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Name Poems

Name Poems. Examples of Names and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Name poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Name. (New Poems Below)

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New Poems

Premium Member The First Day, I Keep
The First Day, I Keep

Your eyes,
will be the stars, 
in my sky.
Your smile, 
the very desire...
of my being. 

I will etch your lovely face,
upon my heart, 
as you answer yes... 
I will keep it,
there forever. 
You will never age. 

You...Read More
Categories: name, angel, anniversary, beauty, christmas, hello, marriage, woman,
Form: Free verse

Word Hobo And Heroes in Poetry Especially Prof Jim Link
A Peace Poem for Jim Link and Word Hobo:
This close to CHRISTmas what may I say
You two have seen so much, fought so well ...
And for the underdog, Prof. Jim Link, you and I
Travelled the Maryland trails of poetry and...Read More
Categories: name, destiny, farewell, gospel, jesus, poets, prayer, writing,
Form: Salaam
My Careless Whisper
A sparkling flame uploading your name
I had no time for a foolish game
I know you were older than me but 
I never expected that our working condition would get colder!

My careless whisper was spoken in love
I came to your heart...Read More
Categories: name, blessing, change, love,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Sky Flyer
a star
for someone
who is dear to
you....Read More
Categories: name, appreciation, dedication, star,
Form: Lanterne
Behold my Christmas globe!
Stuck there is a family portrait
radiating serenity bliss
exuding gladness, glowing with contentment 
projecting contagious smiles of perpetual triumph
asserting gratitude of purity’s essence
captivating my heart.

In my Christmas globe…
nativity-scene revival flashes:
manger birth of the Saviour Emmanuel*
midst earth parents, Mary...Read More
Categories: name, appreciation, blessing, christian, christmas, faith, god, jesus,
Form: Free verse

Prayer For My Offender
Let my offender have full remorse,
as he watches 
his own daughter grow.
Let her never know
what he did to me.

Let sorrow
pierce his heart like an arrow.
Let the Lord soothe the wound
and chasten him with the scar.

Let repentance pour out.
Let forgiveness overflow.

Let...Read More
Categories: name, child abuse, evil, forgiveness, god, love, peace,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Church Today
Church Today

The small church sanctuary was empty. 
Well, not really, that is never exactly true. 
There are always angels, 
playing in the rafters, 
tiptoeing across the piano keys, 
or chasing each other, 
back and forth among the flowers.

Sometimes they go...Read More
Categories: name, allah, angel, appreciation, atheist, bible, christian, creation,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Glass of Wine
A Glass of Wine

In a box, 
a cake is hidden. 
I opened it slowly, 
and looked inside. 
All I found…
was a bag, 
and dust. 

Add this, mix that, 
be hopeful and hurry. 
The mistake, 
was in the flurry. 

Whipped topping,
everywhere,...Read More
Categories: name, celebration, christmas, crazy, happy, marriage, miracle, miss
Form: Sonnet
The memories come flooding back to you like a tsunami. 
You can't stop it. 
Your heart starts to race and head starts to pound. 
You just want to yell and cry but instead you look blankly up at your ceiling.
You...Read More
Categories: name, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, hurt, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member White Angels, Glowing Lamps
White Angels, Glowing Lamps

When the wind blows, 
down from the great north, 
it brings a mighty frost. 
Do not be afraid. 
Just because something, 
makes you tremble, 
does not give it the right…
to win. 

Stand tall, all who guard the...Read More
Categories: name, appreciation, emotions, hate, how i feel, internet,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Older Than I Remember
Older Than I Remember

Things have not gone, 
the way that you believe they should. 
I have not said a thing. 
Things are not what they need to be, 
but that does not matter. 
I will stand beside you forever. 

Getting...Read More
Categories: name, cancer, depression, magic, mental illness, mentor, scary,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Winter Hours
The Winter Hours

Cold is not my friend. 
It loves me, 
but it is not…
a mutual affair. 
Slowly, artfully, cruelly, 
my joints begin to freeze up. 
They ache in the morning. 
They are soar in the afternoon. 
They are painful later...Read More
Categories: name, addiction, christmas, december, dream, encouraging, engagement, heartbroken,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Wedding Bells in August
Late summer, beautiful noonday,
Season's flowers bright array,
Lovers here promised to be true;
Came a time they said, "I do."

