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Choka Poems | Choka Examples

Choka Poems. Examples of Chokas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Choka poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Choka.

A choka is an intricate form of Japanese Poetry with lines that alternate between five and seven syllables, but there is more to a choka. What is choka in poetry (complete definition)?

Flower Ageing
Weak in, just poor at that is your suferring hand with eastern meal syllables Dear flower ageing That is your suferring sight Seeing a chore to collect Palm is company That is your suferring bond Or is it fair grass instead (5 7 7...Read More
Categories: age, allusion, pain,
Form: Choka

Premium Member Enthusiasm
enthusiasm gifted by generous God a spirited faith assuring us we are right our validation our path was heaven-chosen sanctioned by our angels ...Read More
Categories: emotions, feelings,
Form: Choka
a fly and a writer
The fly and a writer I was thinking of flies (Diptera). Wikipedia was of no help wanted to understand why they existed? I remembered a yellow fly was not a good colour for an insect. I thought of a...Read More
Categories: break up, confidence, good
Form: Choka
Premium Member Two Psychics Conversing
I see your aura And I see yours I say Competing psychics You are surrounded by pink I see green I say Your animal is a wolf And yours also, I reply This was fun she says The cost is only sixty You want...Read More
Categories: spiritual,
Form: Choka
Jesus's 40 day Judgment
Here starts Christ’s journey Jesus enveloped in burning sand Starving and alone A snake slithered to Jesus Yaldabaoth whispered “Loved flower of the father If you’re truly that Tell the stone to become bread” But Jesus...Read More
Categories: endurance, jesus, jewish, journey,
Form: Choka

Premium Member fake fake news folks
the real talkers incessant ones without facts become loud sometimes never want to hear your voice yelling fake fake news getting it from their new god or his new tv station ...Read More
Categories: usa,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Giving Advice
But maybe you should….. I feel myself close down. I despise advice. I give her some suggestions. Hope to annoy her I can be a hypocrite But not every day surely ...Read More
Categories: emotions,
Form: Choka
Chay Chatni
Agar aik mard 4 ortain rakh sakta hai. Agar property ka khasara ho sakta hai. Agar jaidad ka batwara ho sakta hai. To phir lun ka batwara kyun nahi ho sakta? Gain gbara(cndm)fay fuara(cmsht)q nahi ho sakta??? Q.Molvi sab Chatni halal...Read More
Categories: pashto, teen, teen love,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Mother
Categories: best friend, love, may,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Feeding the Ducks
I still remember when I was a little girl mom and dad loving picnics we liked this one place with lots of old shady trees and a wooden water pier the little ducklings swam right behind mother duck and they were so...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Torn
why am I inside drawn like a moth to the flame sunshine beckons me yet here I sit, motionless obsessed with the screen ear buds block out the outdoors can't seem to break free take matters in my own hands show of force...Read More
Categories: writing,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Our Meadow in Ukraine, a Prayerful Wish
When walls crumble down And dreams lay strewn and scattered Remember our place Deep in the mountain forest Through the sharp-thorned brush A meadow creekside Times like this our shelter built Roof for our gardens Fresh flowing water nearbye Wildflowers in Spring Bountiful summer veggies Fireside...Read More
Categories: hope,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Chain of Choka
Time is fast or slow A fine...Read More
Categories: color, love, music, time,
Form: Choka
Premium Member We Are Warriors
We are Warriors We never give up and won't Ever back down. No, we stand together and are Strong in the Lord and in the power of his might We don't wrestle with flesh and blood, but against the principalities of darkness...Read More
Categories: god, soldier, together, truth,
Form: Choka
Premium Member A Peaceful Day
Categories: nature, peace,
Form: Choka

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