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Monchielle Stanza Poems | Monchielle Stanza Examples

Monchielle Stanza Poems. Examples of Monchielle Stanzas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Monchielle Stanza poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of Monchielle Stanza.

A Monchielle Stanza is a form of poetry where the first line repeats in each stanza. Thre are four stanzas in total consisting of five lines. Each line consists of six syllables and lines three and five rhyme. What is Monchielle Stanza in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member When Shining Spring Sets In
When...Read More
Categories: appreciation, seasons, spring,
Form: Monchielle Stanza

Premium Member Here's A Thought
Deep in thought, need release, one can involve nighttime and wish upon a star cautious bout the answer it falls right where you are. Deep in thought, need release, one can do dimensions parallels are not square left angles can twist things you're still...Read More
Categories: allusion, analogy, appreciation, creation,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
Premium Member The Purple Vault
Peonies plum and white on the table of grace at nigh sundown's scarlet; greet the hour with fragrance as dusk becomes starlit. Peonies plum and white bring joy to the evening of gold tinged memory, from the gemmed purple vault of old time's treasury. Peonies...Read More
Categories: beautiful, color, flower, memory,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
We Hold Dear
Everything we hold dear, Nothing stays forever, Some are gone with the night, Our loved ones part from us, Keepsakes left in the light. Everything we hold dear, Forever remembered, Scars hide in our chamber, Some long for the gone days, Until their last...Read More
Categories: inspirational,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
Sweetest love of best care comes from Mother dearest greeting with morning glow midst prayer that’s fervent for the Lord’s blessing flow. Sweetest love of best care is exposed along grace by Mother’s cheerful ray as her embrace so warm wraps my soul...Read More
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, god,
Form: Monchielle Stanza

To write good poetry is such fun, you begin with a rare episode in your life, or other's; Depth is emotion's code. To write good poetry build on experience. It requres expression, good imagination, poet's destination. To write good poetry ne'er lose heart things go wrong, you...Read More
Categories: art, desire, emotions, growth,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
Premium Member Love is a Metaphor
Love is a metaphor, which glows in vibrant hues. An abstract masterpiece from Da Vinci's palette, easing souls to feel peace. Love is a metaphor. A guiding moon compass with spotlights at midnight. Showing how lovers meet, then shine in diamond light. Love is a...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
Hospital Life
Life in hospital wards, with blue drapes, white washed floors, grey assets, wheeled tables. Corn-beef hash, carrot mash, day-pay TV cables. Life in hospital wards, spiked fevers, cooling aids, pee cups, samples of stool. Loose laced gowns, ECGs, stagnant air, stubborn drool. Life in hospital...Read More
Categories: environment, grave, health, how
Form: Monchielle Stanza
Premium Member They do not hear you cry
They do not hear you cry; the dead. The dying do; so you hold the tears back; to show the way they look does not take you aback. They do not hear you cry; they see a happy face. Bright red you...Read More
Categories: birth, death,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
Premium Member Generations Sing Songs
Generations sing songs Long after the apple Gifted pleasure and pain Unraveling ripe notes Driving lovers insane Generations sing songs Of whiskey beards touching The dirty old man earth Chasing long and short skirts And those who just gave birth Generations sing songs Waves driven East...Read More
Categories: angst,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
Premium Member stellar silence
Listen to the silence of the stellar Luna, she sings sonatas true for the twinkling jewels~ laced in promises blue. Listen to the silence~ painted in cosmic silk, in the absence of strife, she dreams in her silver glazed labyrinth of life. Listen to...Read More
Categories: deep,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
Premium Member Where Shadows Flatter Despair
No– shadows do not love the angles of your face. Reflection in a cage; the mirror— enemy in atmosphere of age, no.. shadows do not love the smoother skin of youth. Your worries; furrow wears, a trench where troops retreat, —accumulated years. No! shadows do...Read More
Categories: age, angst, life, loss,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
What's it called
Trying this new poem type see if you can guess it six syllables per line true rhymes on third and fifth which takes thoughtful design Trying this new poem type now you've found the next clue the first lines match, you see you...Read More
Categories: confusion, fun, poems, repetition,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
My Spanish Bluebell sways Burning a gorgeous blue Underneath bright blue skies My little blue songbird Shuffle of her blue eyes My Spanish Bluebell sways Blue streak in the darkness The heat of the dark blue Baby blue of her sheets Such a beautiful...Read More
Categories: 9th grade, beautiful, blue,
Form: Monchielle Stanza
Premium Member Listen
What do we need to be free God alone lets us see Just why would anyone lie That would be beyond me Sadly men like Trump try What do we need to be free There is much to study If you...Read More
Categories: truth,
Form: Monchielle Stanza

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Definition | What is Monchielle Stanza in Poetry?

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