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Qasida Poems | Qasida Examples

Qasida Poems. Examples of Qasidas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Qasida poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Qasida.

A qasida is a form of Arabic ode, often written as a public speech and sometimes satirical in nature, but there is more to a qasida. What is qasida in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member People of this Temporary World
“Oh people of this temporary world.. May you enjoy the abundance of its trivial offerings.. You have no clue of what I see and yearn for.. And, how could you, as the death is the end of the...Read More
Categories: allah, faith, god, heaven,
Form: Qasida

I Praise Thee
I hail Thee For the life you give me I hail Thee For the love you shower me I hail Thee for the message you send me I thank you For the strength I need. Each day I am able and fit. Robust in...Read More
Categories: blessing, faith, peace, urdu,
Form: Qasida
Premium Member Let the Eagles Soar
Let the eagles soar above the hills Displaying remarkable flying skills, Symbols of our nation’s strength And intrepid patriotic feeling instills Our anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, The heart of an impassioned patriot fills, When hearing about our spacious skies Our hearts do...Read More
Categories: america, bird, patriotic, sky,
Form: Qasida
Believe Me
Believe me …… Poetic Form :: Qasida When I wished to live my life with you; I was very young yet loved to do anything for you, but was ignored every time, reason best known to you; Someone said, even the...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Qasida
Premium Member Talisman of Adoration
.The Universe revolves around our love. As I run through your hair with my finger, Hungry fingers supply magical grasp Lying in the gloom, silent next to each other. At sad dawn, your magic dust loses its ability. The sun...Read More
Categories: adventure, appreciation, beautiful, cute
Form: Qasida

To Reserved
Such a glorious grace of diva Limitless is her divine aura Poets compete to verse on her For she is a presiding Lord of flora A beauty with brains in tons Besides being Lord Goddess Arora Blue gets fixed precisely such As...Read More
Categories: angel, appreciation, art,
Form: Qasida
The Bedouin's Song
I'm just a bedouin: I live in a tent - Cozy an' fair Its fabric woven From rough goat-hair- A shady cover In the summer A rain-proof shelter In the winter My possessions: A single garment...Read More
Categories: beauty, happy, simple,
Form: Qasida
Conjuring Phantom
Anon! The shadow chilled, mimikri and frosted with domineering dogma. Thou wast trying escape and melt with thy magna carta. The shadow was asking thee about crossroad and miniatur epic. Who always doth fighting versus tyrannical peasant of...Read More
Categories: character, imagery,
Form: Qasida
Premium Member Quieted Heart-
By those virtues deposited in my heart; Amiss those tandem brutal deleted parts; Memories of prior judgment sinner wrath; Presently mourners rants when will healing start; Remorseful and enlighten yet still I'm sad; There is a virus sin driven this...Read More
Categories: anxiety, appreciation, emotions, forgiveness,
Form: Qasida
Brid S Sitting On the Beach
brid set the tone some set all alone some look weak no food to eat some fly and seek we teach about BRIDS SITTING ON THE BEACH board...Read More
Categories: adventure,
Form: Qasida
Halloween Jam
iit was foot stooping hip bumping the music was stumping it was the night of mask no one ran out out gas stacck at this party was cheese and ham we got it on to the bone ti was a HALLOWEEN...Read More
Categories: crazy, culture,
Form: Qasida
Best Friend
i must say it everyway my repect you win your my BEST FRIEND...Read More
Categories: adventure, cheer up,
Form: Qasida
Summer Bums
we're are team have summer dream love the beach playing folley ball we teach let that hot sun we are SUMMER BUMS...Read More
Categories: desire, feelings,
Form: Qasida
Time To Move On
fine a new task stop living in the past your running out of gas time tobe reborn time to be strong set i new tone lets together for the better TIME TO MOVE ON...Read More
Categories: cheer up,
Form: Qasida
Salvation… The nightingale was singing to the moonlight. The moonlight was showing off all of its bright. He was singing as though he knew the right path, Showing everybody how to do it right. Suddenly, heard a sound like...Read More
Categories: allusion, destiny, solitude,
Form: Qasida

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