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Dramatic Monologue Poems

Dramatic Monologue Poems. Examples of Dramatic Monologues and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Dramatic Monologue poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Dramatic Monologue. (New Poems Below)

Poem Topics Related to Dramatic Monologue

lyric, monologue, speech

New Poems

northern light
I take a deep breath
My lungs are burning
The air is like ice
Making my skin feel numb
like it is no part of me anymore
A last bit of warmth lies deep inside of me
But it is slowly fading away
The arctic sky above
Makes...Read More
Categories: introspection, nature, symbolism,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Premium Member Isn't It Poetic
Its meter and rhyme, delicate and sublime,
 fantasy surreal, personal appeal;
a couplet, quatrain or quintain, try them all in time
 but gather close to your heart
 the best way your words depart;
what could be bio, ballad, sonnet best
 as we...Read More
Categories: dramatic monologue, poems, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Taking Away The Loneliness
Oceans of loneliness forgiven
petrichor slowly dances away
a strawberry kiss commencement
in deepest recesses of my mind

just linger 
with desserts of pleasure
wrapped around 
the very essence of my soul

brandy hints, a take of summer
shining down upon her grace

footfalls ambulate the shoreline
docked, the...Read More
Categories: loneliness, love,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member The Dreaded Calm
Adrift on a sea of calm awaiting first hint of passion.... Tasteless and void this empty pallet before me yet better for it as pointless stroke serves only a reminder of the moment’s lacking. .....  Peace, calm the dreaded...Read More
Categories: introspection, poetry,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
A 'Love' Comet Tale
In the dimming dawn of pulsar uncertainty,
asteroidal tear projections of past launch failures
boosted the fear of rejection
It made you afraid of me ... and my shy Virgo intentions

when you’re in a cloudy sigh free-fall,
it’s so hard to see
the many...Read More
Categories: allusion, encouraging, hope, romantic love,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

before i go
herei am
once again feeling lost 
missing you like crazy 
even today, yet i do not know why you left
oh baby, you are on my mind all day
evem on my hardest, darkest day on my mind its just you
your name shouting,...Read More
Categories: deep, depression, destiny, drug, men, true love,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member You did it by yourself you got a Book -A Story about Peppa-LeiNah-Carlinand PaPa
Play some Carly
 I said Say Mama
My grand  daughter says
What's your name
My name is  LeiNah! 
Play some Peppa
This is my name
 my name...
 Play some Peppa 
This is my name
 Is my name Disney NE...Read More
Categories: analogy, devotion, imagery, kindergarten,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Can I Be Redeemed
As I walk the hallways of reflection and turn the corner of my mind I find standing there before me- myself from the days of my youth - holding with open palm the dreams and expectations of my life.
Word need...Read More
Categories: introspection,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

I stand here in silences, but God knows me
I sit here in my personal space, quiet yet God hears me
You ask me how am I doing,  you speak to me, say, “Hi”
Ever so ever yet quiet am I

Yes! It’s...Read More
Categories: analogy, angst, desire, destiny, identity, metaphor, symbolism,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Oceans Alone
Don't walk with me
Find your own path
This dark ocean
With hidden waves of wrath
Bring me peace and humbling

I feel no need
To chat with you
This silvery sky
With endless night and truth
Brings me sincerity

I won't hand hold
No roses, please
This hanging moon
With broken light...Read More
Categories: angst, anxiety, beach, confidence, feelings, passion, symbolism,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member I Rise Above It
I shall no longer walk that road which once devoured me but proclaim the road now tread.  

Though in times past discarded by others I have since risen above those ashes becoming as the Phoenix that I soar once...Read More
Categories: inspiration, introspection,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member The Unfathomable Loss at Las Vegas
Las Vegas   
Oh Mercy, Mercy I beg come to me as a mist through the darkness, give me peace, grace and understanding unending in this my broken moment. Silence and darkness have cast themselves heavily upon...Read More
Categories: grief, heartbreak, loss, sorrow,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Choose To Live Well
Today is a day that was freely given to me as I stand in full recognition with face to the eastern sun I have no right to claim it mine 
Who am I to claim,  think or demand...Read More
Categories: inspiration, introspection,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Goodbye Mankind
Distant clouds seem settled upon city towers bringing odd blend to nature and man.
Odd in the thought for though of nature, man separates himself in his every action. Concrete and steel raised to intrude and make forceful their existence, yet...Read More
Categories: philosophy,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
one morning i will wake up and i won’t miss you anymore
until that day comes i will pray to God to have you for one last time
i will pray to hug u one more time
i will pray for u to...Read More
Categories: 8th grade, angel, boyfriend, break up, farewell,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
I scream, you scream, we all scream for

(Seriously, right?)...Read More
Categories: how i feel, humor, insect, people, scary,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Find Me Worthy
As the day approaches for the journey to begin the natural waves of questions throw themselves heavily upon me. Forgive me as I reach deeper than my mind and express upon this given canvas the current colors washing over my...Read More
Categories: celebration, inspirational, introspection, journey, uplifting,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member New Life
A new peace has washed over me which I have never known before. A peace steady and sustainable for it is a peace born from within. Renewed , I am found.  
The path ahead will be one of my...Read More
Categories: hope, inspirational, introspection, loneliness, love,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Written In Blood
Were I with artist brush to carve my strokes upon this canvas with the very blood which once passed through my beating heart, pulsed through my veins and bore witness to my soul....would those strokes with their cry for life...Read More
Categories: philosophy, poetry, poets, riddle,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Dear Jesus Santa
Dear Santa Jesus,

We are being kicked out of our house again.
Mom needs a job because she got mad and got fired.
Dad has not sent money for a long time.
You can skip me this year. I am twelve.
But bring something to...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member In The Beginning The Moment My Life Changed
It began as but a whisper, a breeze so gentle I knew it not by definition , unknown even by the most tender leaf yet of such purity, of such brilliance, calling notice not to itself but rather bearing full...Read More
Categories: birth, motivation, uplifting,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Passion and the Razor
With razors edge I would separate myself from my passions were it possible-  for the pain brought to bare stands exposed in full light of center stage as the scripted pages of my life ring out of plotted tragedy....Read More
Categories: introspection, passion,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Surviving the Onslaught
Many a day have dark cloud and turbulent storm lorded over me ruling my life and actions as I fought to stay afloat in the heavy seas of life. 
Alas the blessed return of calm waters and bright sun have...Read More
Categories: appreciation, motivation, perspective, uplifting,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
A Statistic
A Statistic

Sometimes I feel tired of being in my own skin....feeling overwhelmed with sin that’s not my own...sorrow overbearing with thoughts of black teenagers that will never be, and woman dying as children...because they were shot by cops that...Read More
Categories: color, deep, discrimination,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
A Chorus Of Angels
Do I hear the sound of Angels?
Feel the hand of Reaper Grim…
Rest upon my shoulder

Does the sound of children laughing
Still warm this heart?
This weary heart that’s growing older

Are the pins and needles in my joints
My penance for…
Walks I didn’t take

Seems...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

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