Wandering breeze, blushing bride,
Handsome groom his certain stride.
Came the hour they both said, "Yes."
Church to witness, God to bless.

Ceremony drifted on summer's dream,
Radiant...Read More
Categories: name, august, beautiful, marriage, romantic love, summer, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Cane
The Cane

Not made of candy, but real wood. 
It belonged to my father’s father, 
and his father, before him. 

No, they were all good man. 
all equally healthy and mostly happy. 
The one thing they all had, 
that was shared…...Read More
Categories: name, abortion, abuse, allah, morning, political, psychological, sorrow,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member An Alliance
An Alliance

The world is calling out, 
for a time…
when things the are true, 
they are not, 
and they should be.
yet ordained opposites,
facts instead of dreams. . 

the normal…

got my scripts.

The weak and the lost, 
a band...Read More
Categories: name, abortion, adventure, allah, america, angel, anxiety, atheist,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Zenith
Far above skies,
Destined never to plummet,
Leaving earth's ties,
You've reached your summit.

As surely as I see you there,
You kept alive the flame;
Now in its sudden glare-
The whole world knows your name.

Sitting happy and proud,
In your beautiful clothes,
You wave to the crowd;
Someone...Read More
Categories: name, dream, feelings, happy, love, star, tribute, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
In quiet breaths he sings your name


If on this eve of glistened skies
when crystal snowflakes fall
Amidst the hush of tempered sighs
where heartbeat whispers call

Your mind is lost another place
as moonbeams dance above
In wishes that you long to trace
of visions filled with love

Remember as the evening nears
and...Read More
Categories: name, good night,
Form: Rhyme
The Only Way Is Up

Remphan; re-enters the picture swinging his cat of nine tails
Indiana me luv’s; what is going down gal, what with you, ails

What’s with the glum face; you know that the only way is up
So forget all the...Read More
Categories: name, break up, cheer up, magic,
Form: Couplet
Student Life

That evening
we took a flat-bottomed boat
and swam it up the Thames.
Douglas the middle-aged queer
served martinis out of a crystal pitcher.
Lurching for lips, he kissed me.
I was surprised how sweet it felt.
Jenny in a canvas chair, pale legs crossed,
water-trailing sensitive fingers.
I...Read More
Categories: name, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Stirring In The Stable Part Two
Chava raised her head toward the sky and bellowed, “Who is up there on the roof? Please identify your self immediately.” 

“Othniel Owl”, spoke the bird in a most dignified manner, “here at your service. I have followed this couple...Read More
Categories: name, animal, bird, birth, christmas, jesus, jewish, perspective,
Form: Narrative
Yesterday I Was - Today I Am
Above me the sky
By my side was the sea
Underground is body
This new life will give me contentment.

About me darkness
No sky
No sea 
Only a tale of yesterday
Carried away by death.

I walked on the bridge
Lost in thoughts
The hater came from...Read More
Categories: name, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Forgot The Stars

Do you remember?
As children, 
We often rushed upstairs
Peered at the night sky
To count and name the stars,
Gave up, 
Finding them too many.
We often asked -
Where was the need
For so many stars?
Then, we grew up,
Lost the worth of those counts...Read More
Categories: name, irony,
Form: Free verse
Love Me Like You Mean It
Love me like you mean it without pretending smile 
don't need a stroke of genius or conversation style 
your presence is required, the telephones a rue 
don't need you constantly but never just won't do 
love me like you mean...Read More
Categories: name, appreciation,
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member The Red Bag
The Red Bag

Big and jolly, lots of folly, 
what do you have in the bag?
It is full of toys and gifts. 
It is full of mirth and laughter. 
It is full of all the things, 
that make us wish for…
and...Read More
Categories: name, angel, caregiving, celebration, childhood, christmas, endurance, hero,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member New and Reused
New and Reused…Wrappings

blue, green and red, 
yellow and gold together, with bells. 
I dream about all the holidays, 
that have passed by, 
since you left. 

They have been good, 
and bad, and hard and full.
Many were also empty. 
Some were...Read More
Categories: name, allah, angel, christmas, heartbroken, miracle, mountains, pain,
Form: Narrative

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