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Pastoral Poems - New Pastoral Poem Examples

Pastoral Poems. Examples of Pastorals and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Pastoral poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Pastoral.

A pastoral poem is a form of poetry that depicts rural life in a peaceful, romanticized way, but there is more to a pastoral. What is pastoral in poetry (complete definition)?

New Poems

The dark tunnel
Today, a sparrow will take flight, While the day melts the sunlight, Into the night’s stary moonlight. Nocturnal daydreaming, Can relive the strife. And with some introspection, Wrong things can be made right. So, continue to look for the bright, Or one may...Read More
Categories: introspection,
Form: Pastoral

Premium Member FAITH or DOUBT
It is surprising what you can achieve with little imagination Never count yourself out with Doubt Doubt creates a dark cloud over your imagination It is Death Over Useful Belief Taught However Faith open your mind to creativity Favor As...Read More
Categories: age, beauty, bible, birth,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member Wild Life Inspired by the Cliffs of Moher
Wildflowers sleeping late on dewy days Rather than traveling on mountaintops Two flowers embrace in harmony Cognizant of nature's patrimony Thankful for the few good years that remain Their love gracefully grows time and again Their patience now merrily thrives again Wildflowers...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beauty, flower, inspiration,
Form: Pastoral
Don't stop believing
Don't stop believing Pray Lionel Derbyshire Yet one of life's most beautiful gallery's is to see the transformation and change from bad to good , from unhappy to happy , from afraid to confidence , from shy to...Read More
Categories: blessing, courage, emotions, encouraging,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member HEATWAVE happenings
long days of sun nature blinks &shrinks the dying grass yellowed in sleep held fast oat ...Read More
Categories: august, weather,
Form: Pastoral

Premium Member PRAYER VII
Oh LORD, give me the force to withstand the cyclopean waves of human hypocrisy and malice. Make me strong as to endure the suffering inflicted by the knives of hatred and inconsideration which constantly pierce my...Read More
Categories: faith, god, prayer,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member Lake of Thought
Hello, staring at the letter, I adore, from a friend Deeply submerged, in a silent lake of thought. With gladden eyes, that move each line into mind Painting images now, and a future portrait of Art. My heart aces,...Read More
Categories: desire, heart, imagery, irony,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member Down Birdie Galyan Road
Will you take a ride with me on an unsaddled pony, past the dusky copper kettle glow of Gilead pond? Two young, carefree kids wandering barefoot.. far as we can see the fields stacked...Read More
Categories: life, nature, remember, stars,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member He Is Coming Soon
He is coming soon It may be morning, night or noon As the bright and morning star We know that it is not too far Cheering many to walk and watch As the star whose kindly ray, Heralds the approaching morning Just...Read More
Categories: beauty, bible, birth, blessing,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member The Word Of God
In the beginning, was the word of God that is and always will be, Forever endure throughout time, Will never come back to Him void, They will accomplish that He please, By Faith, it is understood, Everything was framed by...Read More
Categories: baptism, beautiful, celebrity, christian,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member S A L V A T I O N
Saved by the selfless act of Lord Jesus Accepts his sacrifice in humble reverence Lord loves us all, welcomes us to feast on the word of His Father. Visualizing Jesus’ walk, some of us sinners cry...Read More
Categories: bible, christian, jesus,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member Summer stream
Dragonfly lands atop the stick that stands in gently flowing stream. Bubble trains and dried leaf boats blow and briefly strand before they slip between the stepping stones then skip beyond, where quieter waters flow. Speckled trout, dappled...Read More
Categories: beauty, creation, june, peace,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member W A L K
The Word WALK has a long history, going back to the beginning of time. Even though I WALK THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and...Read More
Categories: america, baptism, beautiful, character,
Form: Pastoral
Morning Church bell rings
Woken Sunday morning Golden sunshine sprays Fresh white roses littered at the balcony Front window glasses lit by smiling sun Cocks Crow coocoo! Church bell rings Sermon is calling Mamas caring Little ones on them And we running along To meet the master's call Church...Read More
Categories: angel, beauty, bible, celebration,
Form: Pastoral
All is love
I met an angel this day and he shown bright in Words for sharp were this words like refinery' s furnace He did speak for love is for all for it is the hand that Moulded the clay...Read More
Categories: bible, cute love, dedication,
Form: Pastoral

Specific Types of Pastoral Poems

Read wonderful pastoral poetry on the following sub-topics: death, elegy, love, nature, rhyme, sonnet and more.

Definition | What is Pastoral in Poetry?

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