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Alexandrine Poems | Alexandrine Examples

Alexandrine Poems. Examples of Alexandrine and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Alexandrine poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Alexandrine.

Alexandrine is a form of French poetry consisting of a line of 12 syllables with major stresses on the 6th syllable and last syllable, but there is more. What is alexandrine in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Down In The Valley
Down in the lush valley, the river swiftly flows I need to cross over, embrace the mountain, grow On the other side, gold, hurry, swim across fast At the top of the bluff, look far and wide at...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy,
Form: Alexandrine

Premium Member Simplicity and Grace-A Types of Poems Poetry Contest
"I shall be like a tree planted by the river ... " Psalm 1:3 I am as strong as a tree, soaring yet grounded roots of my past firmly planted within the earth. The leaves of my Present...Read the rest...
Categories: tree,
Form: Alexandrine
Premium Member Samson and The Liar: Parody
Yond the Book of Judges, uncover the smudges, Samson and or Shimshon, a Nazarite vowed, son, Delilah deceptor, Philistia's daughter, The lipstick was preying, weight lift also praying, The black widow spider, spun her web of desire, Weakness met the...Read the rest...
Categories: analogy, beauty, betrayal, bible,
Form: Alexandrine
Premium Member The Tentacle of Roots
"I shall be like a tree planted by the river ... " Psalm 1:3 A myriad of stars, the milky stream connects. The tree of life provides, resplendent fruit expects. The tentacle of roots, under spacious blue...Read the rest...
Categories: imagery, tree,
Form: Alexandrine
Premium Member A form WYATTS ALEXANDRINE
Wyatt's alexandrine combined a rhyming fourteen To introduce a novel verse,to the poetry scene; ...Read the rest...
Categories: poetry, word play,
Form: Alexandrine

Premium Member Heart Inside a Heart
"I carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart) I am never without it..." E.E. Cummings My heart's ultrasound check - your heart, would find inside. Eternal love for you - my ticker will...Read the rest...
Categories: heart, love,
Form: Alexandrine
Who started?
One day I decided a book I wanted to write, ,,Waiting on the back of the line" - pushing myself backwards. But everything has to need sense set me of, writing structure is though. It isn't natural...Read the rest...
Categories: allusion,
Form: Alexandrine
Touching lies
,,Actions show what words don't", they say. No, words show what actions don't. Feeling skin to skin lets us flustered and like welcoming someone New home. Wanting to be their New home, and built New home with them,...Read the rest...
Categories: color,
Form: Alexandrine
You Are Still Beautiful
There is a dogwood tree planted in our front lawn. It reveals its beauty with each glorious dawn. It was pretty when young, but lovelier with age. Majestic white flowers, like modeling on stage. You gave your body so...Read the rest...
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love,
Form: Alexandrine
Premium Member A Tribute to Poets
In lands where words like rivers flow, beneath the moon's serene, soft glow, A scribe with pen in steady grasp, captures life's essence, breath in clasp. Each line breathes life, each word a beat, where hearts and...Read the rest...
Categories: poetry, poets,
Form: Alexandrine
Premium Member Ense
What good is intelligence If have no common sense Pretence Sitting on a fence Violence Going to war with no defence Offense No supported evidence A jail sentence Recompense False Reverence Nonsence Intolerance Illegal substance Pestilence Past tense No essence No eloquence Incontinence Impotence Excess expense Vengeance False Innocence Artificial intelligence Lavish decadence Inconsiderence Ignorance Exclusiveness Ecsesivnece Unrighteousness Selfishness Insurgence Jeliusness. ...Read the rest...
Categories: conflict,
Form: Alexandrine
Sailin’ Away
(Or, The Whaler) Everybody wants a piece of my action Everyone wants a piece of me Time is money — no satisfaction All I want is to get myself free I became famous — Vulgar and...Read the rest...
Categories: courage, nature, ocean, sea,
Form: Alexandrine
The First Time You Broke Me
**Content warning: depicts abuse (please skip to one of my more lightheaded poems if one needs to). To you, your abuse began as a game or joke, so insidious, so quietly inhumane, a spontaneous, cautionary tale,...Read the rest...
Categories: abuse, betrayal, child abuse,
Form: Alexandrine
Lord of the Possible
May my love not fade, despite the passing of day, instead may it grow, like the daffodils of May. Let the trumpets resound, may we praise thee and say, 'Thankyou dear Lord, for you make blue...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, encouraging, endurance, god,
Form: Alexandrine
Premium Member The Art was Most Masterful on the Dark Canvas
"Monet's paintings are best seen from afar than close up," ... by Poet. Faraway the figment, like Monet the pigment, the brother so gallant, how he flaunts his talent, he paints at a farness, like a horse to...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, brother, character,
Form: Alexandrine

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