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Blitz Poems

Blitz Poems. Examples of Blitz and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Blitz poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Blitz. (New Poems Below)

Poem Topics Related to Blitz

imagery, rhythm

New Poems

The consequences of no consequences
There are always consequences
Even when we think we are free of any consequences,
Because others have in the past shouldered all consequences.

How can we expect to grow without learning about consequences?
When we fail to appreciate there are consequences,
It may lead to...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, baptism, bible, character, childhood, hope,
Form: Blitz

Premium Member Isn't It Poetic
Its meter and rhyme, delicate and sublime,
 fantasy surreal, personal appeal;
a couplet, quatrain or quintain, try them all in time
 but gather close to your heart
 the best way your words depart;
what could be bio, ballad, sonnet best
 as we...Read More
Categories: blitz, poems, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member WHERE ARE YOU NOW


Mascara pink lipstick ribbons and curls
Miniskirts no matter what the weather
We were teens two cheerful giggling schoolgirls
Enjoying bits of time spent together

A yellow ribbon round the old oak tree
We followed all the radio top hits
All night writing...Read More
Categories: blitz, friendship, fun, growing up, life, teenage, youth,
Form: Sonnet
Mr Artist
I arrange the strings
Of my favourite instrument
The head, For perfect music
Of art and evolution

I play the flute
with perfect synchronization
Of togetherness with art
Of wilderness with evolution

I am a pianist now
Drawn deeper into the music
with each stroke of touch
Of pain and love

My...Read More
Categories: boyfriend, love, lust, romance, sensual, true love,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Dream Us Forever - The Blitz Style

~ Dream  Us   Forever ~
( The  Blitz  Poem )


You  make me happy
You  make me dream
Dream and much more
Dream all the time of you
You are what I long for
You  are what  I...Read More
Categories: blitz, angel, beautiful, emotions, love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Best From Heart - The Blitz Poem Style

~ Best  From  Heart  ~
( The Blitz  Poem )


Just spreading Love Hope Joy Peace
 Just hoping for the best
 Best to happen
 Best everyday
 Everyday night and day
 Everyday all the time
 Time and time again
...Read More
Categories: blitz, angel, beautiful, emotions, love,
Form: Free verse
We never know who is listening
If we never know who is listening,
Why are we shouting out our bad ideas ,
And keeping the good ones to ourselves.

If we never know who is listening,
Why do we tell everybody our evil plans,
And keep our good deeds as guilty...Read More
Categories: absence, analogy, angst, betrayal, cancer, cheer up,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Autumn atonement - a Halloween monoku

plundered loot - colorful wrappers piled like leaves – suffer autumn’s wrath


*A simplified version of my Halloween blitz that was submitted for Bobby May's contest "If I were your Brother"  ;)...Read More
Categories: blitz, anger, autumn, fate, fun,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member Cache of Shame - A Halloween Blitz
Filch sweet treasure
Filch my cache
Cache in gut now
cache your hide
Hide dear brother
hide your skull 
skull so empty
skull obtuse 
obtuse to pain
Obtuse maneuver
Maneuver wisely
maneuver quickly
Quickly dodge
Quickly duck
Duck my swing
Duck your head
Head for door
head for hell
Hell won’t have you
hell rejects
Rejects your kind
rejects...Read More
Categories: anger, brother, candy, war,
Form: Blitz
Blitzkrieg - German word
Blitzkrieg= blitz (lightning) + krieg (war)

The word blitzkrieg means "rapid attack" in German language.
In Marketing world, same strategy is used to manage
a focused campaign for a product,
to help promoting unknown product
to specific customers through media to gain vantage.
...Read More
Categories: blitz, business,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Beautiful Is Love - The Blitz Style

~ Beautiful   Is   Love ~
( The Blitz  Poem )


Love God Hope Peace n' Joy
Love is beautiful
Beautiful  is love
Beautiful  is  you
You are wonderful
You are amazing
Amazing and awesome
Amazing and great
Great all about you
Great ...Read More
Categories: blitz, angel, beautiful, emotions, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Today Is Great - The Blitz Style

