanka Poems | Tanka Examples

Tanka Poems. Examples of Tankas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Tanka poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Tanka.

A tanka is a form of Japanese poem consisting of five lines, the first and third composed of five syllables and the others seven, but there is more to a tanka. What is tanka in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member A Nurturing Woman
the moon inspires love in the dark its gentle glow nurtures like mother banishing all fear away with a spell of sheer beauty. Is The Moon Male or Female or Both Poetry Contest Sponsored Chantelle Anne Cooke...Read More
Categories: moon, mother,
Form: Tanka

Premium Member Gnawing
I can’t outrun you, with last night’s dream on my lips; A racing heartbeat breaking through a private wall, your kiss is gnawing my gut. ...Read More
Categories: crush, dream, kiss,
Form: Tanka
Autumn Trees starting to shed, Bright hues of red and orange, Pile on verdant grass As the ebony crow glides Through brilliantly crisp air. ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, autumn, beautiful, day,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member PUPPY HE WHOM I LOVE-
Puppy he whom I love so amazing he is just. With his four big paws And a personality He barks I feel proud ~ I love my puppy He is just so amazing. He has four big paws And a personality When he barks I...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, dog,
Form: Tanka
an unplanned pathway leading down to the water creek flowing steady roadway closed to cars walkers move freely ...Read More
Categories: allegory,
Form: Tanka

Premium Member Love affaire
Romance of autumn Nature’s russet love affaire Magic of the Fall Stalked by shivering winter Like lover with a cold hand....Read More
Categories: autumn, magic, winter,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Easy Rider
Green grass and high rides summer mower richchet Drivers, engines on! Stalwart warriors taste thy blade Mother nature always wins...Read More
Categories: environment, growth, nature, satire,
Form: Tanka
squeeze of fresh orange sundive into the ocean horizon to shore olympic hotshot’s fleet swim tenderfoot sails through the shine 7/28/2021 Bite Size Poem no15 Sponsor ~ Line Gauthier ...Read More
Categories: sunset,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Stained Glass
Such transparent lies, those sad eyes dipped in a smile; Thinly veiled phrases masking colors all too real; I see right through your stained glass....Read More
Categories: color, emotions, feelings,
Form: Tanka
aisles of antiques corrugated with named streets - cups, saucers and book bindings …stomach’s churning. i’m paying, booking with dog-eared treasures. 7/27/2021 ...Read More
Categories: funny, imagery,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Witty Friends
worth keeping around friends who astound with dry wit bring smiles to faces chuckles we will remember make our lives more rewarding written July 27, 2021...Read More
Categories: friendship,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Unthinkable
heat wave causes deaths sad comment on modern life most among homeless no cool air-conditioning underneath concrete overpasses written July 27, 2021 ...Read More
Categories: anger, death, life, sad,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Missing Peace
Your broken pieces they could show someone the light; That darkness you wear the constant war inside your head? Might be someone’s missing peace. ...Read More
Categories: depression, emotions, inspiration, peace,
Form: Tanka
Minerva In Nirvana
I know a maiden Whom remains hidden where all Sacred knowledge turns Into a lake she swims in With elemental spirits. ...Read More
Categories: fantasy, imagination, myth, mythology,
Form: Tanka
Mine Alone
Found peace of mind none Shall ever come to know of. Just like all of the Love I've kept in, never shown. Indeed this peace, mine alone. ...Read More
Categories: character, confidence, happy, integrity,
Form: Tanka

Specific Types of Tanka Poems

Read wonderful tanka poetry on the following sub-topics: art, animals, christmas, death, family, flowers, food, friendship, funny, kids, life, love, music, nature, nursery, parents, sadness, school, spring, sports, summer, war, winter and more.

Definition | What is Tanka in Poetry?