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Sedoka Poems | Sedoka Examples

Sedoka Poems. Examples of Sedokas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Sedoka poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Sedoka.

A sedoka is a form of Japanese poem that is unrhymed and consists of two three-line katauta which follow a 5/7/7 syllables count, but there is more to a sedoka. What is sedoka in poetry (complete definition)?

fog rolls across the landscape white pines disappear enslaved by morning mist from my balcony hazy thoughts tumble down stairs pandemic bound Bite Size Poem No15 Contest by Line Gauthier ...Read More
Categories: anxiety, confusion, lonely,
Form: Sedoka

Premium Member Full Evidence
*I am only stating facts I observed at hearings and from witnesses and my opinion. If you comment with info that is opposing, I will leave it there if not insulting, but may not answer,...Read More
Categories: america, corruption,
Form: Sedoka
Premium Member Royalty of My Garden
purple petunia she is fragile and dainty I marvel at her beauty amazing color she is fluorescent looking royalty of my garden ...Read More
Categories: flower, garden,
Form: Sedoka
Premium Member breathing words
my heart is breathing and gentle as a still stream peace is mine until a storm ... and my words are lost yet, somehow I gather them ~ to let them pour on paper _________________ June 10, 2021 Poetry/Sedoka/breathing words Copyright...Read More
Categories: writing,
Form: Sedoka
Premium Member Endless Bliss
“God is bliss himself; the individual soul becomes blissful on attaining him.” Taittiriya Upanishad 2.7)[v14] ~~~ ENDLESS, ETERNAL, EVERLASTING, BOTTOMLESS Oh! The bliss of salvation ~~~ INFINITE, BOUNDLESS, UNBROKEN and LIMITLESS Oh! The bliss of salvation ~~~ 06.06.2021 For Writing Prompt - Endless,Constance La France ...Read More
Categories: spiritual,
Form: Sedoka

Premium Member BULLIES-
Bullies Are just scared people ashamed of what they are now unhappy and belittled jealous embarrassed of those they intimidate Bullies are hurting people? 5/18/21 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2021 © Sedoka ...Read More
Categories: analogy, anxiety, bullying,
Form: Sedoka
Edges of Doubt
Art in loneliness Shiny water of sea-green Your smile shines bright in the rain A wandering soul Write treasures in your dungeon The edges of doubt are sharp ...Read More
Categories: art, lonely, loss,
Form: Sedoka
Seas the Dream
Surreal now, those days Evanescent seas in time A wind’s stonewalled aria Simpering off cliffs… Tyrolean traverse grit Hard as granite without mirth Elevation’s daze Dared Yosemite’s wizard Raging froth on green ~ river etched a deeper gorge A lost arrow stabbed the lea mourning an...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Sedoka
GOOD MORNING SUNRISE morning springs sunshine how often do you come shine radiant gleams beaming straight beautiful golden hues red brighten yellow light morning good morning sunrise 4/10/21 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2021© SEDOKA poetry type ...Read More
Categories: analogy, appreciation, beautiful, sunshine,
Form: Sedoka
No-Name Football Team
They play their home games in the nation's capital. The team has no name. They were the "Redskins". For Native Americans, the team dropped their moniker. ...Read More
Categories: football, native american,
Form: Sedoka
The Wonders are in Breach of Contract
Jimmy just walked out. Lenny is in Las Vegas. Bass player is a marine. Mr. White is mad. The Wonders cease to exist. What is Guy going to do? based on the 1996 film "That Thing You Do!" ...Read More
Categories: business, music,
Form: Sedoka
Premium Member Danger
Sheep bleating sundown Wolves lurk furtively in packs Moans of dying voices warn. Shepherd alert now Danger to his frightened flock Brings crude weapons to ready. Submitted to "BITE SIZE POEM #7" Poetry Contest Sponsored by...Read More
Categories: animal, fear, nature,
Form: Sedoka
Premium Member SHE
SHE She is Fatima. ...Read More
Categories: appreciation,
Form: Sedoka
Premium Member MEMORY OF YOUTH
Angst of ascending oh, stairs pose beckoning woes once easily surmounted… ...Missing youthful* zest ah, I still climb by God’s strength midst soaring faith legacy. *Ecclesiastes 12:1 Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days...Read More
Categories: christian, faith, god, jesus,
Form: Sedoka
Element of Air
Wind whistles through night Voices of the birds travel Tree branches dance to rhythm Writing skills inspired Fresh ideas flow through the pen Putting smiles on few faces . 11-2-2020 CONTEST:Spin a sedoka sponsored by Nette Onclaud...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Sedoka

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