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Rhyme Royal Poems | Rhyme Royal Examples

Rhyme Royal Poems. Examples of Rhyme Royals and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read short, long, best, and famous Rhyme Royal poetry while accessing rules, format, types, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Rhyme Royal.

A rhyme royal poem is a form of poetry consisting of seven lines, usually in iambic pentameter, but there is more to rhyme royal. What is rhyme royal in poetry (complete definition)?

Throughout the history of human kind spirituality has been the vehicle that leads us to a new modality As breath is linked to life, it is the transient carnality of the spirit, the one forever flow...Read More
Categories: analogy,
Form: Rhyme Royal

Premium Member Remorse for Past Deeds
Deep regrets lying dormant in the mind, Stifle the thought processes lodging there They mingle not with concepts refined, Unless dislodged, they foster grim despair. Remorse for past deeds you cannot repair Will seriously tarnish your delicate soul And from your...Read More
Categories: sorrow, sorry,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Proudly Walking Away
Before the lion-tempered winds of March returned Trashing yellowed petals of fragile, tiny crocus bloom I breathed fury from the bitter, tainted love I spurned And walked away, even though her anger spelled doom In my unwavering path...Read More
Categories: divorce, lost love, love
Form: Rhyme Royal
Happy Birthday To Me
A fresh new birth has come again, I still have got more in life to gain, Memories of joy filled in my brain, Been through downs 'n' mountain, But I deserve happiness not pain. It's yet another birthday without a...Read More
Categories: age, anniversary, celebration, crush,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Fey and Their Jamboree
Elf awaits faerie’s invitation bright Decorated with a darling cherry, Faerie leaves an invite to elf at night. She is fond of this fey named Harry. Engage in festival, very merry. Brownies, elves, and faeries, happily dance. It’s the best jamboree...Read More
Categories: fairy, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme Royal

Premium Member Bitter Memory
I loved you as no other could that night in mid-July Whispering sweet sighs like soft breezes wafting through the trees Beneath a wispy cloud-shaded moon and star-encrusted sky I felt a tingling, surging weakness through my trembling...Read More
Categories: lost love, lust, memory,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Loving you and wanting him
I've got a secret, That I so need, To tell, Its my confession. I've been with you, So many different ways, Your the one, I need to let know. I'm in love with you, Your the man, Whom I thought you to be, The greatest...Read More
Categories: best friend, blessing, character,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Distorted and Assorted Memories
Good childhood memories arrive unbidden Days of happiness and fun I did not remember Where had these snippets of goodness been hidden? This is my sixty-eighth November Delicious memories oozed in unremembered in September Enthusiastic happiness doth now flow Knowing...Read More
Categories: memory,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Imagination Twirls Me
imagination twirls me into the air catching me often, not that I care tossing adjectives around burying fancifuls underground making poems of ideas which were unaware ...Read More
Categories: imagination,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Flecks Of Beauty
Inside the aquarium there were plenty of fish in the sea dawdling about mouth agape eating and looking at me While I stood on a step nose against the glass I did see red orange...Read More
Categories: fish,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Do Trees Have Eyes and Does your Wife Or Husband Have Thighs
Trees are alive. I have eyes. We look at "Trees" as we ride or walk by. Trees seem to have "Eyes". Does that"Tree" see you when you water it or touch it or when you...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, 1st grade,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Thee news of her pregnancy came as her best joy. It was what she had always wanted. To be a mother to a little boy fourty weeks later she went into labour Finally, she gets to meet the...Read More
Categories: care, child, journey, sad,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Anteros Grace
Have I ever told you that Anteros whispered love notes to me the day we met? His sensuous breath carried love’s arrows and my heart became yours without regret. You must have heard the whispers he had let for...Read More
Categories: blessing, devotion, grandparents, life,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member The True Revolutionist
The True Revolutionist, does not just organize and participate in protest, nor do they necessarily engage in civil disobedience, or even go to the extreme of out right violence. The True Revolutionist, until the very day they die never stops...Read More
Categories: hero,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Prince of Persia
Sand of time hear me rhyme Turn back time to where I wish it to be Where my innocents was clear and true For my king was not dead by me by the sultan this is true Sand of...Read More
Categories: fantasy, myth,
Form: Rhyme Royal

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