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Vaasokht Poems | Vaasokht Examples

Vaasokht Poems. Examples of Vaasokhts and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Vaasokht poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Vaasokht.

A vaasokht is an Urdu form of poem describing the displeasure and carelessness of a lover, but there is more to a vaasokht. What is vaasokht in poetry (complete definition)?

negligence regarding love
"What is life but a succession of preludes to unwritten words . . . "                  ...Read More
Categories: lost, lost love, love
Form: Vaasokht

Premium Member Dear Joan Letter
*Image of Letter of Do's & Don'ts by WB. Writing "What is life but a succession of preludes to unwritten words . . . " Quote by_Constance La France Dear Joan Letter You said I'm the one yet you're bad...Read More
Categories: angst, anxiety, betrayal, goodbye,
Form: Vaasokht
What is life but a succession of preludes to unwritten words . . Quote by_Constance...Read More
Categories: writing,
Form: Vaasokht
Flickering Flame
"What is life but a succession of preludes to unwritten words . . . " ...Read More
Categories: analogy, life,
Form: Vaasokht
"What is life but a succession of preludes to unwritten words . . . " ...Read More
Categories: angst, writing,
Form: Vaasokht

Premium Member Forgetting
"Every struggle in my life has been a lesson and made me stronger." ...Read More
Categories: age, life,
Form: Vaasokht
Premium Member Autumn Fuse
*Image of Second Autumn by Medium. Autumn Fuse Twas an Autumn pink, when my heart did sink, she had alleged, loving has edged, Twas an Autumn blue, when I'd heard tis true, let us not stall, it's on the wall, Twas an...Read More
Categories: autumn, extended metaphor, imagery,
Form: Vaasokht
Premium Member A Suitable Apparatus
In the form of a vast sea, we are ushered to the meaning. Ships remain a creative possibility for long-distance way. We provide the affordable option of sailing or swimming. Going out with a group of loyal friends...Read More
Categories: analogy, anxiety, appreciation, deep,
Form: Vaasokht
Premium Member Sanctum Of Thought
The moon looks to be shining brightly right now. Our lives are shown to us in a short, quick show. There is no one else to blame but us for our flaws. It contrasts admirably with the way...Read More
Categories: analogy, change, confidence, inspirational,
Form: Vaasokht
Premium Member Destroyer of Love
Love so easy when stars align One kiss one touch you are mine We enter realm of truly sublime What went wrong? I missed first sign 'twas the criticism you did design no longer can I worship at your shrine You...Read More
Categories: heartbreak, heartbroken,
Form: Vaasokht
Premium Member The Last Straw
She said she had stopped loving me long ago Now, her goal was to make me miserable, Not the least of kind affections does she show And her villainy is far more than considerable, It seemed to start after...Read More
Categories: angst, farewell, lost love,
Form: Vaasokht
Love Croft
Flaws and faults blame each other. Demonized like Succubus-Incubus. Philautia, amour propre cursed lover. Garden fountains, tears and mucus. Morally peaceful dignity of lover. Love is aloof and leaves the circus. ...Read More
Categories: love, teen love,
Form: Vaasokht
Teri bewafaai bhi humare idhar se maaf hai Hamari nazar mai toh khali ain-shen-qaf hai Yeh dil toh tere haq mai faislay liya karta hai Aankh, kan, hath, pair yeh sab tere khilaaf hai ...Read More
Categories: 7th grade, beautiful, break
Form: Vaasokht
Premium Member a midst of a abusive verbal Relationship
I am at the midst; A the way she so insist; Adrift your sarcasms; This jaunt reaction; I’m sorely displeased; On how you verbally abuse me; Alas you’re not raising a baby; I’m a grown man, I know what I...Read More
Categories: abuse, analogy, betrayal, conflict,
Form: Vaasokht
Ungrateful, Not faithful; Ill faded emotional you cheated on me, Told your hurt, thoughts and feelings to another; Yet it does matter, let's cut to the scene even though this I know you love me; I insist you first should summit...Read More
Categories: anxiety, assonance, confusion, desire,
Form: Vaasokht

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