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Quatorzain Poems | Quatorzain Examples

Quatorzain Poems. Examples of Quatorzains and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Quatorzain poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Quatorzain.

A quatorzain poem is a form of poetry consisting of fourteen lines and resembling a sonnet, but is not as structured, but there is more to a quatorzain. What is quatorzain in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Stir
A character study done here. You always liked to stir things up. Like a washer agitator You thought your tactics a good touch. Stirring, stirring until worn out A good name you just loved to smear. The fabric ripped,...Read More
Categories: bullying,
Form: Quatorzain

The Cherry Sun and I
In skies of blue, oh what a sight! The cherry sun hung very bright, my eyes closed basking in its light, my cheeks burned from its fiery bite. Its hot rays wrapped me from behind. Soaked in sweat, our bodies...Read More
Categories: earth, imagery, nature, night,
Form: Quatorzain
Premium Member The Night ITQ
awaken dreams night silence screams till madness leaves from mourning trees the sunshine breaths what daylight sees a dawnings tease while lightness flees a moonlight spies thru blinding eyes ...Read More
Categories: day, night,
Form: Quatorzain
Stars That Fall-ITQ
A weary road and stars that fall This cannot be the end at all The sun seems...Read More
Categories: courage, how i feel,
Form: Quatorzain
Premium Member Summer ’69-ITQ
Before the day turned into night when morning dawn seemed clear and bright. Before, the taste of spent cordite lingered around one more bomb site. We sang of love, no war, but peace why should we fight Vietnamese; it was just...Read More
Categories: war,
Form: Quatorzain

Premium Member Before the Day Turned Into Night ITQ
Before the day turned into night, my eyes I lifted to the light and what I saw gave me a fright. Black, bruised – an ominous sight! Clouds shifted, swirling with the wind. I could not tell where they would...Read More
Categories: day, environment, feelings, nature,
Form: Quatorzain
Premium Member Diamond Dreams, ITQ
Before the day turned into night, when the sunbeams whirl out of sight, I'll seize garnet streaks of twilight, let lamps within heart reignite. Above hills of hope where stars sail~ quills powdered with gold shall prevail, and I'll weave this...Read More
Categories: dream,
Form: Quatorzain
God grants each day with wondrous grace Strength and peace in running life’s race Along triumphant vibrant pace While challenges we dare to face. Everyday serves as treasured gain As we allow kindness to reign Making it work well despite strain Rejoicing...Read More
Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god,
Form: Quatorzain
Before The Day Turned Into Night - ITQ
Before the day turned into night The shadows danced and stalked the light The moon withheld, stayed out of sight Then took its lone, nocturnal flight Beyond horizons studded stars Came into view above, afar – They slowly crept from reaches...Read More
Categories: dark, day, night, stars,
Form: Quatorzain
Premium Member Before the Night-ITQ
Before the day turned into night A nascent sun, spun brilliant light. A vast kaleidoscope alight Nature's tinted hues soothing sight. Romance true nature, appeasing Soul with its eyes and voice, pleasing True aphrodisiac teasing Even for a moment squeezing. Then, slowly drawing...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Quatorzain
Premium Member Before - ITQ
Before the day turned into night, a scarlet sun inked clouds of white. And tinted the sky with red light; a cotton candy pink delight. Before the birds lose light to fly, a murmuration fills the sky. Mesmerized, I let out...Read More
Categories: beautiful, bird, change, image,
Form: Quatorzain
Premium Member Going Home - ITQ
I told the setting sun to wait, don’t sink yet with the day sedate, the sky hadn’t splashed all hues ornate for the curled cloud clumps to collate. For the crimson sun floating slow, flowers were yet to make...Read More
Categories: analogy, day, home, sunset,
Form: Quatorzain
Premium Member A New Day
I awoke quickly nearing dawn I jumped from bed to hurry on I watched as sunstrokes soon were gone leaving rosed...Read More
Categories: appreciation,
Form: Quatorzain
Premium Member Before Day Turned Into Night ITQ
Crepuscular time of day stays Slowly gracing the sky with haze Gone is the golden hue's light phase The end of day, now animals' praise Shadows danced behind the trees' leaves The gentle breeze sighs through the eaves Day's...Read More
Categories: animal, appreciation, beauty, thanks,
Form: Quatorzain
Premium Member Dream Come True - ITQ
Before the day turned into night You I saw, what an awesome sight! A smile of eve, of love and light, A lovesome theme, my dream did write. Up high blazed pink arc of the sky, A spark of joy...Read More
Categories: romantic,
Form: Quatorzain

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