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Canzone Poems | Canzone Examples

Canzone Poems. Examples of Canzones and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Canzone poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Canzone.

A canzone is a form of Medieval Italian lyric style poetry with five or six stanzas and a shorter ending stanza, but there is more to a canzone. What is canzone in poetry (complete definition)?

Goodbye Goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye Beautiful month of August, Goodbye sweetness, My sweet vacation, My beautiful wanderings Goodbye girls and girls Winning smiles, Goodbye, goodbye Pretty blueberries On the crazy tongue, Goodbye, goodbye Beautiful month of August, You’re going back to school, Girls, sweet fruits, My sweet holidays, Good bye,...Read More
Categories: 9th grade, cheer up,
Form: Canzone

I Wanna Live With You Only
I wanna live with you Only I wanna live with you Only Wanna sing the songs of trust with you only Wanna hear the cries of birds in skies with you only Wanna stroll with you in the hot...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, art, break
Form: Canzone
The Truth
Trickest part of the truth Ye it has three sides Your side, their side and my side The truth speaks with a huge cost_ The King not telling the truth behaves like a wounded buffalo! He purposely harm those telling the truth Jesus Christ...Read More
Categories: betrayal, truth, wisdom,
Form: Canzone
Premium Member Salzburg
We'd dined in Mozart's cabin while eating ostrich burgers catering to the good things Austria has to offer I supposed nestled beneath the alps capturing a glimpse of this ancient fortress surrounded by music and crafted...Read More
Categories: beautiful, beauty, gothic, romance,
Form: Canzone
Premium Member Cypress Lakes of Lakeland
I awakened to giant egrets dancing while brilliant hawks bluster over head while thousands of white herons nest by night flying out every morning arriving within the Caribbean by noon only to return just in...Read More
Categories: garden, inspiration, nature,
Form: Canzone

The People of Vinalia Faculae
trickest with deceit ye wicked vile woman seperating the facts into a fiction their they speak what they wishest thee to beleive evil and uncaring interprito..... ha ingannato gli uomini con la suduzione parlando della mancanza di preoccupaza di marti per il suo benessere e I suolanimali written by Huacaya Shur...Read More
Categories: clothes, culture, earth, fashion,
Form: Canzone
Thewarming of the Planet
The warming planet In the heat of summers it was nice to bathe in the river ten minutes from the houses. A great place to cool off Not crowded by tourists. Cigano boys bronzed And physically perfect Diving from the branches Of the...Read More
Categories: beautiful, blessing, corruption, courage,
Form: Canzone
Endless Wars
the dance of the dead Forever and ever You will be my love. Eternity. On green meadows, he walks. Held up by skeletons On land fit for horses. White cottontails Burrows underground To the bones of the dead But they bring Nothing up It is not...Read More
Categories: blessing, deep, earth day,
Form: Canzone
A Letter of Love
A letter of love He is old, ten years ago he was old also if lesser in years. She is his niece, but love is like rain falls where it pleases. The Rain in Spain has nothing to do with...Read More
Categories: absence, best friend, devotion,
Form: Canzone
Cop26 To Glasgow, they came the high, mighty and the good tarmacs full of private planes. They all agreed we have to rescue the world But first, we have to sell oil and coal We can´t rely on windmills alone...Read More
Categories: anti bullying, creation, dark,
Form: Canzone
Die Hard Cantigi
Solfatara plays lumen, Air hypoxic rites death, Fumarole punches the stomata, Coldness fired leaves, Joy! A run amok storm dragged trunks, The warrior of plantae, Majesty of a tropical mountain, Every berry has glory, Hail!...Read More
Categories: environment, universe,
Form: Canzone
The Song I Love
A flower of mature sound, A dominant low sound guides the tale, Words make us think hard, From my life and theirs, Words join sound with its guide, A song....Read More
Categories: music,
Form: Canzone
Premium Member 2nd Part Canzon Form Example
A big thanks to Bob Newman for the fine Volecentral resource. My example Impatient Pleas (Cazone) Come lie with me you pretty, pretty thing, and let us stop our toying with our...Read More
Categories: poetry,
Form: Canzone
Premium Member Canzone Poem Form Example
Poets Collective multi-site network Canzone The canzone is an Italian form with strong similarities to the sestina. There are no rhymes; instead there are five keywords that determine the structure of the poem. Every line of...Read More
Categories: poetry,
Form: Canzone
Within the Dead of Night, I Find My Joy - the End - Valentine's Collection - 2020
My Valentine, you shall ever be mine, Luna’s love, upon you, shall ever shine, we shall find our joy within passion’s spheres. beloved, we share precious love, it shall always be shared, in stars...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Canzone

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