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Sestina Poems

Sestina Poems. Examples of Sestinas and a list of poems in the correct poetic form and technique. Share and read Sestina poetry while accessing rules, topics, ideas, and a comprehensive literary definition of a Sestina. (New Poems Below)

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New Poems

Premium Member will you catch me
If I should reach out, will you take my hand,
and hold me ‘til I reach that promised land?
Will you stay with me after tears have dried,
and close these lids the moment I have died?
Might you remain for just a moment...Read More
Categories: courage, depression, faith, loss, love,
Form: Sestina

Premium Member Mister Whatzizname
I'll never forget Mister - what was his name?
That old bloke who lived down the road,
Bearded he was, and going grey -
He must be dead by now, I imagine.
What was his NAME? Let me think.
Not "Smith" or "Jones"!  A...Read More
Categories: age, confusion, death, image, remember, time,
Form: Sestina

Hey, Haji, it's Johnny, I've a new game, so come on over.
Okay Johnny I'll be right over, I'm leaving now, see you soon.
I wonder what sort of new game that he has, most intriguing.
Hi there Haji. So where is this...Read More
Categories: celebration, character, emotions, feelings, happy birthday, life,
Form: Sestina
Premium Member On a Swing
I'd like to glide through sparkle dust
on a swing of golden threads
I'd go up to touch my toes against
a rainbows' magic crest
With my head against an angels' breast
that we'd fall to earth again is just

I'd watch as daylight spreads before
my...Read More
Categories: beauty, day, night, rainbow,
Form: Sestina
Premium Member CONFORMITY
One may say that a day filled with magic,
Might stir up something described as taboo,
And if that be the case, then we must lose,
The subject matter, ergo, must change soon,
So that we may progress and show redress,
That starts off a...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, allegory, analogy, character, education, imagination,
Form: Sestina

Nature's thirst
It drizzles as the dark clouds pass,
Trees feeding with thirst as it quenches the fruits,
Fruits meant for the colorful birds,
Birds that sing the morning songs,
Songs that wake me up to face the world,
The world that needs trees to get water.

Water...Read More
Categories: nature,
Form: Sestina
Sorrow hidden in wealth
What is wealth without happiness?
Mansions that allow them to sleep in different rooms,
Expensive cars that allow them not to travel together,
Chef meals that allow them not to cook for each other,
For it's very much possible for wealth to hide deep...Read More
Categories: africa, happiness,
Form: Sestina
Bankers have a license to steal
money from their clients 
if you make a mistake
the bank can steal your money
as part of their banking license

Governments have a license
to steal money 
from the public
its is called taxation
or confiscation 

It seems 
that police...Read More
Categories: america, angst, anxiety, money,
Form: Sestina
The Frugal Artist
How I love, just to create; 
making things, with wire 
and other old scraps.  
Settling on a design, 
I will make it to sell, 
but my accounting’s not quite straight.

I’ll begin my project, straight 
away; what I create, 
I...Read More
Categories: art, image, imagery, imagination, poems, poetry, poets,
Form: Sestina
Premium Member Bubbles
Is there room to care for the penultimate?
Can't decide if the space can satisfy two collard greens.  
One oblivious cabbage... one who has desperately tried to expand the space, to save the others, who understands bobbing in the excluded...Read More
Categories: change,
Form: Sestina
In A Shared Garden
In my vegetable garden, 
birds are watching me, pick 
green beans to eat.
A lone robin, scrounges for seeds, from sun flowers.
An old, twisted oak tree, 
filters the sunlight.

The cool, filtered light, 
is just right, for my garden.
Beneath that oak tree,...Read More
Categories: animal, appreciation, environment, flower, garden, imagery, poetry,
Form: Sestina
Finding God

Matthew 25:31-46

So if God’s here or there
At a place to be found
Outside limits of space
Past the boundaries of time
Is the One that I seek
Worth the effort to look?

