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Rondeau Poems | Rondeau Examples

Rondeau Poems. Examples of Rondeaus and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Rondeau poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Rondeau.

A rondeau is a form of French poetry with 15 lines written on two rhymes, but there is more to a rondeau. What is rondeau in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Because Ignorance Is Bliss
Please do not laugh; yes, I am “woke,” Volumes I’ve cried because ignorance is bliss, That our social studies are demonstrably broke When realities of our past we coldly dismiss. Children won’t understand what’s amiss For realities of the past...Read More
Categories: rondeau, education, how i feel,
Form: Rondeau Redouble

By Happenstance
By happenstance a glance may say we humans saw the light of day in universe’s vast expanse to personate our song and dance within a fleeting earthly stay. At night black velvet sky array stelliferous with appliqué might seem to firmament enhance by...Read More
Categories: earth, humanity, stars, truth,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Today Is a Repeat of Yesterday
Were I so inclined, I could scoff and say: “The times are worse than they once were,” But, I submit today is a repeat of yesterday To many, moreever, yesterdays are but a blur. There simply aren’t many things...Read More
Categories: rondeau, history, how i feel,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Deeper Depths
In deeper depths we strive to peek through sharper optical technique and glimpse beyond to sights unseen with magnifying lenses keen and special telescopic tweak. Still here on earth with doublespeak we inadvertent havoc wreak albeit nature holds the lien in deeper depths. Yet...Read More
Categories: earth, humanity, nature, space,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member It's been a while
It's been a while; I hear her say; since parted lips have come my way, felt eager breath hot on my face, my aching heart once more to race. For long, I've kept our love at bay. You visit me...Read More
Categories: betrayal, lonely, longing, lust,
Form: Rondeau

Premium Member Music of My Soul
Music of My Soul The earth ever composes mystical arias for me That taste the splendor in thunder’s profusion, Then touch the silent metronomes of lyric waves free To hypnotize my pulse in movements of fusion. The sounds of...Read More
Categories: rondeau, earth,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Wrestle with me
Wrestle with me, the small voice weighs as does your brother when he prays. There's much so wrong, but also right I can council if you invite; shepherd your tenet when it strays. Don't live in atavistic daze; closed minds the...Read More
Categories: character, conflict,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Melodies Of Earth
"The sounds of Earth is the music of my soul." Sounds of the Earth so sweetly play Like gentle breeze on summer day, The falling leaves of autumn's dance, In rhythmic swirls they seem to...Read More
Categories: earth, moon, star,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Friends
They are treasures, such a delight Taking you from gloom into light If you have feeligs of despair Friends comfort you, they will be there They are like stars shining so bright They won't...Read More
Categories: friendship,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member The Music of my Soul
“The sounds of earth is the music of my soul” Music to soul, Mourning Doves sing! Hummingbirds float, each buzzing wing! Water trickles over the rocks, Spring released by winter’s ice blocks. I hear the crinkling leaves the bear fling. The...Read More
Categories: earth, seasons, sound,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Hush
"The wind is the pounding of my heart." Blowing gently, like a whisper or sigh silencing my doubts, reminding me why My dreams fall like starlight, singing away the sorrow, gentling and bringing Feelings so alive they brighten the sky Moving...Read More
Categories: blessing, emotions, inspiration, wind,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Earth's Music
"The sound of earth is the Music of my Soul" Songs of the Earth will fill my ear and bathe my soul in colors sheer. Tender...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, appreciation, beauty,
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member Beaches
Children frolic in soft, warm sand. Upon which, long ago, a band Of brothers gave their lives to free A country held in tyranny; Omaha, Utah, each, as planned. Gold, Juno, Sword, a bloody land. Lives stolen far from their homeland. Where...Read More
Categories: beach, war, world war
Form: Rondeau
Premium Member God search begin
"The streams are my veins." God search begin, by choosing quietude; All that remains, is consciousness aware. With bliss mists ethereal, heart’s imbued, As love in love with love, with love does pair. Our form’s forged from earth, water, fire...Read More
Categories: rondeau, god, spiritual,
Form: Rondeau Redouble
Premium Member Rush With Me, Wind
"The wind is the pounding of my heart." Rush with me, wind! Help my heart pound, with forces of tornado's sound; yet, gentle as a summer breeze slow dancing, twirling through the trees. My heart, like wind- prevails unbound. My heart,...Read More
Categories: heart, inspirational, simile, wind,
Form: Rondeau

Specific Types of Rondeau Poems

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Definition | What is Rondeau in Poetry?

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