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Alliteration Poems. Examples of Alliterations and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Alliteration poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of an Alliteration. (New Poems Below)

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allegory, allusion, analogy, bathos, comparison, device, euphemism,

New Poems

A Grave Man
That erstwhile English bard 
A sonneteer in part
Was really an old tart
I cannot bring myself 
In poetry to delve
He doesn’t want to be
Then surely let him be
While cradling scull on knee
I find it gross to the max
While others lyrically wax
Mercutio...Read More
Categories: alliteration, humorous,
Form: Verse

Blank Black Books
Sometimes, it descends like a warm night breeze
A blanket. At once comforting and disturbing...
The sense knocks. A vague, uneasy membrane just outside of feeling
Too many years, too far along
Too much water under so many bridges
The house changes, transmogrified from cosy...Read More
Categories: art, character, confusion,
Form: Alliteration
Emotion is like an employed
Empress with cease less affections
Ends of enduring feelings
Emergence of feelings
Feelings within
Feelings without
Everything is strong but emotional
Feeling is environmentally the strongest
Emotion is the best builder
Emotion is also the best destroyer
Ending all ends of existence...Read More
Categories: absence, age, allusion, anger, character, cheer up,
Form: Alliteration
Dancing upon the shifting crystal stage
The leaf is destined to dance the dance of the river
Aimlessly floating, turning, twirling

Its petiole dampened by the clear water
Washing over the cheerful green blade
Filtering through its veins

Exultant, is it not?
To be enraptured by the...Read More
Categories: alliteration, autumn, change, life, metaphor, nature, river, water,
Form: Free verse
Under Adam's Spell, CA
I sat in front of his mirror - 
my long locks looking askew
which brought me significant anguish.
Atrocious means horrible in my book
and my book spelled it awry...

    A – Awful
    W – Weird
 ...Read More
Categories: alliteration, 11th grade, angst, anxiety, hope,
Form: Free verse

Swirling With Rain
Swirling With Rain

Misty vapor fog line the lane
Pockets of rain poke throw the clouds
Dew collect on tree and grass

Downpours tap tap tap onto rooftops
Drizzles of droplets drip down the drain

A wailing whimper weep
Woes of wretchedness 
Withered willows washed down ...Read More
Categories: cry, rain, rainbow, sad, storm, water, weather,
Form: Alliteration
Serenity pervades amidst sunset radiance

Subduing pressure-gripped day’s torturous gloom

Setting good night sleep for tomorrow’s faith-bloom

Sweet respite from vexing worldly flamboyance…

Spirit of mine seeks* God for strength’s solace

Sails toward His shelter, haven for the hopeless...

Serenity pervades midst sunset radiance. 

*Psalm 105:4...Read More
Categories: alliteration, appreciation, beauty, blessing, christian, faith, god, sunset,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Chipotle Chili Champs
Chipotle Chili Challenge champions cheerfully choose chocolate chai cheesecakes

October 5, 2019
Written for FFI Blog Series 19 - Tautogram
Brian Strand...Read More
Categories: celebrity, chocolate, food,
Form: Alliteration
Beleagured beech branches bow, battered by brutal, blustery biting blasts.


F F I series 19 tautogram - Brian Strand...Read More
Categories: nature, tree, wind,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Camomile's Cadence
Camouflage  calico cat, Camomile's calm captivating cadence . . . 

October 5, 2019

Poetry/Toutogram/Camomile's Cadence
Copyright Protected, ID 19-1186-364-02
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

Written for FFI Blog Series 19 - Toutogram
Brian Strand

Podium Place 3...Read More
Categories: cat,
Form: Alliteration
Ihaveno useofthepauses
Ihaveno useofthepauses
Punctuation, starts at the end.
I live for words that aren’t quiet right
Alliteration grows a tail
Words that don’t seem to
come to an
As if awaiting for a friend
I can see the reflection
of the breaded buildings
charmed facades
in the tinselled windows
of the ever...Read More
Categories: alliteration, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Story of My Life in Ten Lines
Born to the best mom on this beautiful mother earth
I was little luckier then the rest
Simply successful school life
Followed by flourishing fun at college
Getting married to my mate from childhood
Filled my life with love and merriment
Working as a teacher who...Read More
Categories: 10th grade, beautiful, blessing, character, happiness, power,
Form: Alliteration

He hit me again and this time I couldn't stop it, 
The last time he did it he promised he wouldn't do it again, 
So I believed him. 

