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Manqabat Poems | Manqabat Examples

Manqabat Poems. Examples of Manqabats and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Manqabat poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Manqabat. What is manqabat in poetry (complete definition)?

Kaiser Jeff
"Kaiser Jeff" i grew up (well........... one hopefully never grows up) on hooked on phonics and being dyslexic to too so it seems to me that Kyser may come from German descent i don't know but i know he writes decent poetry...Read More
Categories: immigration,
Form: Manqabat

Seventy Qurras
Tragic Bir al-Maunah These humble men Worthy of art memorizing Repeating verses beautifully Delicate rendering of tenderness. The deepest poetricalism Each nuance of meaning Stand to read iambic verses Illuminating the darkness. But Blood-thirsty illetterated Did not heed. A flock of flying cadaver eaters Swirling around, literature...Read More
Categories: dark,
Form: Manqabat
Sayyidina Ali
Mockery law spoofed boycott, Survived the beast of a desert tooth. Hunger answered by inedible dinner goth. Skin and bones as the cloth. Under sieged bloodthirsty pavement, There are no rules, full bombardment. Struggle means risking the beguilement. Why be a...Read More
Categories: character, history, religion,
Form: Manqabat
Taking Naps Caused a Mishaps
Taking Naps Caused a Mishaps What I was told about taking knaps, They may cause a mental mishaps, Shortness of mind, After left behind, Which will be of time a long lapse. Jim Horn ....Read More
Categories: allegory, analogy,
Form: Manqabat
The Prophet
The Imam of the way of life, calls of prayer, Traverses from the tower, to reach all ears, Men in worldly activities, momentary – engrossed, Set themselves free, to a transitory stop. In reverence, all and one, orient them...Read More
Categories: allah, allegory, appreciation, deep,
Form: Manqabat

Bright Sun Vs Blue Moon
Explore the Messiah In yourself He should be the love In your heart That bright sun evil should be That black dot in your heart Panel of the dark That blue moon...Read More
Categories: metaphor,
Form: Manqabat
Time For Peace
chill stop the kill pill stop the hate nows time for fate for heavensake there's no defeat with the hate beat TIME FOR PEACE...Read More
Categories: anger,
Form: Manqabat
Free Cee Atlas Scrubbed Rated ***
ATLAS SCRUBBED Let’s all sit down and discuss this rationally Since it is of import internationally And...Read More
Categories: angst, urdu, men, planet,
Form: Manqabat

Specific Types of Manqabat Poems

Definition | What is Manqabat in Poetry?