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Name Poems | Name Examples

Name Poems. Examples of Names and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Name poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Name.

Name poetry is a form of acrostic poem that tells about a person and when the first letter of each line spells out the name, but there is more a name poem. What is name in poetry (complete definition)?

Tintswalo's story echoes a different tune, Born in '94, beneath the ANC's boon. They speak of progress, a free education, Yet in reality, she faces unemployment's frustration. No jobs, no change, just broken vows, Tintswalo struggles in a system that...Read the rest...
Categories: africa, anger, anxiety, betrayal,
Form: Name

I watch one day fades into another day taking with it the residue of the previous day and the trouble in the sea roll over the hill forcing me to keep still. I watch the...Read the rest...
Categories: business, care, change, character,
Form: Name
Holy macaroni and cheese! The temperature is like 100 degrees. Everyone is sweating and trying to adjust To the heat, humidity, and must. Any relief would be necessary. How about some...Read the rest...
Categories: summer, vacation, water, weather,
Form: Name
Anthony Gonsalves
My name is anthony gonsalves, Me duniya me akela hun alone....Read the rest...
Categories: betrayal, boy, hindi, i
Form: Name
What's Love Gotta Do With It
T -The movie-life with Ike Turner exposed I - I, like most humans - had to notice her N -Notoriety for hits true to life; loved fans who return the...Read the rest...
Categories: 12th grade, america, history,
Form: Name

Premium Member F S H S
As I was studying today, These words came to me. In the world You may receive a master degree, You may have a doctrine, But to go to heaven You need a F.S.H.S. degree. You may be asking me, What does F.S.H.S. Means? Well,...Read the rest...
Categories: 12th grade, age, baptism,
Form: Name
Wild as a beast in action One man of no direction Living with immortality and screams Voice over uncontrollable dreams Exhibits hostility over injustices Rebounds with amity and kindness Invincible and unbreakable, but sober Navigates the world over Enlisted service man and man...Read the rest...
Categories: character, friend, hero,
Form: Name
John the Baptist
JOHN THE BAPTIST J ohn was a man who was the cousin of Jesus O ut of the ordinary person was he and more then a prophet H is work was cut out before his birth and...Read the rest...
Categories: baptism, bible, christian, courage,
Form: Name
A To Z
My name(s)first initial is A,, Your name(s)first initial is Z,, Do you know what does that mean????? It means A Lot about our destiny & Fate,,, Sooner or later you will close my life GATE.. Nothing personal we are destined...Read the rest...
Categories: death, life, loss, love
Form: Name
Poetry Soup
Poetry soup is a destination so many choose to navigate Only the ones that love poetry are prone to walk its plank Each member is a stand alone member with many limbs attached Truth be...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation,
Form: Name
J - oy of my heart, A - lways, I remember. N - ever forgotten since we've been apart; E - ver glowing like an ember T - hat lights my soul forever. September 6,...Read the rest...
Categories: beauty, memory,
Form: Name
Poetry Soup
Poetry Soup, an Outstanding platform, provides space and Elevates the poetic talents of nook and corner Trustful team of thinkers and their support Rejuvenates the flair for writing both in the Young and those who are young...Read the rest...
Categories: poetry,
Form: Name
Premium Member Poetry Soup
Poetry Soup: a place to ease out soothing lines that tickle, tease ears tuned to hear the world in verse, to invite others in, immerse, respecting all who craft and hone, yes, even views unlike our own. Support, encourage, walk beside one...Read the rest...
Categories: community,
Form: Name
G - irl with a big dream H - overing along the skyline seam A - iming to raise an endless stream I - nstilling brilliance through every beam L - et your spirit then scream September...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, beauty, dream,
Form: Name
E - xquisite beauty like a precious stone, L - ike lilac blue and light pink diamond, L - aced with platinum and gold ribbon, A - mbering my pensive horizon. September 4, 2022...Read the rest...
Categories: appreciation, beauty,
Form: Name

Specific Types of Name Poems

Read wonderful name poetry on the following sub-topics: acrostic, adult, baby, funny, kindergarten, love, rhyme and more.

Definition | What is Name in Poetry?

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