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Cinqku Poems | Cinqku Examples

Cinqku Poems. Examples of Cinqkus and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Cinqku poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Cinqku.

A cinqku is a form of poetry consisting of a seventeen-syllable cinquain following a 2,3,4,6,2 format, but there is more to a cinqku. What is cinqku in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member WINTER CINQKU
winter arrives late in the forest- a stoat melts into the snowdrift ...Read More
Categories: winter,
Form: Cinqku

Late Summer
autumn late summer so ripe red grape half green leaves about leave the fall...Read More
Categories: autumn, seasons, summer,
Form: Cinqku
Premium Member Wind In Trees
gusty northern winds cooling down trees blowing their sparkly leaves breezy...Read More
Categories: tree, wind,
Form: Cinqku
Premium Member Communion
Within our human isolation- seeds of communion blossom...Read More
Categories: community,
Form: Cinqku
Premium Member Queens Crown
queens crown emeralds diamond ruby dazzlingly flashy daydream...Read More
Categories: history,
Form: Cinqku

Premium Member Grapefruit
Grapefruit Ruby red Juicy and tart Immunity boosting Great fruit...Read More
Categories: appreciation, food, health,
Form: Cinqku
Premium Member Open
open love letter lost in the mail delivered some years late heartache...Read More
Categories: emotions, heartbreak, lost love,
Form: Cinqku
Birds of Song
singers sandpipers birds of deep breath flock of symphonic earth whistling...Read More
Categories: bird, life, music,
Form: Cinqku
You're The High Noon
Princess in touch with her crown—where the gold's keen against pounding temples she, at blush with their glances—where crowds part their ways; couldn't I then mark...Read More
Categories: beautiful, deep, desire, devotion,
Form: Cinqku
Mirror Tell
Cause the burn—of raked shame—breaking glass, not breaking anything. The past over— reflection just killed and reeled back only; for you come again....Read More
Categories: cry, dark, deep, gothic,
Form: Cinqku
Premium Member The Clearing
Stripped bare, skeletons of Summer gone- silhouettes in open copses...Read More
Categories: winter,
Form: Cinqku
Sunshine That brings life And hope to man Energy within you That grows...Read More
Categories: growth, hope, smile,
Form: Cinqku
riddles in your head hold like saddles ...Read More
Categories: for her, for him,
Form: Cinqku
Drivers Roll over. ...Read More
Categories: blessing,
Form: Cinqku
Numbers That you add Or...Read More
Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade,
Form: Cinqku

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Definition | What is Cinqku in Poetry?

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