~ Today Is Great ~
( Blitz )

Rise above
Rise today
Today is the time
Today is now
Now start again
Now is the time
Time to dream
Time to accomplish things
Things you need to do
Things that are important
Important to start
Important to continue
Continue to fight for
Continue to do...Read More
Categories: blitz, beautiful, inspirational, life, love,
Form: Free verse

                  I don't say "hello" to the horse
        but yes to the driver ... not that...Read More
Categories: blitz, allusion, creation, life, metaphor, poetry, wisdom,
Form: Prose Poetry
Your past should
Your past should be a reminder,
Of how far you have come.
Your past should be the key to the present,
Not to a ball and chain.

Your past should be a line in the sand,
That you never step back over.
Your past should be...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beauty, birthday, blessing, education, hope, love,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member No thing

No~ and Every~..
No~ vibrates
Shaping No~
As Every~..
This is
All we know or
Need to know..
Yet..we fear
Not knowing......Read More
Categories: beauty, i am, wisdom,
Form: Blitz
Another day came, another day went! My dad made me, but wasn’t allowed to raise me and now he’s about to face the chamber! My mom hid me, lied to me my whole life like damn ma I was your...Read More
Categories: anger,
Form: Blitz
Saša Milivojev - A CHALICE OF GORE

Silence bites
Below school's stairs
Trickling tears of fervent gore
From thy brethren's veins
Their cups to the rim they pour

All is shattered in the blast
Heavens echoing with silence
Dracula is licking his lips
Threading fingers through their tears
Pouring for...Read More
Categories: blitz, death, deep, evil, murder, truth, war, world,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Now

This is not a
Sliver of time..
But the Field
Containing all time
(And the way)
You and I
Are this Field
This Now
Which is waiting
For our Recognition..
For when Recognized
All absences and departs
Paint our Now with
Memories now made of
Now......Read More
Categories: farewell, meaningful, remember, wisdom,
Form: Blitz
What price a child's soul
A child's soul was once priceless,
A child's soul was once beyond the reach of most things evil,
A child's soul was once safe in the hands of 99 out of every hundred.

Do you remember the first time you saw a loss...Read More
Categories: abuse, addiction, anger, anxiety, betrayal, childhood, love,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member What would our ancestors say
What of them?
What do you think that they would they say?
Do you think they turn and ran when democracy was at stake?

What of all that suffering, all that hate seems to stay! What about all that blitz fear that they...Read More
Categories: blitz, children, conflict, discrimination, drink, fear, world war
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors

There is the belief
(Standing for centuries)
Of those colors seeming
To appear in vistas found
In this and that place..
In this season..perhaps
We might Recognize
Real joy comes from 
Dissolving the distances
And simply allowing
The rise of the colors 
In our Openness......Read More
Categories: autumn, beauty, purple,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Voyages

In our voyages 
Since infancy                                
We have ridden 
many...Read More
Categories: inspirational, spiritual, voyage,
Form: Blitz
If we want to do better,
We must hope for something better,
Believe in something that is better.

I still find it hard to believe,
That there are people who are afraid to believe
Who have no reason to believe

For some the best present in...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, baptism, blessing, celebration, character, love,
Form: Blitz
The Tale of the Liverpool Blitz
The Tale of the Liverpool Blitz

Mill Road Hospital took a Direct Hit
On the Maternity Ward indiscriminately killing Pregnant Women and new-born children 

Reduced the City , Docks and Quarter's to smouldering ashes

Blew the Malachant into a Billion
Shrapnel pieces the quake...Read More
Categories: blitz, world war ii,
Form: Free verse

the air is metallic,
the taste of old blood

this is an un-dead sky

what is contained in this pulsating blitz
is that 
not usually notice

- wind-smears through electric branches

- the white fire of small wings
scooped into a deeper distance

- the smell of malformed...Read More
Categories: blitz, poetry,
Form: Blank verse

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