For the farther I look
Toward the vastness out there
Overwhelming to seek
God will surely...Read More
Categories: god,
Form: Sestina
Colors of Spring
The last snow of winter
blown by the wind
bares the gray
of branches to the sun
pregnant with buds.
Is it spring?

Testing spring 
torpid from the winter
sleepy tiny buds
hesitant of the wind
search for the sun
between stalks of gray

A flash of red among the gray
a...Read More
Categories: spring,
Form: Sestina
Arent You Glad You Stayed In School
Do you recall being in school?
Learning many lessons;
obeying all of the rules;
absorbing each lecture and each page
of your textbook;
adding to your storehouse of wisdom.

If you stayed and finished school, you were wise;
It always pays to stay in school.
As you build...Read More
Categories: books, education, homework, literature, london, math, school,
Form: Sestina
Heroin and Oranges
A verse that has no rhyme may speak of love
No doves required – all poets sing for joy
For we may write at last of oranges
Forbidden fruit as sweet as heroin
In words that do not rhyme with anything
In lines that no...Read More
Categories: drug, love, mystery, poetry, spiritual, sweet, truth,
Form: Sestina
The Complaints Of Ducks
The Complaints Of Ducks
the city
filled in
the small
in the middle
of my tiny

all the ducks
came to
my door
and complained 
i am
i agree
in the meekest
of language.

that they 
have been

it is 
my duty
they tell 
me as a poet
to open
the  door
of my 
small poem
and let...Read More
Categories: sestina, adventure, angel, art,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Poor Man Beggar Man
She tinkers change someone left on the table
waiting for brunch at the Bluebonnet Bistro,
a hole in the wall with thick on the windows.

Lost deep to thought, this rock ‘n roll liberal
in her mid-twenties and sage satin stole,
pockets a penny that...Read More
Categories: sestina, lost love, memory,
Form: Free verse
In the Abatoire
lotions fear dying spine jealous wheel
basket hold fear fire camp salt
razor freeze salute resolution house...Read More
Categories: april, write,
Form: Sestina
When my arms weren’t so long
Scruffy hairs on my ears
Puffy bags round my eyes
Saggy skin ‘neath my chin
And things close weren’t as clear
It was time for nose glasses

I was sad that nose glasses
Made my face look so long
And rubbed grooves...Read More
Categories: age, children, love,
Form: Sestina
Every day, I sit at my window, waiting
I’ve stayed for you-
I will stay until you come home
And every time, you do
Every time, I jump into your arms
My joy, becomes so much, I begin to cry

And yet, even as I cry
You...Read More
Categories: child, i miss you, loneliness, memorial day,
Form: Sestina
Number of Man
Number of Man
(Webster’s Ninth)

Money trail reveals factor
To assemble humans follow layout
Swat down charges with linguistic racket
Sticks more effective than carrot dangle
Arguments sustained by pundits' jangle
Beached on shallow force Fed truths we paddle

Pedantic pets get paddle
First world states where offspring are...Read More
Categories: evil, philosophy, political, rights, slavery, technology, wisdom,
Form: Sestina
What the world who have become without gold?
Answers could not be found for platinum
Nor spoken word could be drawn from out for diamond
Even the highly depreciated silver-
To the poor is still uncommon like bronze
Money talks before you get closer to...Read More
Categories: christian,
Form: Sestina
"Let there be light", and lighted was the globe
That was when no-one was needed to pray-
and pay for the things, even a dry wood
Nowadays everything is about business
People can do anything for money and power
But by mercy everyone can lift...Read More
Categories: longing, power,
Form: Sestina
Love is pleasure and is always patient
In all its pure form it is always kind
Love is considerate and is not jealous
In its nature it cannot be boastful
Real love is neither arrogant nor proud
Love is tolerant and it is not rude

Love...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Sestina
Love is won, then it conquers all through patience
But that's impossible without being kind
The two above build one to be honest
Suppressing all the feelings of jealousy
Silencing all tongues not to be boastful
Bruising egos that result from one's pride

Only the wise...Read More
Categories: love,
Form: Sestina

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