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Etheree Poems

Etheree Poems. Examples of Etherees and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Etheree poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Etheree. (New Poems Below)

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New Poems

Premium Member Time
makes fools 
of us all,
sometimes seeming
to almost stand still,
or to flash past so fast
we are stranded in its wake,
wondering where the years have gone,
and if so much time has been wasted,
how much can we possibly have left now?...Read More
Categories: age, anniversary, old, time,
Form: Etheree

             SCENTED LEAVES

                         ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, sweet,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member While Innocence Lasts
Life phase,
full of joy.
Live each moment,
while innocence lasts.
Take memories with you,
for you can never return.
Don't lose the magic too quickly.
You are there for only a short while.
So hold on to the wonder of it all.
...Read More
Categories: appreciation, growing up, innocence, life, memory, youth,
Form: Etheree
Scrumptious Ascension
Leaving the debris,
In a time strange and yonder;
Help me God to fly away,
To a mansion I can't see.
In the awe of waking hours,
While my body still is freeze;
I would pick a guide in heavens,
And a planet to sneeze.
I am sure...Read More
Categories: god, imagination, light, love, night, planet, star,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member Peace Piece
                    ...Read More
Categories: earth, humanity, leadership, religion,
Form: Etheree

Premium Member Grief
is the
of our feelings,
caused, perhaps, by loss,
sometimes by rejection,
the process should not take long,
we are expected to bounce back,
we should not stay long at the graveside,
unless the grave is that of the war dead....Read More
Categories: death, feelings, grave, grief,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member Shore to Shore
Is a
Turning point
History made
The truth will prevail
Facts will come to surface
Ripples on water will spread
Shimmering in the light of day
To create a beautiful image
To see standing together, shore to shore

Heidi Sands


...Read More
Categories: america, people, truth,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member Bye-Bye, Negligee
The black negligee just made me hotter
for my Stephen who waited downstairs,
but before starting my descent,
I thought better skin than silk.
My lust grew with each step.
I heard him breathing.
He called out. Then—
I woke up!
said, “You’re
nekkid, Ann.
Ain’t you chilly?
Sleepwalking again.
Some...Read More
Categories: marriage, sleep,
Form: Etheree
An Awakening
An Awakening 

And aged
Faded of hue
Memories of the 
Distant past awakens 
Haunting possibilities 
Of what could have been, so we lose
Ourselves in a place that does not 
define us in our complexity 

Bent, torn, stained and covered in fingerprints...Read More
Categories: age, confidence, courage, cry, growth, happiness, philosophy,
Form: Etheree
Sea of Stars
A Sea of Stars

Cascading down
A slope and a steep 
Rocky ledge that empties 
Into a reservoir, a
Serene and tranquil feeling , what
A scene, what a dream birds fly up high 
Fish swim underground in a sea of stars

Marckincia Jean
Etheree...Read More
Categories: bird, creation, dream, fish, paradise, sea, water,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member Faith In The Furnace
calling him 
female pronoun
not being hateful
but true to convictions
founded on Holy Bible
and yet judge saw it otherwise
gives astounding, jaw dropping verdict
red letter day for inclusivity
troubling sign of deep moral decay
Bible conflicts with human dignity
Scripture in Genesis offensive
discrimination, harassment
30 years of...Read More
Categories: bible, faith, gender, judgement,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member My Life

a fresh sweet stream,
then gushed with glee through
my youth; meeting my mate,
I joined with him to become
a parent river. Steadily
we flow, sometimes over rocks, rushing
to our finality - the endless sea.

Sept. 28, 2019 for Silent One's Story Of My Life...Read More
Categories: metaphor,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member One of Those Darndest Things

Chatting with Hyrum, my husband asked him
what he was watching on TV. He 
raved about the show his grandpa’s
phone call had interrupted.
There was a lull. . . and then
this four-year-old kid
said, “What am I
still talking 
with you

Sept. 27, 2019
for Caren...Read More
Categories: grandson,
Form: Etheree

                          Life started in...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, appreciation, fish,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member In the Backstreets of My Mind

I have a worry that concerns me, for

it is related to my health, and

as it is always with me, thus,

it has darkened the backstreets 

of my mind, which used to

shine with hope; I pray 

these dark alleys

will again

fill with


Sept. 25,...Read More
Categories: how i feel,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member If There Was No Tomorrow
If there was no tomorrow, I would feel

 such sorrow that I would want to die.

But I still believe that there is

life for all of us on the

other side. Tomorrow

does not exist in 


realm, so we

will live


Aug. 22, 2019

...Read More
Categories: longing,
Form: Etheree
Realization of Soul
down into
my own psyche;
searching through my dreams;
therein I found myself.
A soul on eternal quest,
I realized my own potential;
no longer just a simple mortal,
I am a divine creation of God.

...Read More
Categories: dream, peace, philosophy, poems, poetry, psychological, spiritual,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member A Day to Play


Day to
Your cares; a day

To run out in an
Open field; a day to

Play! Go where you want. Take a
Liesurely walk or visit an
Amusement park; see a show; take with
You someone you love. Put your work away!

Aug. 15, 2019 for...Read More
Categories: fun,
Form: Etheree

"Words can cause life or death~ So choose them     wisely."
      ...Read More
Categories: words,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member My Dreams

Every dream that anyone ever has is theirs alone and they never manage to share it. And they never manage to remember it either. Not truly or accurately. Not as it was. Our memories and our vocabularies aren't up to...Read More
Categories: dream,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member WINTER

The freezing rain turns into black ice
If you're driving make sure you think twice
You may have a glitch
End up in a ditch
Take heed of the weatherman’s advice
cold winds start to blow
bringing first flakes of winter ~
bird’s migration starts
Weaving a
Soft blanket...Read More
Categories: etheree, snow, winter,
Form: Limerick
You are
so good to
me despite my
sins* and transgressions.
You gave Yourself to me
along Your loving kindness
saving my soul from hell’s peril
giving me eternal life’s greatness...
Such I can’t fathom; but, I do thank You.

*Ephesians 2:5 Even when we were dead in...Read More
Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, thanksgiving,
Form: Etheree
Premium Member The Futility of Vanity

Dyed hair groovy red
Nails done midnight black
Shoes, bought from the best stores
Her fat Pug's clothes ,flashy as she
Her spotless home, stands closed, clean, friendless
On the cold morgue slab she now sleeps, endless

July 23, 2019
7am PST 

Etheree 10 lines only.
Syllable count must match lines....Read More
Categories: death, woman,
Form: Etheree
An Acrostic/Etheree

Opal moon
Nights await
Flights of courage,
Independent of 
Doubt that paralyzes
Everyone’s, forward progress
No limitations thrive this night
Capture the confidence to achieve
Every dream you have ever imagined.

...Read More
Categories: etheree, confidence, people, poems, poetry,
Form: Acrostic
Unchanged the ballad of wanting
In spite of me
He makes her his
And responds to
My leggings
To cause me pain
Might I speak her
As mine
Might I speak her
As mine
Opened to
That it pains me
To think of those
Moments together
And I am indestructible
Am I served
To a new concern
In my confidence
Am I...Read More
Categories: adventure, business, corruption, meaningful, relationship, romance, woman,
Form: Etheree

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