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Choka Poems - New Choka Poem Examples

Choka Poems. Examples of Chokas and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Choka poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Choka.

A choka is an intricate form of Japanese Poetry with lines that alternate between five and seven syllables, but there is more to a choka. What is choka in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

Premium Member In A Brown Study
In a brown study he's tethered to memories sweet and strikingly...Read More
Categories: imagery, memory, remember,
Form: Choka

Premium Member Liberating Distraction
I set myself free yet still in the here and now. Eyes closed, breathing in and out ...Read More
Categories: peace, poetry, solitude,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Clooney's Evolution
grand evolution! life-long bachelorhood to... to now cherishing married life actor and husband; proud father to growing twins. ...Read More
Categories: appreciation, celebrity, life, tribute,
Form: Choka
Apparent End
Intrinsic living an long stinging injury. Some apparent end with an smart hidden counter just examples motivate. (5-7-5-7-7)...Read More
Categories: sad,
Form: Choka
Premium Member he is overblown
he is overblown with his supersized ego I know it sounds trite he’s mastered pretentiousness and here he is now please act natural, cousin don’t give away anything ...Read More
Categories: character,
Form: Choka

Premium Member Dolphins
Swimming and flipping in the ocean to unbind through a wave as so graceful jumping and saving people from predators known talking in human language for to understand as to acknowledge in the sea and on the land...Read More
Categories: ocean, sea,
Form: Choka
Premium Member BEMIDJI
Bunyan and blue Babe water crossing through water pine scent combs Paul’s beard U.S. curling capital stalks of sunflowers fanboy sun towards heaven logger’s cold sets in hard Winter in the North Woods* mosquito frostbites Babe and the lumberjack thrash thunder and earthquakes — quench me...Read More
Categories: flower, usa, water,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Warmth
Time for inside warmth Colder air has now arrived I’m making a woodstove fire It doesn’t take long The relaxing flames to watch Bringing comfort in its way There will be many In the winter days to come A cozy home it will...Read More
Categories: appreciation, blessing, peace,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Warm Weather Silence
No mower today The silence is beautiful Perfect warm weather I wonder about neighbor Usually mows daily But pandemic keeps me back I love this non- mowing sound ...Read More
Categories: peace, silence, summer,
Form: Choka
Premium Member my CHOICE choka
stranded on the beach a wash of sand-orange blue- brushmarks lost from view colour gives away in signature vivid hues- picturesque and new Boats at Saintes Maries -Van Gogh...Read More
Categories: art, word play,
Form: Choka
Premium Member The Last Master Of War II
I who have dwelt long On the keeping of a vow, That which is folded into Steel -- And hammered and drawn -- The making and remaking -- Melded and beaten into one, ...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, adventure,
Form: Choka
Crimson Tide
Corona inflamed red sun, wan in a smoked haze Invisible algal bloom marine, now airborne searing land as it takes off on fevered wings around Earth Noxious fumes surround… This culmination of deeds ill-human-seeded... Death razes a cleansing cull - Ecology is avenged (8/22/2020: ’90 Bayliner...Read More
Categories: environment,
Form: Choka
Velutinous Mood
I'm currently in a velutinous mood; Hell were unable to find a specific purpose. But only until what grows inside me, at last gets cropped. (5-75-77-7)...Read More
Categories: emotions,
Form: Choka
New Road
Obligated we, Pray dearly in a trainroad Made of a new brand. In a room without entrance, A caress does satisfy Should spit the tears you swallow. (Actually this is a Bussokusekika according to Wikipedia)...Read More
Categories: anxiety,
Form: Choka
Premium Member Dazzling Girl
She was a dazzling girl Her laugh was impeccable Crow-loving shiny Pretty enough to model An anomaly We all wanted to meet her We all wanted to be her. ...Read More
Categories: girl,
Form: Choka

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