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Rhyme Royal Poems | Rhyme Royal Examples

Rhyme Royal Poems. Examples of Rhyme Royals and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Rhyme Royal poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Rhyme Royal.

A rhyme royal poem is a form of poetry consisting of seven lines, usually in iambic pentameter, but there is more to rhyme royal. What is rhyme royal in poetry (complete definition)?

Premium Member Morning Benedictions
Morning benedictions outside my window today the week has ended and I have made it to Saturday Leaning out my window I espy a beautiful blue jay I drink in the silence, as the night fulminates away....Read More
Categories: animal, morning,
Form: Rhyme Royal

Celibacy In Marriage
Celibacy in marriage is a choice made alone.. By a partner whose given their body, mind and soul to atone. For someone else’s shortcomings and insecurity.. With all that I’ve experienced I don’t need to validate “ME.” As for me...Read More
Categories: abuse, allusion, analogy, anger,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Beautiful Poetry Is Subjective; Truthful Objective
"The forests are my bones." "My lady constant, I, your trusty fool, Needs must into your private chamber come, My puns commanding me to rightly rule O'er she who--pardon me--is somewhat dumb, Her bothers spying not the Truth, in sum, Of...Read More
Categories: truth,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Forest Mirage
"The forests are my bones" Within the hand that guides the mountain spruce The architect for leaves dewy and green A forest the curving seasons produce Composed of redwoods thick and saplings lean Is born the flowered branch from roots...Read More
Categories: appreciation, nature, tree,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Glory Of Life
The beautiful beacon came up again; perfectly ascending to the zenith where his grace showed up beneath the heaven. His eyes gazed at the mountain of cool breath; as well as at the sea that knew no death. He enjoyed...Read More
Categories: life,
Form: Rhyme Royal

Embraced By The Dawn
The lonely shadow let go of its hand to let life feel the caress of the morn; as the clock’s arms ticked in rhythm’s command. The daybreak’s light hugged the scent not forlorn and the zephyr’s fragrance when it...Read More
Categories: happiness,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member When My Heart Is Weary
When my heart is weary from the world’s woes I feel so depressed by the current news, I know others are caught in dreadful throes Then I try to grasp optimistic views Avoiding lighting a negative fuse, Spend time in...Read More
Categories: angst, anxiety, perspective, world,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Her Neighbor Knew Her Well
She was desperate to prove her neighbor wrong Tiny unsure how to go about it She recognized in him her daily song He showed her with humor and it truly fit He proved to her with kindness avid whit He...Read More
Categories: nostalgia,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Sad Tiger Lily
In the garden there was a tiger lily, sad. Faeries and elves gave her a sparkling “hi!” She had the worst mood floral ever had. She answered them with a dour forlorn sigh. Tulips asked the roses and zinnias...Read More
Categories: flower,
Form: Rhyme Royal
The Joy That Makes One Weep
Eyes do smile due to the source of delight; as they can’t help but taste the blissful kind, allowing the tears to fall left and right. Sadness is taken away from the mind; as grief and sorrow are...Read More
Categories: joy,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Trap Of Temptation
Colors and glow entice man’s eyes and mind; showing their beauty to lure the prospect. The target comes close to what seems real find for his heart is charmed by what looks perfect. But there’s such a thing as...Read More
Categories: fate,
Form: Rhyme Royal
One day someone will stay
As we look up at the sky and watch the amazing light show. It has me wondering why I really actually wanna know. How to love me for being me and how to let my walls down. And...Read More
Categories: cute, dedication, deep, devotion,
Form: Rhyme Royal
My seismic death
RE: Shell’s ‘seismic survey' on the Wild Coast A voice for the sentient creatures of the ocean: It is hoped that the following poem will reach the right audience, namely, humans who care for other sentient...Read More
Categories: death, environment, life, ocean,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Within The Early Spring
I. When he was born, within the early spring, It was the year Nineteen Seventy-Five. All hearts were warmed with the joy he would bring, Knowing as he grew older, he would thrive. He continued to develop and strive; And with...Read More
Categories: april, birth, birthday, brother,
Form: Rhyme Royal
why is it
Why is it ? In the morning why is it? All of my field of red roses Fade on her lips Why is it? That's my all roads which goes to her house doom dam...Read More
Categories: celebrity, desire, roses are
Form: Rhyme Royal

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