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Blitz Poems | Blitz Examples

Blitz Poems. Examples of Blitz and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Blitz poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Blitz.

A blitz is a type of 50-line poem that has short phrases, images, and was created by poet Robert Keim, but there is more to a blitz. What is blitz in poetry (complete definition)?

And when healing has it's own beauty to embrace, I rarely like my past to be rephrased. Because in the past who I was I wanted to time stand still, and thought that my happiness would...Read the rest...
Categories: betrayal,
Form: Blitz

When silence has it waves
Always drowned in confusion, wished, ,,i hope i'll never change" But how is change defined? There is no negative or positive, neither neutral, it is there to taught us suffering in life and stand up...Read the rest...
Categories: eve,
Form: Blitz
What means real? Huh
People being simple, sadly always stumble. As we they ecounter stairs they wanna believe or not, quick they get into greif and deciding for a dot. ,,God sounds surreal", they say. Lamps that Cover the stars? The Hunger...Read the rest...
Categories: boat,
Form: Blitz
happiness is
Happiness is I this what I wanted, writing for no one in particular a few readers here and a few readers there happiness is in what I cannot grasp. I'm thankful for not becoming what I wanted...Read the rest...
Categories: abortion, absence, abuse, africa,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Unreleased With Management
Power is dynamite Power is unleased Unleased for evil Unleased for good Good brings joy Good brings love Love is of God Love releases Releases happiness Releases freedom Freedom to live Freedom to be responsible Responsible in relationship Responsible in life Life opens doors Life for living Living is a joy Living...Read the rest...
Categories: life,
Form: Blitz

Premium Member Wild And Free
Psyches on the edge Psyches going wild Wild child oh so daring Wild one hellish bold Bold and downright brazen Bold though fiercely blind Blind to subtle logic Blind eyed scourge Scourge imposed on others Scourge the plague...Read the rest...
Categories: birth, care, deep, destiny,
Form: Blitz
Kill or Struggle
Aim to please Aim to kill Kill with kindness Kill time Time flies Time to go Go the distance Go home Home sweet home Home free Free to roam Free falling Falling down Falling in love Love is blind Love hurts Hurts like hell Hurts so good Good vibrations Good to know Know your...Read the rest...
Categories: fun, love, repetition, silly,
Form: Blitz
Care to Live
Do you love me Do I even care Care enough to find out Care because I should Should I ask you Should you respond Respond to my question Respond with the truth Truth is I do Truth is I don’t Don’t break my heart Don’t...Read the rest...
Categories: care, confusion, feelings, love
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Entertaining of Peace
Builder-blocks build with Builder-blocks are entertaining Entertaining for little ones Entertaining even for adults Adults get creative Adults articulate to their children Children build towers Children build houses Houses can be different sizes Houses can be one color or...Read the rest...
Categories: education,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Tattered But Warm
Quilt handmade Quilt tattered Tattered edges Tattered cloth Cloth that's leftover Cloth a reminder Reminder of dresses Reminder of handmade Handmade dresses Handmade with love Love filled endeavor Love the covering Covering well used Covering to possess Possess little Possess much Much love Much less things Things to use Things to wear...Read the rest...
Categories: environment,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Blue In Life
Cobalt is beautiful Cobalt is deep blue Blue is gorgeous Blue is prominent Prominent in the sky Prominent in the ocean Ocean water is deep Ocean water filled Filled with fish Filled with coral Coral is colorful Coral is alive Alive in ocean Alive in reefs Reefs...Read the rest...
Categories: earth,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Stable And Last
Earth is a planet Earth is stable Stable for eons Stable swirling mass Mass of gases Mass of gold Gold lands in rivers Gold slips through hands Hands develop character Hands reach out in love Love grows Love holds Holds hands Holds hearts Hearts melt Hearts never part Part ways Part stays Stays...Read the rest...
Categories: earth,
Form: Blitz
Rising of Dove
Rainbow roses revived Rainbow rains rising Rising of ruby rituals Rising from heartbeat of lies Lies with opal wings Lies betray every crown Crown of the spiritual realm Crown of a forbidden Queen Queen reigning with clemency Queen who thrones destiny Destiny is an...Read the rest...
Categories: art, deep, imagery, life,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Bulbs Among Sustainers
Set some goals Set out bulbs Bulbs planted in garden Bulbs planted in beds Beds filled with blooms Beds are warm Warm days bring flowers Warm beds rest Rest equals health Rest for weary Weary souls faint Weary hearts mourn Mourn love lost Mourn departed Departed is gloom Departed is...Read the rest...
Categories: confusion,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Days without Words
Time keeps crawling Time thaws fleeting days Days with daisy hope Days where you fall Fall to rise again Fall in perfumed dreams Dreams forgotten Dreams lost in silence Silence that sings Silence with secrets Secrets unquestionable Secrets unfathomable Unfathomable reality Unfathomable clarity Clarity with no remorse Clarity of...Read the rest...
Categories: emotions, time,
Form: Blitz

Specific Types of Blitz Poems

Read wonderful blitz poetry on the following sub-topics: acrostic, death, london, personification, school, war, and more.

Definition | What is Blitz in Poetry?

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