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Hamd Poems

Hamd Poems. Examples of Hamds and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Hamd poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Hamd. (New Poems Below)

Poem Topics Related to Hamd

allah, almighty, ghazal, islam, marsiya, naat, nazm, praise, qasida, qawwali, rubai

New Poems

With grateful heart, deep gratitude, and satisfactions,
All types of praise and thanks be to Allah
For the good things He has given
For keeping me healthy and wealthy
I am very thankful to Allah for all things,
I have had
I have heard
I have read
I...Read More
Categories: appreciation, life, love,
Form: Hamd

Mishari Rashid Al Afasy - Rahman - Lyrics & English Translation ? 
By Miss Aliza Kashmala Kiran.
Mishari Rashid Al Afasy – Rahman
Rahman means Our Most Merciful Maker The only Allah AlMighty.

Rahman Ya Rahman
Syaidni Ya Rahman
Israh shadri  Quran
Imla’ Qalbi Quran
Wasqih...Read More
Categories: allah, blessing, faith, islamic, nature, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: Hamd
The sky was a Gray
And yet a Thunder did roll.
Add Wind Rain and Hail....Read More
Categories: winter,
Form: Hamd
Premium Member to the show
And so
I can’t go
To the show
No no no
Locked in a cage
Can’t they see
My rage
...Read More
Categories: america,
Form: Hamd
Innocent these souls,
Let alone in journey
Along the road

The strings to sit on hands
Struggling the kites up for survival

The wings,what wrong?
Why not they like doves,strong?

Losing breadwinner on a day of shock 
Slices of their bread,where is locked?

How to find room in...Read More
Categories: character, discrimination, environment, women,
Form: Hamd

God is Always There
God is Always There

We often feel as though
God is far away
And we often feel that He
Is distant when we pray
So often we feel lonely,
Not knowing where to turn
Just a touch from God above,
Our longing spirits yearn
So many times in our...Read More
Categories: allah, islamic,
Form: Hamd
God Bless You
I Asked the Lord to bless you.
As I prayed for you today.
That  God will guide you and protect you 
As you go along the way.
His love is always with you.
His promises are true.
And when we give...Read More
Categories: allah, blessing,
Form: Hamd
Premium Member Hamd's Haven in Hammam
Hamd in Hammam 

His or her word is everything resolved

Absolved enlightened entwined where

Mistress and master join in passion in

Birth and rebirth recant their solemn prayer

In every flower deed conviction praise

Nirvana even in the Turkish bath where

Harun and Hafeeza in separate...Read More
Categories: allah, devotion, love,
Form: Hamd
Let Me
If there will be, let me have your time 
Let me hold your hand as you are mine
And I’ll let you marvel on me like masterpiece 
Take your chance to sculpt me like I'm made to be yours
Do not rush...Read More
Categories: beauty, emotions, for him, freedom, love, romance,
Form: Hamd
Karun wasf kya main bayan tera teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Karun wasf kya main bayan tera teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Teri zaat laaeqe har sana teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Teri kaarsazi se aashna na hue Payambar-o-Auliya
Tera bhed koi na pasaka teri shaan jalle jalaluhu
Jo mareez-e-gam ki kare dawa dil-e-dardmand ko de shifa
Nahin...Read More
Categories: urdu,
Form: Hamd
Premium Member AUTUMN TREES

like some huge wild beast
this hollow tree, dead limbs spread
two children inside

three wolves in the snow
patiently look up the tree
some nut shells and tracks

hear their wild clucking
three ducks in the snow look up
strewn red berries, tracks

bare trees and lamp...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Hamd
People of the Book
White hands, faces, minds, hearts, and souls
My love my lifetime!
You and all good people worldwide
For all that blessings and grace,
One should be always thankful to God
...Read More
Categories: relationship,
Form: Hamd
All powers belong to You Almighty Allah
When I breathe and beat you know my nerve,
Whether am in trouble or in twisty curve,
Alpha to infinity you knows my pain,
Alas! All my endeavors yet null and vain,
Oh my Lord forgive my err and sin,
Am not more than petite...Read More
Categories: allah, blessing,
Form: Hamd
All Power Belongs To You Almighty Allah
You the omnipotent and Merciful For All,
O my Lord !All power belongs to You,
Whether who is Muslim or infidel doesn’t matter,
Your blessings are uncountable through,

Rainfall or waterfall cold breeze to warm,
Mountain to land , Sea or the endless sand,
Heat or...Read More
Categories: eulogy,
Form: Hamd
Tu hi hay meri banddagi ka markaz,
Tujhe hi paana hay meri zindagi ka maqsad,

Tu hi hay jo meray kaam dekhta hay,
Aur meri zaat ka Tu hi hay aik sarparast,

Tujhse mohabbat meri fitrat main hay shamil,
Tu hi hay Malik-e-Khaliq-o-barhaq,

Tujhe hi main...Read More
Categories: allah,
Form: Hamd
Allah is the one
Allah is the one,
neither he is father nor he is son,

and the things get done,

Allah made the sky,
seems to like fly,

Allah made universe,

Allah gives anyone without reason,
Allah do not tired in any season,

Allah is everywhere,
nearer than your heart nears,

Allah is...Read More
Categories: allah, faith, religion, religious, universe,
Form: Hamd
Glorifying 'Hamd'
Oh thee creator
I bestow thy Holy name
Ye unique kind-fold....Read More
Categories: hamd, depression, religious, thank you,
Form: Haiku

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