Last night he choked me, 
I could feel my breathe slip out...Read More
Categories: addiction, anti bullying, betrayal,
Form: Alliteration
Brilliant blue butterflies 
dance daintily
on beautiful Buddleia bushes
Fluttering flirtatiously
in gorgeous gardens
nibbling nectar 
from fragrant flowers
as summer sun shines

Sponsored by Dear Heart- Wiishkobe Ode
Writing challenge October butterfly poetry contest

...Read More
Categories: beauty, butterfly, garden,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member death and decay
I dream of death and decay, 
             walking and wandering 
among wintry, windswept graves  . . .  
   my refrain a regretful rendering,
 ...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member EMPTY WORDS

Apt art aids
Prompt plot paid

Etch etch earns
Late lob learns

Glimpse good grade
Trust tough trade

Craft clear core
Meet much more

Ply prompt praise
Rest rude raise

Make minds meet
Grace good greet

Treat taut taste
Weed wills waste

Sift soft stakes
Mad mind makes

Graft good gist
Lure lame list

Words work well
Time trains...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member STROKES

Sire sweet strains
Prize pure pain
Ground grand gain

Lost lines lure
Charm crafts cure
Swift sounds sure

Dream dance deep
Spike soft sleep
Watch words weep

Sweet say strokes
Proud plan pokes
Yes yields yoke

Loose laughs lust
Treat taut trust
Big blind bust

Note nice nook
Bloom bright book
Hide harsh hook

Spice soft sounds
Grand gift...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Ocean Opulent Opals
Rising regal waves rave under misty milky moon
Wavy water and lacquered light weave lace upon midnight sky
Multiple blue hues dance as ballerinas on diamond sand
Ocean roars as lapis lions upon earth 
Magical muse of motion
Forever moments 
Veils of vellum vibrate
Sensual...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beach, moon, sea,
Form: Alliteration
I am just getting started to venture… 

… feasting sumptuously, satiating my cravings midst well-being’s fullness

... feeding the malnourished kids toward physical and mental fruitfulness

… featuring myself along my twelve-month color scheme of saintly fashion

… flying over Mt. Everest, then...Read More
Categories: alliteration, blessing, character, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Stained Glass Moon
Shivers of liquid light delight our eyesight oh glorious night 
Interwoven rainbow river grace lace landscapes from pearl above 
Swirling and twirling chromatic rhythms race on earth
Dreams steam truth as conjunction conceals communication 
Blessed by bountiful breath of moon
Opaque nature...Read More
Categories: earth, heart, meaningful, moon, space, sunset,
Form: Alliteration

       silent, sparkling, saturating,silver

       sleeping, sonneteers,in states of 
       sky-castles snore...

    ...Read More
Categories: poetry, poets,
Form: Alliteration
Life is -- notes on tetractys
is a
balancing act;
all vying for your constant attention.


Normal grammar rules apply and it is presented flush left.

Euclid, the great Classical mathematician, believed that the numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4 must have some mystical significance because their sum total...Read More
Categories: alliteration, life, philosophy,
Form: Tetractys
Premium Member WORDS

Gain good grip
Sense sure strip

Watch word wit
Frame fond fit

Taste true trip
Soft sound sip

Prize pure plot
Set sweet slot

Browse bright book
Love lifts look

Whole words work
Joy juice jerks

Last light lifts
Glimpse grand gift

Leon Enriquez
20 September 2019

...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member FRAGRANCE

Feel fine fill
Quest quits quill

Scent sweet strains
Grand glimpse gains

Love lights loft
Sweet scents soft

Bear bright bloom
Reap rich room

Taste touch thrill
Wise words will

Wise ways walk
Taste thought talks

Clear calm craft
Dress dream draft

Leon Enriquez
20 September 2019

...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member FANCY

Face fear
Dream dear

Glimpse gift
Love lifts

Prime play
Sift say

Feel form
Niche norm

Craft curls
Heart hurls

Last light
Blooms bright

Leon Enriquez
20 September 2019

...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Alliteration

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