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Rondeau Poems - New Rondeau Poem Examples

Rondeau Poems. Examples of Rondeaus and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Rondeau poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Rondeau.

A rondeau is a form of French poetry with 15 lines written on two rhymes, but there is more to a rondeau. What is rondeau in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Raveled Rondeau
Enlightenment eludes the mind. Some search within but never find reality’s enlightened face adrift in voids of inner space that leave the touch of truth behind. Self-titled sages are inclined while blind themselves to lead the blind a merry chase that claims...Read More
Categories: inspiration, introspection, philosophy, space,
Form: Rondeau

Premium Member Revelation
There once was a child who was very shy, She hid from newcomers under her bed, She was a nervous girl, inclined to cry, She took to heart almost all that was said. At school she was rather a...Read More
Categories: rondeau, appreciation, books, child, girl,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member The Play Has Ended
The curtain comes down, the play has ended, The last soliloquy has been rendered, There will not be any calls for an encore, It has, after all, been rather a bore, Whatever the playwright may have intended. Some of the...Read More
Categories: allusion, culture, image, music,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member The Witches Have Gone
The witches have gone, back into the gloom, At the last having fun bewitching a tomb, They have had their way for another year, Poisoning the atmosphere, Like a nasty vapour sprayed round a room. Yes, each of them has...Read More
Categories: allusion, death, fantasy, halloween,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Precarious
Ambedo: I see the linoleum on the floor, Its intricate pattern of woodgrain, And, looking closer, traces of stain, I see it as I never have before, Signs of ageing I cannot ignore, Each blemish is impressed on my brain...Read More
Categories: age, anxiety, health, house,
Form: Rondeau

Premium Member Soft Toys
Soft toys of various sizes May be offered as fairground prizes, Awarded for an accurate throw - "Take your pick, Sir, from the top row," So the stand attendant advises.. The keen competitor scrutinises What the latest challenge comprises, Ready as ever...Read More
Categories: appreciation, for her, love,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Curses
Curses guaranteed malicious, Nastiest you've ever seen, Bargain price for Halloween, Come on if you're superstitious, Take your pick of these pernicious, Shockingly and mockingly mean Curses. Spells capacious and capricious, Brought straight from a scene Unkempt, ungodly and unclean, Dare to scare with these...Read More
Categories: appreciation, horror, night, october,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Dread
Dread pervades the moonlit night, As goblins shriek in garbled speech, And to each other witches screech; Somewhere a pair of mongrels fight, As imps applaud the gruesome sight, And higher the howls of hatred reach - Dread. And what of the...Read More
Categories: anxiety, children, dog, mother,
Form: Rondeau
Star Stuff
Of starry stuff our lives were made when supernova cloud cascade in stellar burst of gases shed with elements from which we’re bred evolved to human escapade; yet nature’s laws must be obeyed so all that flourishes shall fade for never-ending cosmic...Read More
Categories: creation, death, humanity, life,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member A Different Angle
A different angle On the puzzling Bermuda Triangle Might involve the astral gods, Who by timing are at odds, Thus causing the ships to tangle. The trinkets on Bermuda's bangle* May have planets that all jangle Every time a transit nods, A different...Read More
Categories: analogy, city, conflict, confusion,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Keeping Quiet
I have always been perfectly content To spend a great deal of time on my own, While everything about me is silent, It never bothers me to be alone. Since my childhood i have always been prone To be someone...Read More
Categories: rondeau, allusion, childhood, growth, i
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Treasure Trove
I dreamed I found a treasure chest, Emblazoned with a silver crest, In which riches overflowed, As gold glittered and pearls glowed, Treasure trove of the very best. I had gone, at the king's request, To search for treasure way out...Read More
Categories: adventure, dream, money, travel,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Gipsy Camp
Firelight flickering under the moon, Musicians playing a rollicking tune, Laughter and dancing, Lovers romancing, Around the fire wine bottles are strewn. Some black-bearded fellow starts softly to croon, Begging some lady to grant him a boon, And all the time at...Read More
Categories: dance, emotions, image, moon,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Muldune the Forest Chanter
Forest chanting is daily heard, Our wild woman spreads her word. Some may be startled by her tune. Creatures call her their great Muldune. Forest knows she is not absurd. Muldune raised in wondrous forest way, Lavishes goodness joy throughout her...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Love
Love, so it is said, makes the world go round, But I suggest it is time to query That long held and convenient theory. For far too frequently it has been found, And should by this time have ceased...Read More
Categories: cry, feelings, love,
Form: Rondeau

Specific Types of Rondeau Poems

Read wonderful rondeau poetry on the following sub-topics: food, sports, time and more.

Definition | What is Rondeau in Poetry?

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